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Is The “Alt-Right” Dangerous?

by Bradley Matthews

The shadowy “alt-right” has dominated the airwaves recently after Hillary Clinton denounced the movement in a speech. Learn about the movement HERE — and vote below to tell us whether or not you think the “alt-right” is dangerous!










Is the "alt-right" a dangerous movement?

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  1. Beverly Riddle

    Who is dangerous?
    1) BLM
    2) democrat party and control of media
    3) the Clintons and policies
    4) the Clinton Foundation
    5) Obamas and policies
    6) hardworking people that work to pay taxes and law abiding
    7) Immigration Laws being enforced
    8) Trump and Republican party

    If you said 1 through and including 5 you are right

    August 28, 2016,3:16 pm

  2. Shelba Herring

    After reading the article written about alt-right I can’t see where it is as dangerous as black lives matter. alt-right is not advocating violence

    August 28, 2016,1:13 am

  3. Ellender Brown

    The Dem are the one that is dangerous . They are the one that has done more damage to the USA than any group of people . Go watch the movie Hillary America . If you wont to know the truth. But if you just wont to run you mouth without knowing the truth than it just show you don’t care about the truth.

    August 28, 2016,12:23 am

  4. Rache;

    Yes, its dangerous. Alt right = white supremacy. Read about it

    August 27, 2016,3:34 pm

  5. Sue denton

    Alt-right — Alternative right! Terms is “hot water” she going to do something stupid as she has been in worse of her behavior since lately that she has been denied & hidding the truth that she knew can not win in November ! She wants to destory Trump’s life as her dreams. She won’t look at her mirror how bad she is sick and tired!

    August 26, 2016,9:09 pm

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