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See Why Everyone Is Repulsed By Latest Anthony Weiner Texts

by Bradley Matthews

In lieu of Hillary’s missing emails, America was horrified by Anthony Weiner’s latest round of salacious, Carlos Danger-ous texts. See why this time is even worse — and tell us what you thinkĀ in the comments!


  1. Beverly Riddle

    This man is disgusting, is he best friends with Bill? He needs to be in therapy of some kind and his wife too for letting this go on for too long before taking any action to remove herself and child from his actions. I don’t want Huma in the White House any more than I don’t want Hillary or any other democrat in there. Trump/Pence 2016

    September 7, 2016,1:44 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    This guy is one of the most disgusting creatures on GOD’s green earth. This is the typical democratic thought process. They lie, cheat, steal, borrow, and beg. They have gradually, since the Supreme Court removed GOD from the public domain, taken this country down. People no longer have morals and values. As disgusting as this creep is, I have no respect for a woman who tolerates this sort of thing. I had to rid myself of husband number 1 because of the same sort of unacceptable behavior. I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to the happy place that I am today. The Lord knew what was best for me. I do not define myself by my looks, but by my character. If a human does not have character or authenticity than they are not human, in my opinion. I also do not define myself by whether I have a man or not. I am a strong, independent, self-sufficient woman who would not need a man even if I didn’t have one. Anthony Weiner’s wife has chosen to be made to look foolish just like her boss did all those years ago. I still believe that the Clinton marriage is a political sham anyway. I do not respect women who allow themselves to be abused or mistreated in any way. I understand in some situations women cannot help it (the country that they may reside in or mental health issues), but, otherwise, this is just simply not acceptable to me. Mrs. Weiner needs to take out the trash. In some ways I also feel that maybe she deserves it. She is as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. When you lye with dogs, you will surely get bitten.

    August 31, 2016,8:47 am

  3. rfernandez

    Men can you find some uglier than those two, wasserman Shultz and dona brazile, I know, beauty is only skin deap, but ugly goes right to the bone, yack !!!

    August 31, 2016,12:55 am

  4. rfernandez

    Yup we just started a new club for democrat RATS the 80,000 lbs gvw club, (80,000 pound gross vehicle weight. ! that means the weight of the vehicle plus the load )if the shoe fits, wear it, we the people are sick and tired of BS.

    August 31, 2016,12:46 am

  5. rfernandez

    The democrats are full of it, lets start with dona brazile, the replacement for debbie wasserman Shultz , who was disgraced at the dmc and replaced with dona brazile, but nothing has happened to wasserman Shultz, the wikileaks e mails that got her boo ed off the dmc, just got massaged away, as she says, just a bunch of garbage, no you are the bunch of garbage, wasserman shultz, and then you got 80,000 gvw , (thats trucker talk for gross vehicle weight, )dona brazile coming on face the nation denoucing the wikileaks as interference with our democratic process saying, ” I don’t see anybody asking about the legality of this hacking s,broad its about the content of the e mails,its already out there , you want to sweep it under the rug ?? Lose some weight you too ugly loosers, wasserman Shultz and Dona brazile, look yourself s in the mirror, you aren’t fooling anybody but your ugly 80,000 lb gvw selfs, digusting human beings you are.booo booo booo get off the stage, stop the bs and cover ups.

    August 31, 2016,12:26 am

  6. rfernandez

    Wow this is what the democrat RATS, are made of, corruption, filth, lies cover ups and perverts, thats their arsenal of weapons to fight against the truth, men this people are ruled by Satanism, I hope and pray they will be stopped, they are masters at the art of deception, they dont add any values to our society, they in fact upsurp values from our society, they are known as black hat and white hat neo cheaters.

    August 30, 2016,9:19 pm

  7. walt


    August 30, 2016,7:29 pm

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