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Should Hillary Clinton Be Deported?

by Bradley Matthews

“I am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America who have evaded justice just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice. Okay? Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.” — Donald Trump

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  1. Teri

    Deport her, lock her up, whatever it takes to make sure she is punished for her crimes.

    May 15, 2017,10:25 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Please let me clarify my remarks. The word ignorance is a noun (as in a thing). You freak misspelled the word and used it as a noun (as in a person).

    September 17, 2016,1:57 pm

  3. Beverly Riddle

    Great quote, but Hillary needs to be in prison here in the states so that she won’t be out there in the world enjoying her millions, maybe she can go to Gitmo and be in the lousy part with no good stuff to do, no TV and plaster the faces of the dead Americans in Benghazi she ignored then lied about, maybe send Bill there where he has no women to have affairs with, just Hillary.

    September 7, 2016,2:01 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    You freak and Cherilynn Hannen, It is obvious that you are both the same people. Ignorants is not a word. I think you meant ignorance. You used the term incorrectly as a noun. Wow, maybe you need to be placed in a cage until you can get a grasp of the English language. Had you said ignorant stooges, you would have been correct. People like you are a disgrace. Go back to school. Hillary is a lying, corrupt, greedy, traitor to the United States of America. Back in the day, they would have hung her for much less than she has done.

    September 6, 2016,7:42 am

  5. John Miller


    September 5, 2016,7:40 pm

  6. You freak

    You freak ignorants and stay in cages

    September 4, 2016,1:13 am

  7. rfernandez

    Folks, the be-ach cant be deported, unfortunately, how ever if somebody had the guts to do it, she could be brought to justice and face criminal charges, she and many others in the Clinton circle, Trump is the only one that will settle the score, thats one more reason to vote for Trump

    September 4, 2016,1:07 am

  8. Shelba Herring

    Not deported why should America cause some other country to suffer( unless we can get Iran to take her and her family)

    September 4, 2016,12:49 am

  9. rfernandez

    Cherilyn Hannen you are coments are beyond dumb, they are dumber and dumber, you are comparing apples and oranges, civil disputes and criminal offences are two different matters, you are just a dump liberal full of bs.

    September 4, 2016,12:49 am

  10. rfernandez

    Hillary’s run for the US presidence is doomed, there is so much criminal evidence against her and the Clinton foundation that is not going away, its festering all over, even if god forbid ,by hook or by crook, she were to get elected, she wont be able to lead, she is corrupted and the world leaders know it, they ll black mail her all day long, the next batch of wikileaks will settle this matter, Trump is our leader , Trump 2016.

    September 3, 2016,11:37 pm

  11. Michael Skaggs

    Give Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea a full pardon after they are convicted only if they leave the US and never come back.

    September 3, 2016,7:24 pm

  12. Thanh (Thomas) Le

    Clinton’s donors said to the Secretary Hillary Clinton; ‘We knew you easily to be bough by our million dollars, because you love moneys. You and your husband told us: “No moneys, no honey.” President Obama and Hillary Clinton are being their slaves and the country USA are going to be slaves to Clinton’s donors who are the foreigner countries. We have slaves in the White House, we don’t want another ones as slaves to the cruel and brutal masters. We need the free men in the White House, because Christ set us free. God bless America and Israel!!

    September 3, 2016,6:28 pm

  13. Laura G. Holmes

    Cherilyn Hannen, My father owned a construction company and did not pay the workers who completed shoddy workmanship. I understand that sometimes people (democrats) sometimes have to make excuses for evil and come across as an idiot in the meantime. It is not becoming! Anyone who votes for Hillary is a disgrace to humanity (especially if they are informed and know what a demonic creature she truly is). You democrats just have to come up with some kind of B.S. because you should be in a panic right about now. He is not a racist, but you would have to have common sense to know that. A trait that you obviously don’t possess. Oh, and, by the way, no one asked for your 2 cents.

    September 3, 2016,3:38 pm

  14. Dorris

    NO , That is not the answer. Where ever she would go there are IDIOTS just like the ones here that would believe her.
    She like Barack and this whole regime need to lose there ability to use up good oxygen.

    September 3, 2016,3:33 pm

  15. Cherilyn Hannen

    he should be in prison not her he never paid the construction workers that built the Trump Towers never rented to blacks or as we say now people of color he should be in a cage not her oh and by the way I not conservative I just registered so I could put in my two cents worth

    September 3, 2016,3:24 pm

  16. David E. Koos Sr.

    “This is the White House. Please record your message after the beep.” Click

    September 3, 2016,3:22 pm

  17. Pat

    Yes, she should be deported to Libya !! Then when she calls for help like Chris Steven’s did, only at 3:00 A.M., Trump will have his phone on mute !!!

    September 3, 2016,1:31 pm

  18. jackie

    I hope Trump is our next President. I hope also that he will prosecute her and deport her.

    September 2, 2016,7:20 pm

  19. Raymond Mangin

    Either that or hanged,

    September 1, 2016,5:47 pm

  20. rfernandez

    When Trump wins, maybe she ll self deport to New Zealand, take all her Clinton cash, live the happy life and leave us alone.

    September 1, 2016,4:43 pm

  21. Laura G. Holmes

    OMG! Heck YES!!!! However, because she is an American citizen, we cannot do this. Therefore, the right thing to do is to deport her to the BIG HOUSE, where she belongs!!!!!

    September 1, 2016,10:53 am

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