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Should Libertarian Gary Johnson Be Allowed In The Debates?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson (NM) be allowed into the main presidential debates? Vote in our CBC member poll!










Should Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson be allowed in the presidential debates?

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  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Jackie, Read your post. You said that the millions of DJT supporters were like Hitler. I think you are losing it. Again, I say Lithium treatments may be in order. Anyone can make up a lawsuit against a wealthy man. You are burying your head in the sand because the end of conservatism in America with the loss of the Supreme Court is here with the election of HRC. Pull your head out of the sand and get a grip. GOD BLESS AMERICA! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

    September 14, 2016,8:37 am

  2. Jackie

    Laura, as for significance, we are all significant, unless you forgot Jesus died for everyone. I have made nothing up. The devil is the father of all liars and I have no part of him. As for intelligence, I’ll leave that decision to to God. Did you even look up the lawsuit or would you rather stick your head in the sand? Unlike yourself, I welcome all prayers, as I don’t believe anyone is above needing prayers. I never compared millions of hard-working citizens to Hitler, only one American. I feel sorrow for the many Americans DJT is conning. Actually we all need help, some of us just don’t realize it, yet. God already had mercy on me, when he sent his precious son to die for me and all mankind. God bless.

    September 14, 2016,5:02 am

  3. rfernandez

    Trump is squiki clean, he came clean from the start, said nobody knows the system better than I do, he said from the git go, im a bussines man and I try to get along with everyone, the Trump u case is being handle by a biased judge ,a man assosiated with la razza, which Trump rightly pointed out and the whole thing stinks to high heaven, and the rape allegations, give me a breack, it doesn’t merit even causually discussing such none sence, it wi ll all be handle appropriately , good night ladies.

    September 13, 2016,8:29 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Jackie, you poor girl! You just want to be so significant. I feel sorry for you. It is pathetic that you have to make things up to further your non-viable agenda. I would never want to know a person like you. We couldn’t have an intellectual conversation. Please don’t pray for me. I don’t need it. The devil has and never will be allowed in my life. Again, with the “I think I am better than everyone (holier-than-thou) mentality. It is sad. I would feel empathy
    towards the ignorance, but it is just too ironic and funny for words. For you to even compare millions of hard-working American citizens who actually walk the walk instead of talking the talk to Hitler, you are a very sick woman. You need help! God have mercy on you! God Bless America! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

    September 13, 2016,11:12 am

  5. Jackie

    Laura, like I’ve said you don’t KNOW me and I am thankful I have never met you, as you are a very judgmental and hateful person and I do my best to avoid such creatures. My experience with DJT supporters is typically to yourself, behave like Fuhrer Hitler’s followers. As for my genius status, I am quite satisfied with my IQ results. I would never pray to downgrade my abilities. As for my stats, ther is far more than one person who is suing DJT and he is also being charged with rape of an adolescent, Case File 1:16-cv-04642, which is to be heard in the State of New York prior to the November election. You should know all criminals aren’t in jail. Your argument for your superior intelligence is slipping. Your boy, gave huge amounts of money to the very person, her husband and their agenda for decades and now you want me to believe he no longer supports that very agenda he’s spent tons of money on? I agree Hillary is a very scary person, but so is the person who invested in her for decades. I tell the truth and I tell it like it is. If it doesn’t set well with you and gets you all bent out of shape, maybe it’s because you hear the truth, but you want to ignore it and that is why you are such an angry person. When one opens the door to wrath, they allow the devil in. I am well with my soul and my creator. I will say a prayer for you and our country. Good night and God bless.

    September 13, 2016,2:11 am

  6. Laura G. Holmes

    Jackie, there is no embarrassment, only an accurate observation. Do your thing! You go Girl! Everyone can tell that you are just the most intellectual person on the planet. You come across as a genius! LOL! I tell it like it is. Someone should actually do that. I lost my father to cancer a week after 9/11. It was a double crushing blow, but that is another reason that I will fight like hell to do the right thing in this election. You could only pray that you had my genetic makeup! Where is your proof that Donald Trump has ever been investigate? You may want to check your stats for accuracy before you run your BIG mouth! The woman, who was the initial plaintiff in the Trump University case, had to drop out of the class-action lawsuit because she was discredited. If Donald Trump was a criminal, he would be in jail and so would you and I for that matter. Of course, I would never break the law. Hillary, who will surely run the country like the mafia if she wins lives by a different set of rules. I will tell the truth and like it is. I really don’t care if the likes of someone like you think it’s rude. You may want to look up the word “Ignorant” in the dictionary and then look in the mirror. I think you are confused about who is ignorant in this equation.

    September 11, 2016,12:33 am

  7. Jackie

    Patricia Arnold, I have been contacted by several different polling venues. I would say 2 out of 9 have had Trump, Clinton, Johnson and undecided, 7 out of 9 has had Trump, Clinton or undecided. None of them have included Castle, Hoefling, Stein, McMullin or any of the other people who are on over 50% of the ballots in our country. My point is if all the candidates are not on the polls you cannot exempt people from a debate solely because they are not polling above 15%, as they take all the polls (even the ones the other candidates are not on) and do an average. After years of research on this very subject I can positively state that is why it is so hard to have a fair election process, as the two parties have locked out the competition. The two parties have brought us to where we are today and they are our only choices, we are to believe. After 50 years of being a Republican, I refuse to pick between the lesser of two evils. That is why I am voting for a honorable Christian man, Darrell Castle, who’s stances on the issues aligns with my own. I am not voting for Hillary (so consider that a vote for Trump).

    September 10, 2016,10:57 pm

  8. Jackie

    Laura, you are about the rudest, most ignorant person I have ever dealt with. Maybe you should know the facts before running your lying mouth. I have worked my whole life and paid taxes. As for being useful, you do not know me or my family, if you did you would be very embarrassed by your assumptions. I buried my father who died of cancer last year after battling it for several years, I am caring for my mother who is in poor health, I also care for my veteran husband who is in the early stages of dementia, we have three children who are successful wonderful Americans, eight grandchildren and I am the vice president of a prison ministry. I do put my money where my mouth is and am an extremely involved voter. I have been campaigning for Darrell Castle, as he is truly a conservative and his stances on the issues more closely align with my own. The only reason I can take from your rant is that you don’t want to hear anyone else who is running for president, except your chosen candidate. I, on the other hand, believe every person who has invested the time in their party and have actually made the ballot in over half of the states should be allowed to debate, because I do support free speech and think if they are on the ballot they should be given the opportunity to be heard. Just because I said Gary Johnson should be allowed to debate does not mean I would vote for him. Gary Johnson is proof of what pot smoking does to a person and definitely not someone I would vote for. If you are what the gene pool is becoming, believe me I will not miss it at all and am looking forward to meeting my Lord and Savior. As for a debate with you, I am not the least bit intimidated by your intellect. Every time I see your responses to other people and myself it is always very rude, snide, condescending and totally uncalled for, because they or I have a differing opinion than your own. As for two candidates being criminals, you may want to change that to three. There are several lawsuits against the fellow who has you all worked up and in a tizzy over. God bless and good night.

    September 10, 2016,10:40 pm

  9. Laura G. Holmes

    Jackie, seriously are you telling people that THEY are afraid of the truth. The truth is that you Never Trumpers are cowards. That is fine. You live in America and have every right to express your opinion. How about you get off your lazy but and start a new party and actually put the time into it. Even though I work 10 – 12 hour shifts, am on call, take care of an aging parent and a grandchild with two children in college, I still use any available time that I have to volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign. I will work tirelessly to get him elected. Put your money where your mouth is and do something. I suggest that you find something in your life to make yourself useful before natural selection eliminates your species from the gene pool. You Never Trumpers are all mouth and no action. Get to it Girl! Gary Johnson is a brain dead fot. He may be a nice guy, however, he is as dumb as mud. I wonder if that is from all the crack and marijuana. Hey, then we would have two criminals in the debate. Isn’t this what America has become? I will debate you about the truth anytime, anywhere.

    September 10, 2016,8:58 pm

  10. Mark Thompson

    Gary is a mental midget who can’t even keep abreast of current events.

    September 10, 2016,1:59 pm

  11. Linda

    All of the candidates should be allowed to speak.

    September 10, 2016,1:41 pm

  12. Patricia Arnold

    Sorry Jackie, I voted in polls if I would select Trump or Bush, Trump or Johnson and so forth.

    September 10, 2016,11:40 am

  13. Patricia Arnold

    I know I am not qualified to be president and I know he isn’t either. He needs to get out of the way now. Anyone who doesn’t vote for Trump votes for Hillary.

    September 10, 2016,11:38 am

  14. CONNIE


    September 10, 2016,8:05 am

  15. Jackie

    Yes, as should the rest of the candidates who have won their respective party’s nomination. Why as American citizens would you not want to hear what each of these candidates have to say, or are you afraid to hear from all of them? The reason the others can’t rise in the polls is because when you are contacted by the pollsters they only give you two choices to chose from, so it is rigged so that the other candidates cannot receive the “required” percentages and once again you get the two candidates the powers that be want you to have. I have been a Republican for nearly 50 years, but I am done with all the corruption. I will be voting for a real conservative this November Darrell Castle of The Constitution Party, who should also be on the stage for debate. What’s everyone scared of? The truth!

    September 10, 2016,3:22 am

  16. Norm

    Yes, absolutely. He is a better candidate than either of them. Done the work? You don’t know what you’re talking about. He is the only candidate that is talking about the budget and the unsustainable debt. He is the only candidate not buying into the status quo. His running mate is even a Governor. Given the choice between crooked Hillary and Trump I’ll vote Trump, but Johnson is a better candidate with real experience and real solutions. But because he doesn’t treat this election like a $@?:ing reality show, or have TWO Billion dollars, which is what Hitlery will spend, he doesn’t have a chance. “Hasn’t done the work?” What BS. Abraham Lincoln hadn’t “done the work” either, but the people took him over the other unqualified candidates. Doesn’t matter now anyway, the Republicis toast after Barry doubled the debt, Hillary will crush Trump, and people are too stupid to understand that the last hope is a third party candidate like Johnson. Idjits.

    September 10, 2016,3:06 am

  17. tony

    dippy pot smoker Gary, weasels his way into making connections with intel to make millions, fools New Mexico into voting for him, has a pot smoking dream of running for president and now wants to be part of the equation without ding any work. typical DOPE smoking idiot

    September 9, 2016,10:04 pm

  18. Mark Schlemmer

    No he should not. Neither should Hillary. Let that fellow from the private sector have a crack at this. He takes pride in what he does and by God he makes sure things get don right.

    September 9, 2016,9:38 pm

  19. Charlene Morrison

    Where was he during the primaries? He hasn’t done the work and frankly I don’t like the policies he has given so far.

    September 9, 2016,9:16 pm

  20. rfernandez

    In fact from the crooket whitewater real state deal, to benghazi,the clintons legacy its one crooket deal after another ,there is no end, more things keep coming out , she s not a leader, she s a puppet, use your own common sense but the problem with common sense is that is not very common.

    September 9, 2016,8:48 pm

  21. rfernandez

    Gary who ? you can see in that picture hes puckering his lips, ready to kiss the stablishment s butt, no way, get back to the end of the line , lets stop talking about Gary Who Johnson, we havent got time for experiments, you can vote for a corrupted life time carrier politician like hillary, who has never done anything in the private sector,or you can vote for a man whose entire life has been in the private sector, making things happen in the real world, Trump is the best ,candidate, so stop making excuses, we dont need a poor excuse of a person in the white house

    September 9, 2016,7:49 pm

  22. mark dobzyn

    He hasn’t met the requirements of winning 8 states in a pimary.
    Nor, does he have 15% average of the votes in 5 national polls either.
    And he is a Bill Clinton plant!

    September 9, 2016,6:37 pm

  23. Willard Weems

    No, he has not met the requirement of having won 8 states in a primary, nor has he managed to acquire a 15% average threshold in 5 National Polls. Until he qualifies he should not be allowed to participate in the debates.

    September 9, 2016,6:03 pm

  24. Billy Miller


    September 9, 2016,5:28 pm

  25. Stanley

    no way! has not done his time. Vote for Donald Trump!

    September 9, 2016,5:24 pm

  26. Jessie H Cecil

    Gary Johnson Did not do the work .The rest of the Candidates have spent all that time from the start. That is a long time to compete for the job. Then some dude Gary Johnson} wants to get in now @ run for the President. There is no DAM WAY HE SHOULD BE ON THAT STAGE. HE IS SO NOT QUALIFIED. The job is so much more than, ,some fool wants to run. For get him People. Won’t Work.

    September 9, 2016,5:12 pm

  27. Barbara

    No. He would only split the votes in favor of Hillary and against Donald. He doesn’t even know what Aleppo is. Do you think he knows what ISIS is?? He was probably paid by Hillary to run, so that Trump loses. Both Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton would make BAD presidents!! Donald Trump is the one who is going to win the presidency. We need to keep Gary Johnson out of this election. Where do some politicians get off that they know what is good for America?? Only Donald Trump can make America great again!! Hillary and Gary don’t know beans how to run a country, not less America. Come on Donald, make America Great Again. God sent you to do the job!! Hillary is a snake in the grass, and Gary Johnson is her twin!!

    September 9, 2016,5:07 pm

  28. Shelly

    If he doesn’t have the required 15 percentage points then he shouldn’t be allowed to participate.

    September 9, 2016,5:02 pm

  29. Debbie friend

    No that’s what the tangerine tosser wants!

    September 9, 2016,5:02 pm

  30. J bauer

    He’s an idiot. He’s so in love. Please!

    September 9, 2016,4:59 pm

  31. Earlene Barnes

    22% say yes! Doesn’t he only need 15%?

    September 9, 2016,4:46 pm

  32. Donald R Cody

    The votes for him are votes that would go to Trump…..He would be just another spoiler like Ross Perot was to Bush one…….

    September 9, 2016,4:42 pm

  33. Hazel Murray

    He has no business there. It’s between Trump and Hillary.

    September 9, 2016,4:36 pm

  34. Steve Hughes

    GWENDOLYN HILL, et al… Johnson could not win if 90% of The HliiaryBeast’s supporters decided not to vote. But he CAN hand the election to Clinton… This is a classic last-ditch effort by liberal stooges, a LOT of liberal-leaning so-called libertarians, and some folks (many WAY too undereducated to be voting) who are willing to CUT OFF America’s nose to spite Her face, NOT FOR ANY GOOD REASON, but simply to dilute Trump’s lead. Please do NOT lose sight of the BOTTOM LINE. That BOTTOM LINE IS: Hillary will inherit and WILL bring with her – by FAR – America’s MOST successful gang of thieves. She WILL bring with her ALL the trappings and groundwork to shift America to a COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT…immediately. And WORSE, her now deep, undeniable connections to Islamist leaders and governments across the Middle East open the door WIDE for all the HORRORS of an Islamist government ALREADY BREEDING its TERROR right here in America. I do HOPE you’re smart enough to LEARN from the HORRORS we ALL see – but some FOOLS among us continue to minimize, or ignore altogether – sweeping Europe. Concise, clear as a bell, and a true as the song of a Whippoorwill. BE SMART…! ALL our futures depend on you and folks like you… and THAT scares the HELL out of me… ! Dear lady, I understand the need to follow our principles as best as we can, for as long as we can. But COMPROMISE is the legitimate child of humanity’s NEED to sublimate SOME of our principles, some of the time. Without compromise…we cannot live together. The time HAS ARRIVED that our principles mean NOTHING if we must pay the price of communism (which has murdered well over 200 MILLION human beings JUST IN THE LAST 100 YEARS, or the so-called “religion” of Islam – a Dark Ages, amoral butchery machine, nothing less. Please… THINK…!

    September 9, 2016,4:35 pm

  35. Catherine

    Only if he gets a better hair cut.

    September 9, 2016,4:33 pm

  36. Richard Mason

    Johnson is NOT a libertarian; he has hoodwinked those who believe in small government. A carbon tax? Really? Send him to Aleppo for some remedial work…

    September 9, 2016,4:30 pm

  37. Gwendolyn Frank

    Please read Governor Johnson’s well-reasoned positions on the issues. After 50 years as a Republican, I finally realize I have been a Libertarian all along. I am voting for the best candidate, Gary Johnson.

    September 9, 2016,4:19 pm

  38. LYNN


    September 9, 2016,4:18 pm

  39. Sheri

    I know Trump is going to crush Killary. But Johnson would be hilarious as well.

    September 9, 2016,4:15 pm

  40. Teresa Root

    I believe the rules state a candidate has to earn at least 15% in order to be eligible to participate in the presidential debates. Ba-bye, Gary!

    September 9, 2016,4:06 pm

  41. Edna Johnson

    NO !!!!!!! He is an idiot . He just wants on tv and take votes from someone else. He doesn’t have a clue.

    September 8, 2016,9:43 pm

  42. Laura G. Holmes

    A person voting for Gary Johnson may as well be flushing their vote down the toilet. What’s the point?

    September 8, 2016,5:00 pm


    I am just hearing of this person, and quite frankly, I am sick to death of having to chose between the “lesser of two evils” on election day!!! I would like to hear what this man has to say as opposed to the two who are going to be in the debates, whom we have heard and heard and heard, COULD HE POSSIBLY BE A BETTER CHOICE?? I would like to hear him and decide!

    September 8, 2016,4:11 pm

  44. Alan anderson

    He does not have the temperment.

    September 8, 2016,4:02 pm

  45. carol

    can we simplify tthis process please. tbe guy has no chance of winning and all he will do is make things worse.

    September 8, 2016,12:58 am

  46. rfernandez

    Besides most people dont know who they are , should have started in the early debates stages, not now.

    September 7, 2016,10:38 pm

  47. rfernandez

    No , not now, came too late to the party, didn’t do the hard work, now wants to crash in and be a spoiler, better luck next time, get up earlier and do the hard work, like Trump did.

    September 7, 2016,10:35 pm

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