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Are The Clintons Incapable Of Telling The Truth?

by Bradley Matthews

“This just has as everybody can see it just adds to the impression that these people are simply incapable of telling the truth. The simple truth. And on things where they are not really culpable they should easily be able to explain it.” — Charles Krauthammer


  1. Shelba Herring

    clintons tell lies when the truth would do better, so every time they open their mouth you know a lie is going to pop out

    September 18, 2016,3:18 am

  2. charlene sullins

    I think they are both liars, especially her.

    September 17, 2016,2:09 pm

  3. Sharon

    Yes! Liars they were! Liars they will be! Liars now! And liars will always be‼️

    September 17, 2016,1:11 pm

  4. rfernandez

    My fellow Americans, I ve been saying it all day today, go to youtube and put in “hillary, we must provoke an attack,” you will see the monster that this sick bitch is, she wants ww 3, go see for yourselves.

    September 14, 2016,3:19 am

  5. Gloria E. Diaz

    Their crooked way of life, lust for power and wealth leaves them no other option in order to avoid exposure by the law, hence they lie incessantly to avoid exposure. Unfortunately, one lie or deceit leads to another and then another, becoming a way of life. It is said that liars need an excellent memory. Is it possible Hillary has a memory problem hence the absurd lies.

    September 14, 2016,2:38 am

  6. rfernandez

    Correction, called Michelle/Michael obama an angry gaboon, meant to say angry baboon.

    September 14, 2016,1:19 am

  7. rfernandez

    They arevall crooket, hillary, hillbilly rapist bill clinnon, phonetically correct arky pronouciation, obama you mama , who said he was a christian but now turns out to he a Muslim and falls in overwhelment whe he walks into a musk, if I spelled that right, cause now Americans are suposed to learn this new muslim lexicon, f n you , blank blank obama, and his wife, Michael, some say he/she is a man, she/he, looks like an angry gaboon to me, bottom cline, oboma, the clintons and all their invasion of the body snatchers entorage, the nancy Pelosi, call her styro foam brain nancy and joe biden, used car salesman extraordinaire, he joe, has the the soul of a used car salesman, thats his real calling, bottom line, they are all puppet s of old goat gearge soros, this old 80 something goat, soros ,couldn’t get it up with a crane, but he wants to take over the world, what a fn looser, so thats what we are up againts, a bunch of puppet s/marionetts, and obama, says I really, reallg, really want hillary to get elected, sure so she can turn his executive orders into law, appoint liberal judges across the board in the supreme court and turn this nation over to the UN and the world order, thats what this old goat soros and the old goat Rockefeller, the one thats over 100 years old and had six heart transplants, all plastic hearts, thats what this sick old men what, take over the wold, power hungry mother fuckers, go to youtube and pu it hillary “we need to provoke an attack “she s her puppet/marionette, but thats what they want a ww 3 confrontation, hope you start looking into whats really going on, got to read between the lines, Trump 2016.

    September 14, 2016,1:08 am

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