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Trump Says Paychecks, Not Welfare Checks! Can He Create Jobs?

by Bradley Matthews

“The only thing she can offer is a welfare check. That’s about it. Our plan will produce paychecks and they’re going to be great paychecks for millions of people now unemployed or underemployed.” — Donald Trump


  1. Jeane Mack

    Trump will only create recessions. He is not qualified to lead tis country.

    September 19, 2016,6:21 pm

  2. bcmarshall

    No President creates jobs. Only demand for goods and services creates jobs. So the question is, can he create the environment for an increase in demand for goods and services?

    And beyond that, what about wages? Trump has said that wages in the US are “too high”. If someone offers you a job for 50 cents an hour, technically it’s still a job that was “created”. Would you take it? I wouldn’t.

    Jobs are meaningless if the wage isn’t a living wage. I’m sure none of you would work for today’s minimum of $7.25 an hour.

    September 19, 2016,5:55 pm

  3. Peace and hope for all

    I would sooner have a career rather than being a burden on Society as would the vast majority of American’s across this nation!!! The problem is Hillary is using that right to work against everyone she can as she pushes her agenda to break the spirit of one and all !!! When she robs you of the job you have preformed over the years and in many cases a lifetime of 20, 30, years or more like the coal miners who find their identity in the work they commit to five day’s per week for a decent income by which they support their families like any real man has been taught to do!!! Hillary is the front for the globalist movement that seeks to break the heart of Patriotic Americans so that they are able to move against all as they seek to bring in this New World Order that i have heard about for at least 50 years!!! The plot against humanity in every corner of this planet is to turn our world of nation states into a border less with no more country’s,a communist state where all rights are gone as the government gets to decide whether you live or die!!! Hillary starts by taking away the jobs you rely on and then she takes away your children because she believes the state can do a much better job than at raising them!!! When we allow Government to rob you of your future as a free American which has been happening under the democrat and Republican parties who have been filled with those who have sold out to this group of psychopath’s who are pushing from both sides in order to crumble the American dream!!! The globalists sought to have their representatives on both sides of the isle so that they could finally destroy the final strings holding America together!!! Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz were supposed to win to continue pushing the Bush-Clinton-Obama plan to cripple the nation to the level where queen hillary could step into power and deliver the final blow!!! Donald Trump is offering to restore this nation rebuild the economy, which means increased jobs cancel Obama care which was a deliberate attempt to destroy Jobs and force companies to either move or close, and place the care of your children back into your hands where they are truly yours again and not possessions of the government!!! He will get rid of common core which is currently teaching your children to hate the country many of our ancestors fought and died to create and preserve!!! The question every American needs to ask his or herself is do you want a job where you can determine the path your future will take or do you want to live on welfare where the state sends individuals trained in the party line into your home to dictate every minute of your day when they allow you to survive in abject poverty and tell you what when and how you will eat the few scraps you have to eat due to decreasing levels of welfare!!! Since welfare rates do not rise even though prices of everything you buy to provide the bare necessities for your family do, and the condition continues to worsen!!! If you want to give up your children to people who have now determined that the terms mommy and daddy are harmful to those children who do not have parents and therefore must be discontinued because your children are no longer yours but have become the property of the government to be raised in government centers where they are programmed to follow the party line and can be trained in the profession they say the child can have, once removed from the family home at the tender age of three or four, it is right for you to vote for Hillary!!!
    If you decide that life is something you wish to throw away because the globalists have determined that you can not be redeemed, that you are deplorable, and that you will never be able to fully bend to their will you will be extinguished while those they believe are weak enough to be controlled will be placed into programming centers where you can be taken out at any time they do not believe you are submitting to their will fast enough please go ahead and vote for Hillary!!! If those issues bother you there is only one choice you must make!!! If you feel this country and your life is worth living then there is only one choice you must make and that is to vote and cast that vote for the one the press is chewing up and spitting out because they are good little puppets for the globalists and the only choice you have is Donald J. Trump!!!
    (this is a satanic plan to do away with humanity, christianity and all that sane people hold as very dear to us all)

    September 16, 2016,6:13 pm

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