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Will Trump Win The 1st Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Will Trump win the 1st presidential debate? Vote now in our CBC member poll!










Will Trump win the 1st presidential debate?

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  1. Susan

    OK everybody I made my potato salad again every debate I make my potato salad and he won’s all the time ! That’s what United States needs ! we have a group of friends over and we’re voting for trump trump we just saw you walking in you look strong handsome smart ready to rumble are Paryers are with you!!! 😄👍🙏

    September 26, 2016,8:10 pm

  2. Susan

    Where was Hillary and Bill and Obama the past eight years for not helping Chicago ? Obama Will not help Chicago ? Why ask her to Nite ?

    September 26, 2016,7:50 pm

  3. Linda Carlson

    He has performed well w/an early start for getting aide in places that needed it, working up his committees or cabinet. Has become a sincere and devout Christian w/ prayers going out for him, and will fight on terrorists fair and square!
    Hillary has and will be in denial w/Benghazi and at least 70 crimes behind her and Bill Clinton. She has always been a part of Obama who also has been a fraud w/his medical policies and handling of black listed drugs to boot!

    September 26, 2016,7:10 pm

  4. Mario Galvarino

    He will winn if he perform well under pressure,like a president should,watch it because if is abrasive in his attacks to Clinton this will tarnish his comments, remember she is the crazy one not him

    September 26, 2016,6:42 pm

  5. Gary

    We will see. There has been too much criminal activity by Hillary. She does not stand a chance if properly exposed. Most of the general public is smart enough to realize that. She will still loose even though it is rigged in her favor. Watch them not let such topics be discussed. I feel sorry for all of those who think Hillary will be a good leader. They are not bad people. They just do’t see what’s coming with her. It will be too late to fix it for our generation if she wins. You will all see that too late. Hillary will still be rich and free and have no concerns for the general public. And no more middle class.

    September 26, 2016,6:24 pm

  6. Don

    The donald will crash and burn if he is held to directly answering the questions asked of him instead of spewing a bunch on nonsensical BS as he usually does.

    September 26, 2016,5:51 pm

  7. Brandi

    Trump 2016!

    September 26, 2016,5:35 pm

  8. Gary

    Even though Hillary is protected by the corrupt government and will not be asked difficult questions nor will she be forced to answer difficult questions, she will continue to be exposed for the evil person she is. The Donald will bring this all out. Donald will crush her. I bet the is the most watched program in history.

    September 26, 2016,5:05 pm

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