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VIDEO: Listen To Rush Limbaugh’s Take On The 1st Debate!

by Bradley Matthews

“She looked out of it. She looked rattled. She looked like she wasn’t prepared for the way Trump was behaving and what Trump had to say. She was totally programmed. She was programmed to wait for openings either provided by Trump or provided by Lester Holt. She was waiting for memorized zingers to be implemented and used.” — Rush Limbaugh

Check out Rush Limbaugh’s books HERE. Hear his full comments on the 1st debate in the video below!


  1. Judy Selich

    Sir, your assessment of Clinton’s “performance” is accurate and perceptive. The wire/cable on her back that was fully visible, and perhaps enabled her access to “assistance”! Trump did okay but he seemed nervous. He will grow by leaps and bounds as he acclimates. We’ve watched the “pros” like Clinton for years. “Buzz words”; preprogramming, etc. are not what we seek. We want to know and understand precisely who and what the speaker is about. Trump will never be “polished”, and that is one of the reasons I wholeheartedly support him.

    September 30, 2016,1:01 am

  2. Jill E McLean

    The people lost to a drugged up robot who needs her chip changed for some new political lines. There is so much bias against Trump it’s hard to believe he’s actually gaining momentum. His heart is in the right place. He believes in the people. Choo Choo.

    September 29, 2016,10:10 am

  3. Sharon

    Some of you feel the need to write a book here as your comment! Too much exaggerated biased words. Clinton chose her time to prep for debate, as if her life counted on it! Along w/written notes for moderator to use in debate. And how her signals would be given: scratching side of her nose! Trump chose to use his time at rally’s to speak to the people! He’s abit new at the politically correct arena, but won all the polls except CNN. All democrats vote there so what can you expect! Trump has a stronger connection to the American people. Clinton doesn’t. Her laugh, smile, words are not received well, bc we see a liar, deception, law breaker & fake. Just being honest. We trust what Trump says he will do. We don’t trust Clinton. We do not like how Obama has ruined our country & divided us! So, Clinton would be like having another 4 years of Obama! Trump is going to win big!

    September 28, 2016,9:41 pm

  4. William Lezotte

    We must have watched a different debate lol! As a Trump supporter I was feeling good the 1st 15-20 minutes as he knows trade deals, finances, debt, etc. He showed his knowledge and was quick and accurate. He was composed. After that it went downhill. Although Clinton’s suddenly appearing grace, smile, patience, and personality was a well rehearsed ruse, it worked. Soon Trump reverted back to his erratic, and flippant self – of course. It was soon obvious he came unprepared and thought he would just wing it as usual. I would give Crooked Clinton the edge after it was over. If Trump diminished his massive ego a bit and actually relented and accepted the process to thoroughly prepare and practice as Clinton did it would have made a big difference. If he had all his ducks in order and had well thought out and rehearsed answers/comebacks he could have owned her. He did not unfortunately. He still is in the game luckily but cannot repeat these mistakes for the second debate.

    September 28, 2016,7:16 pm

  5. Peace and hope for all

    What the majority of those who are disappointed that Donald Trump did not lay waste to Chillary the cold hearted shrew do not realize is that for several months now the left has been calling Him every name in the book!!! The great numbers of undecided who had tuned in to verify if the information and labels the mainline news sources have been saying about Donald Trump are actually true or made up defamatory garbage!!! If Trump had attacked her the way everyone expected. he would have allowed many to justify the mainstream media’s version of the so called Hitler style of politics the undecided had expected allowing them to point at Trump as the brutal attacker of the weaker sex the sweet little grandmother that they had to forgive because they couldn’t allow that person described on and in every news source nationwide as a street fighter who would lead the country into the third world war simply because he was an antagonist who could not deal with any other nation through negotiation and peaceful rhetoric !!! Trump proved he is not the man that the left had been describing by holding back and playing the situation more like a chess game than a game of war!!! When I watched Donald’s methodology i soon realized the game plan and expected major praise coming from his supporters but i must admit i was truly amazed there were so many people who responded so negatively to his approach!!! Donald played his hand to supreme authority, victory, and genius as he was able to coast while still landing very important jabs that opened many eye’s to the truth!!! What many forget is that Monday night was not a do or die conquest where the enemies had to completely destroyed at the initial battle but to merely provide enough to reestablish a thought pattern that would inspire the majority to consider certain relevant thoughts about who the enemies of America truly are!!! Look at an increased level of intensity with the second bout and the final knockout to occur during the third debate!!! Many of the people watching the debate would have felt obligated to defend a weaker Hillary, as we had been expecting, or a little Grandmotherly type who was certainly bothered by not being able to play the woman card!!! Trump did not play into their hands and therefore did not provide them with the ammunition they were seeking!!! If Donald had taken a harder line with Hillary the Globalists would have jumped on him within a few hours after the debate with statements like see we told you he was a vicious animal unable to control his emotions and therefore unable to serve as President of the United States without declaring war on every enemy you can think of!!!The majority now know that to avoid a never ending series of wars it is not Donald they must fear but the war monger herself, after all who was it that had to respond using the usual leftist line of insults and name calling!!! Trump came across as a very genuine person while Hillary proved she was the one who could be considered as emotionally weak!!! When you ask how many American families are willing to give up the lives of more of their children to defend an emotionally bankrupt leader who is also proven to be without morals!!! The email jab proved that her treasonous acts in that department are long from over!!! Donald won without having to waste a lot of the ammunition in our arsenal, and that is now available to launch fresh attacks in the future debates!!! Blood shed will come at the hand of the most skillful non politician i have witnessed in many years!!! Don’t be discouraged folks the war is just beginning and yet victory is within our grasp!!! GOD bless America!!! GOD save America!!! Victory in Jesus to preserve democracy Amen!!! My final statement is this realize that every point they attempt to make against Trump describes Hillary as she attempts to reverse every point knowing exactly how to reference the foundation and how to best describe the actions because she is the source of the actions she refers to!!!

    September 28, 2016,5:53 pm

  6. walt


    September 28, 2016,4:57 pm

  7. Jane

    If Rush says Trump won the debate, then I’m utterly disappointed and now know that Rush is a liar. Trump is a juvenile in fat-man clothes and he is totally disrespectful of everyone else. He interrupted Hillary continuously, just too impatient to defend himself, like a child, except he’s just a dirty old man. I’m one Republican that won’t be caught dead voting for him. And…I don’t listen to Rush any more. I thought he was above thinking people like Trump were even worth mentioning.

    September 28, 2016,4:45 pm

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