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Trump Denounces Hillary’s Pay-To-Play Schemes

by Bradley Matthews

At a rally in Iowa, Donald Trump denounced Hillary Clinton’s ties to the wealthy, saying “Everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton can be understood with this simple phrase: Follow The Money.

To learn all of Hillary’s pay-to-play secrets, check out Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash HERE


  1. rfernandez

    Mario, relax, Hillary did not make any revelations, especially not about her self, what did she win ?? people go back on youtube and watch it againg, she tried to go to the gutter with Trump, with tabloid bs, she is crooked and Trump is going to nailed her on the next one, no more mister nice guy, and Pence is going to deal with Hillaries lovely boy vice precident, October 4 th, Pence will pick up where Trump left, and don’t forget, the wikileaks October surprise, Hillary stink, the whole democratic ticket stinks.

    September 29, 2016,9:08 pm

  2. Mario Galvarino

    Please be realistic if trump does not get tougher we are going to loose the election I expect that we’re going to be 10 points behind in the pools,wake up people

    September 29, 2016,7:44 pm

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