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Will Mike Pence Win The 1st VP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Will Mike Pence win the 1st vice presidential debate? Vote below in our CBC member poll!

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Will Mike Pence win the 1st VP debate?

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  1. Anna

    Trump made a very wise decision in selecting Pence. Pence is a solid, integrous, and remarkable individual. Kaine is weak and cannot compare to Pence! Pence is in the perfect position for Presidential grooming. God Bless and Protect the Trump Team !

    December 5, 2016,6:17 pm

  2. Robert Cohen

    Mike is a conservative and a constitutionalist and Trump is smart to have chosen him as a running mate.

    October 4, 2016,5:10 pm

  3. Mary Berry

    Great American, best candidate to help the American people.
    Bless him

    October 4, 2016,4:41 pm

  4. K

    Pence is a Wonderful Person I respect him he’s not a Fake.

    October 4, 2016,1:23 am

  5. Johnnie McHan

    Kaine’s brain on Pot makes for a fun debate. He is such a loser. But then what choice did we expect from the Killary?

    October 4, 2016,1:07 am

  6. Joseph St.Clair

    Mike Pence is a great choice and honestly descent HUMAN BEING , He can handle himself , I love and like the individual as I do Donald Joseph Trump , and
    I-IAM LOTHHHH THE WHOLE CLINTON ANTI AMERICAN FAMILY , THEY ARE MERKAL SYMPATHEISIS PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISTS ( anti Christ , anti God the Father ) welcome to the fourth reisch , HEAL CLICKERs society like Merkal and the EU and the New World Order Maggots , Orbus Unum ( uber rags )))
    Joseph St, Clair

    October 3, 2016,6:16 pm

  7. Brenda Reed

    Mike Pence was an excellent choice! Donald Trump made that choice.
    Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine. Who makes the best choices! Remember this when you vote! Think of the Supreme Court and the cabinet! Vote Trump Pence!

    October 3, 2016,5:19 pm

  8. jack

    Mike Pence is the real deal unlike the weasel the Dumborats put forth !

    October 3, 2016,4:47 pm

  9. Sharon Burkholder

    I think Pence will obliterate Kaine in this debate. He is on message for Trump and will defend Trump because Trump is right. Who the heck cares about taxes from 1995. Besides it just proves that Trump is brilliant and knows how to run and business and knows the tax code probably blindfolded. And anybody that thinks if they lost 915 million dollars they wouldn’t take advantage of tax loopholes is lying, is sure would. The liberals are such hypocrits.

    October 3, 2016,4:33 pm

  10. Bud Simmons

    Make sure the messages on Benghazi and emails (the truths) made known 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    October 3, 2016,4:14 pm

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