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See Why Pence Credits Trump For VP Debate Win

by Bradley Matthews

OnĀ Fox and Friends, Mike Pence said that “Some people thought I won, but from where I sat, Donald Trump won. Donald Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again really carried the day.”

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  1. Joseph St.Clair

    Mike Pence is and unemotional person purely logical and intellectually aggressive , he does go into the hystical mood swings and he gave Donald Trump the victory credit , low keyed and truly truly a total asset to Donald trump !!!
    Also Pence does seek the public notoriety ,he makes his points honestly and reliably , for team Trump victory

    October 6, 2016,7:33 pm

  2. Sam Jones

    Sorry to say Pence seemed lethargic, low energy. Still voting Trump.

    October 6, 2016,4:42 pm

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