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Has Trump Gone Too Far?

by Christopher N. Malagisi

In light of Trump’s recent comments about women, has Trump gone too far? Respond below and let us know!


  1. Lynn

    No the Democrats and especially the Clintons have gone to far we don’t need a whimp POTUS and the fights going to get worse

    October 12, 2016,6:56 pm

  2. David VanBockel

    The only issue is a strong military and foreign policy posture.

    October 12, 2016,7:41 am

  3. Chris

    I urge all conservatives and repubs and independents to never watch or listen to glen beck

    October 11, 2016,5:27 pm

  4. Chris

    Don’t like it but its nothing to what hillary has done not said done

    October 11, 2016,5:25 pm

  5. Donna Robert

    No…with all of the criminal and traitorous things the Clintins have done it even makes women voting for Hillary look extremely stupid…..guess you cannot say profane words against women but you can rape them while in the Whitehouse! Really women…..time to wake up!

    October 11, 2016,5:10 pm

  6. Laura G. Holmes

    I would rather have a potty-mouthed man who is behaving like 80% of American men than a mafia family in the white house. These are our choices. Donald can and should be forgiven.

    October 11, 2016,8:53 am

  7. Kevin

    If It Were Anyone Else…. Trust Me, on this, It Took An Awful Lot of Restraint From Donald ( Again I tip My Hat To You ) NOT to have Said A lot More Very Bad Mouthing to Hillary’s Face !!! You Sir Deserve To Be President !!!!!!!! Go Trump/Pence and Return America Back To Facing Our Lord God Jesus Christ !!! Rid Our Government Of These Treasonous Ass Wipes !!!

    October 10, 2016,5:32 pm

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