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Hillary Calls Trump Disgusting — Is She A Hypocrite?

by Bradley Matthews

Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump and his behavior “disgusting” — but her husband has done much worse! See the cartoon and tell us if you think she’s a hypocrite in the comments!

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  1. TX Granny

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are the worst of the worst. Trump may not be an angel, but Hillary and Bill, mostly Hillary, are surely in contest with the devil to see which one is the most evil. I pray everyday that something happens and people’s eyes will be opened to how evil they really are. I worry constantly that if she happens to get in the White House, that AMERICA will cease to exist as we know it.

    October 13, 2016,10:50 pm

  2. sharon

    Need to leave Washington and go to where she said her houses are that they could barely afford!!!

    October 13, 2016,12:17 pm

  3. andrea

    Hillary & Bill.. a marriage of power and convenience. No love loss.

    October 12, 2016,5:09 pm

  4. Shirley

    Of course she is. She will do any and every scummy action she can to win the election. She is the most evil conniving greedy hypocritical corrupt woman I know. She is disgusting. Bill Is just a sleezebag. We really need Trump and Pence.

    October 12, 2016,3:41 pm

  5. Geri Konstantin

    Any woman who can trash a 12 year old, defend a rapist and laugh about it has no conscience. I don’t know how she sleeps at night

    October 12, 2016,12:33 am

  6. BEETA


    October 11, 2016,10:17 pm

  7. J. McGregor

    These deceitful people have no morals whatsoever. To think she probably has cheated her way to the WH with Slick Willie in tow is almost beyond belief. God help us all as well as our nation.

    October 11, 2016,8:52 pm

  8. Diana

    Hey Jean…Again read my comments. You are saying Bill is not the presidential candidate. Did you not hear Hillary. Bill will be helping her as president. He took advantage of his time in the white house by having affair after affair while in the office. And what about all the other things he was accused of. Are you kidding me! How does this not matter to you. He is going to be in the Whitehouse as possibly the first husband (in lieu of first lady) So his legacy will be as the first husband of the White house who has a record of rape, exposing himself, sexual assault among countless affairs as president and using the whitehouse as his female playground. Go read all the books that are out from Bills former CIA protector etc…Wake up. You are being played. She will unfortunately get in and the corruption will continue. I am still holding out that it does not happen

    October 11, 2016,1:48 pm

    Laura G. Holmes
    Donald Trump cleaned her clock and still managed to be with the people on the campaign trail all week. He is not a rehearsed robot. Jean, Bill Clinton will be in the White House again. Hillary abused those women because they were an inconvenience to her political aspirations. She basically ruined their lives. For you to justify that is disgraceful. Trump’s behavior is not excusable, however, most men behave this way. You are delusional if you think they don’t.

    October 11, 2016,1:01 pm

    What Bill Clinton did does not justify Trump’s behavior. Bill Clinton is not presidential candidate this time and should not be part of the discussion.

    October 11, 2016,12:25 pm

    I have a question for everyone. What is worse Trumps comments or Bill Clintons sex abuse. Lets break it down. I am tired of everyone saying how can I support Donald Trump when I have children. Well let me ask you this. Hillary has already stated that if she wins she will go to her husband Bill Clinton for advice. Hmmm…So what are you going to tell your children then. In case some of you do not know, Bill Clinton was impeached as a president for lying and having an affair in the White house with Monica Lewinsky (there were several others but this was the one that ousted him). Do you remember the way the sex was described. Does Cigar ring a bell. Anyway not only did that come out but he was accused of exposing himself, raping another women, and groping another women. There is so much more. And Hillary defended a child rapist of a 12 year old (telling the girl she was asking for it). It is heard on tape that Hillary says the accused took the lie detector test and passed it. Hillary then says, there goes my trust in those things (something like that) she knew he was guilty. Come on a 12 year old! So I ask what will you tell your children about that. What kind of message are you sending when a man who’s actions by many women, who was impeached and a women who will say and do anything to get votes not to mention all the other corruption. What will you tell your children then!

    October 11, 2016,3:09 pm

  9. Priscilla Avery

    She is worse than a hypocrite. Words I will not say to describe here are appropriate.

    October 10, 2016,7:20 pm

  10. Ken Turner

    Bill Clinton should be required to register as a sex offender

    October 10, 2016,5:46 pm

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