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Trump Addresses His GOP Critics

by Bradley Matthews

On the O’Reilly Factor, Donald Trump addressed his GOP critics, saying “I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people that I can tell you, including Ryan.”

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VIDEO of Trump slamming Paul Ryan is below:


  1. Michelle

    Seriously?! My comments would be too long, and words are insufficient! Don’t get me started! All I can say is go, Trump!

    October 13, 2016,11:38 am

  2. Joseph St.Clair

    They called Mc Cain the warden in the Hanoi Hilton , ??? Mc Cain is a turn coat to the American Dream , when he ran for president , they interviewed the head guy in Vietnam questioned him about john mccains imprisonment / treatment , the Vietnamese have all the records about McCain , he received preferrencal treatment by the Viet con !!!!

    Not America’s true hero , why , Trump knows it and went after McCain with the veterans issues , after all Nixon was president !!!
    McCain is two faced like the rest of republican politicians most are Hippocrates !!!!
    All of them are anti American evil ,, You have too risk all too gain all , then you gain the Almighties Power !!!
    Paul Ryan just as socialistically evil , he is a looser !!!
    Speaker of the House of Romney LOOSERs pale face speaks with a forlkic tongue (snakes ) he sell any one down the river !!!
    If the republicans try to pull the rug out from under Donald , Donald should still run , he earned it , worse case scenero Donald would split the ticket and quite possibly Win , like Harry Truman did against gov Dewey !!!!
    As yogi( true Yankee ) would say , it ain’t over , till it’s over , a lot of great Americans supporting Donald Trump , a lot of anti Americans challenging him from within his party and a lot outside his party !!!!
    God Bless everyone and Donald Trump , and , AMERICA AS WELL !!!

    October 12, 2016,9:27 pm

  3. William Drumm Sr.

    McCain has over stayed his term limit a long time ago.

    October 12, 2016,7:20 pm

  4. William Drumm Sr.

    They screw Trump when he needs there support and they turncoat, and then he’s expected to sing cum by yah with them. Hell with that. Trump is singing ba fug gul.

    October 12, 2016,7:16 pm

  5. Lynn

    He’s right about McCain I was on the Carrier when his plane went down in Vietnam He’s an amnesty open boarder Liar. This is why we need term limits

    October 12, 2016,6:53 pm

  6. Dawn

    Hillary elitists rino and media are doing their best to keep their corruption going and hillary is their puppet who is willing maybe not able but willing. Don’t vote for evil.

    October 12, 2016,5:35 pm

  7. Claus G. Wagner Bartak

    The Republicans have suicidal traitors as characterless leaders.

    October 12, 2016,5:30 pm

  8. Joseph St.Clair

    Donald is right , Paul Ryan is actually a progressive socialist libral Ryan can’t spell republican , he comes from state , where everyone’s playing with their utters , pure socialist farming state !!!!
    Wisconsin is a , suburb of Chicagos greedy politics , after all Al Capone , used to have a humting lodge , Wisconsin !!!!

    Paul Ryan is a gray lizard like clinton is , you can see it in his skin tones , like death warmed over !!!

    October 12, 2016,5:22 pm

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