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Is NYT Playing Games With Ed Klein’s New Hillary Book?

by Christopher N. Malagisi

WASHINGTON, DC – In the last week and a half, no book has rocked the political world as much as Ed Klein’s new indictment of Hillary Clinton in Guilty as Sin.  Through his in-depth reporting, he learned how the Clintons intimidated the Justice Department, the real health issues of Hillary Clinton, and what role James Comey really played in the FBI email investigation.

Ed Klein is known for his through research and journalistic prowess.  He is currently a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and was previously the editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine.  He has written numerous books about Hillary Clinton, including The Truth About Hillary, Unlikeable, and Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas.  

“Ed Klein has revealed new information that could greatly affect the 2016 presidential campaign,” said Christopher N. Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “If Donald Trump does win the election and follows through on his promise to prosecute Hillary, a special prosecutor would no doubt use this book as evidence to indict her.”



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