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See Sparks Fly! Newt Gingrich vs. Megyn Kelly

by Bradley Matthews

In an appearance on “The Kelly File”, Newt Gingrich defended Donald Trump from accusations of being a sexual predator, saying that “You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy.” Kelly shot back, asserting “We on ‘The Kelly File’ have covered the Bill Clinton story as well. We’ve hosted Kathleen Willey… But he is not on the ticket.” See the full video below!

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  1. Lloyd

    looks like you had to hide that truth.

    October 28, 2016,9:57 am

  2. Lloyd

    Look up the Kelly and Howard Stern interview about her husbands penis size

    October 28, 2016,9:56 am

  3. sandia131@sbcgloval.net

    She picked an argument with someone way over her league! Hope this teaches her a leading, and to think he was being polite!

    October 27, 2016,10:28 pm

  4. sandia131@sbcgloval.net

    She picked an argument with someone way over her league! Hope this teaches her a leading, and to think gecwas being polite!

    October 27, 2016,10:28 pm

  5. Joseph St.Clair

    One final observation , several years ago , New Years Eve Party , a CNN reporter interviewed KELLY live on camera , she a glass white wine or champagne in her hand , when asked the question , she didn’t like it , she KELLY told the CNN reporter to
    True professional people don’t talk or act like this , she is now being exposed a liberal progressive socialist of the evil empire , she isn’t worth 20 cents for her intellectual intelligence , her more ignoramus dumb instincts prevail !!!
    Fox should dump /flush her contract down the toilet !!!

    October 27, 2016,1:22 pm

  6. Joseph St.Clair

    It’s about time some one exposed Megyn Kelly , she is vamp , August 2015 , republican debate , Fox News trio Wallace , KELLY , Bair , each attacked Donald Trumps legitimacy too run for president , Kelly led the attack and Donald Trump fired back , with , you could see the Red in Kelly eyes and else wear ,

    Wallace / Bair both came around for trump some what
    KELLY IS STILL ENRAGED WITHIN HERSELF , NEW’T deserves a Pulitzer Prize for telling her off , she a creepy , dikey looking women lately !

    It was a debate Fox ran it like and inquisition against Trump , I haven’t watched Fox since then , instead , I watch One American News

    I read the dialog and yes New’t said it right east wing bed room for Clinton (Bill )
    However , IAM in the belief that the Trump Pence will be Victorious as We get closer to Election Day more and more revelations are coming forth , with Clinton insanity , too impeachment preceding starting too shape / shake things up !!
    Trump has taken on the brutal task of exposing the corrupt Democratic Party , also the disillusioned Republican Party , Romney / Ryan / Rove / McCain
    / w Bush and j Bush and h w Bush , all contributed to this mess thru progressive movement agenda along with the CORRUPTTED Media and Federal justice systems manipulating a false investigation pertaining to facts !!!

    Good News is this is the Dream of the Almighty Father God Head to birth the United States of America as the First Nation of the Future , WE , WHEN , WHY , WON not the progressive’s ignorance !!!

    October 27, 2016,12:48 pm

  7. Steve Dolyniuk

    Megan Kelly “THE TRAMP” is now asking for #20,000,000.00 to renew her contract, & because the owner of Fox likes her she will more than likely get it. She is your typical Liberal Power Hungry woman who will do what ever she has to to get to where she wants.

    October 27, 2016,11:53 am

  8. Ronny

    The one time I turn off Fox is when Mrs Kelly is on. She seems to care more about drama than the issues we face in America. She’s passed Rosie !

    October 27, 2016,11:12 am

  9. Michael Meador

    Boycott Megan Kelly. She is a democratic hack.

    October 27, 2016,8:33 am

  10. Nolan Diamond

    Thanks Newt for putting M.Kelly in her place.Wish Chris Christie had a chance to also. Hoping she moves on soon.

    October 27, 2016,1:04 am

  11. Ron Johnson

    Newt rarely disappoints. Maybe now Fox News will realize it’s time to let Meagan Kelley’s contract expire.

    October 26, 2016,10:04 pm

  12. Ellen Todd

    This interview, which I saw in toto, was astonishing, even jaw-dropping. The “queen” of Fox prime time (or so she thinks she is) exhibited in full what has become her increasingly imperious, abrasive, narcissistic personality. Newt Gingrich called her out and she did not like it one bit, became defensive, then dismissed him from her “throne” with her exceedingly rude and stupid admonishment that he should tend to his “anger issues.” Not ten minutes later she was YELLING at another group of guests! Fox should pass on her upcoming contract renewal as she is a more poisonous presence with each passing week. I have enjoyed Fox the past few years but can’t abide her show in which she frequently alludes to her “wonderful” self, laughs inappropriately and snarls at guests who don’t show her enough deference. Ms. Kelly needs to go elsewhere, some venue more suitable to her performance which is certainly not that of a journalist, though I think she believes she is one. I have seen many a male guest seem to cower before this woman, perhaps just hoping to get out without some rude cackle or upbraiding visited on them by her. Hers is a case of a superficial beauty marred and sometimes made ugly by her manner and her visceral, often gratuitous habit of attack on the guest. She was after all interviewing the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, not some low-life thug. And a journalist should NOT become the focus of his story. In common parlance, folks would say “it’s gone to her head,” which means that Ms. Kelly’s head has gotten too big owing to the cache and advantages afforded her by Fox heads. Her comings and goings, having her babies and moving up the ladder at Fox, became a story in itself. That is okay, one supposes, to a point. But the apotheosis of Megyn Kelly should not be the heart of Fox News. I am thinking that it is time for me to abandon Fox Channel and spend time all my time reading the various journals which present stories, ideas and opinions without the circus-lie glitz of Ms. Kelly. As long as she is still “queen,” Fox is compromised.

    October 26, 2016,8:36 pm

  13. Peace and hope for all

    A few day’s ago wiki leaks showed the democratic push to bury Donald Trump an honest, fair and decent man in lies that are absolutely sickening!!! Megan Kelly’s remarks shows that she has sold out to the Communists who have seized control of the democratic party in an effort to destroy the United States of America and bring in a one world Communist government that will push for the end of every nation state!!! When these presstitutes who have chosen to fall head over heels into the trap that has been laid before them as they participate in the dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights under a Hillary Clinton government!!! The individuals involved in Television news and stories who are bending themselves over backwards while allowing the persons from other countries who have claimed stewardship over America and their ability to seize power over this nation thus turning true American citizens into slaves to a one world government that robs every American of any right that belonged to them individually until the day Hitlary Rotten Clinton steals the white house from the America people through treachery and deception!!! When you look at members of the press across the board on the mainline channels you see individuals who are willingly committing treason against the American people through their action’s carried out each day for the past year and more lying in ways that they are fully aware will do harm to the country from coast to coast!!! The all know that Bush carried out a subversive attack on Donald Trump by pushing him into a conversation that was totally against his normal everyday behavior!!!Bush is a trained C.I.A. operative who cornered Trump into a conversation and then as we can all see used the edited tape to present an issue that was not comfortable to Donald in an effort to produce lies that could be used to black mail of subvert Trump presenting him in such a negative light that most good people who are unfamiliar with such actions as to effect their belief in the innocence of this good man!!! The Bush-Clinton-C.I.A, criminal cabal are seeking to gain wealth through the complete theft of the finances of every American moving them from a middle class status into a range of complete distress!!! Those who are selling out America will soon have their eye’s opened to the fact that they too will suffer along with every other citizen because their loyalty means absolutely nothing to the sick Psychopaths who will govern by personal greed and a deep hatred for all!!! We must face the truth this day that every American will be brought down into the pit and be forced to go without anything that they have been able to achieve in day’s long past!!! The average American citizen will find their future flushed down the toilet along with all they hold most dear!!! My beloved know that the truth will hold no value to people like Hitlary Rotten Clinton and her compatriots who see their defeat of the average American citizen as a great achievement as they laugh in glee over the death of leaders like Gadaffi while releasing Radical Islamic Terrorists on American soil to bring major blood shed
    while butchering Christians across the land, burning their churches and beheading the very same people who have together made this country the greatest country ever!!! Hillary see’s the dismantling of the family unit as her objective and purpose while corrupting speech in an effort to end the value placed on the life led by those Americans that reflected the true value of all that has been counted as truly valuable in the eye’s of every GOD fearing Christian across the land!!! Lift up your heads my fellow American’s and defeat everyone who chooses to see the future of this country as something that is worthless with little if any value what so ever!!! We must stand together in defiance of every person who willingly chooses to witness the destruction of this once great country in order to achieve personal gain while erasing the value placed on the history and future on this once great nation!!! Stop these greedy bastards in their tracks and defeat the enemy at every turn as they sell out the country to this most evil group of traitors!!! Stand against everyone who choose to fall before this evil element worshiping Queen Hillary the most wicked criminal individual who dismisses America replacing the leader among nation states with a sick pathetic group of satanic demons who seek total destruction of everything with true value!!! In closing may we all stand together in our effort to watch this group be obliterated and our nation be restore as we once again place our GOD as first an foremost within the hearts of every true Christian in our land!!! May we all stand up to the enemy praying that our GOD(Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! protect and defend the goodness that exists in the heart of every true American Amen!!!

    October 26, 2016,8:25 pm

  14. Rhonda

    Thank you Mr. Gingrich! We need you to speak for the American people because the media is not covering our feelings. Megyn Kelly DOES NOT represent me as a woman. Her rude, disrespectful attitude towards you last night was disgusting! Thank you for caring and speaking the truth. Your honesty is so humbling and most appreciated. Go Trump /Pence!!

    October 26, 2016,8:17 pm

  15. Janet Kunkle

    Mega—-come on, when did your get so down on Trump, you know what’s at stake here—move on. I have been thinking for some time exactly what Newt said, get back to the real issues and what we may have to live with for the next 4 years and maybe ever after.

    October 26, 2016,7:40 pm

  16. Nancy

    Newt’s stance with Megan was stellar performance vs foolish reasoning based that on trash not news worthy or informative, the American views can turn to TMZ, E news for gossip. As a victim myself of abuse, I could tell these woman were paid to do this to Mr. Trump, these were false accusations to destroy, deflect attention from all the emails!!

    October 26, 2016,5:36 pm

  17. bobby

    gingrich shouldnt be on the national stage with his record period! a proven crook!

    October 26, 2016,5:21 pm

  18. Laura G. Holmes

    Thank GOD somebody finally told it like it is. This woman spends over 50 minutes on her program each night dogging Trump and barely any time on Clinton. Clinton is so much worse. I watched her on one of the late night shows stating how surprised people would be at what a non-conservative she is. This did not surprise me. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how people think. She should actually be on CNN. I think that would be a better forum for her. She expects sympathy because Trump called her out, but she should not receive sympathy when she has purposely tried to sabotage his campaign from the beginning. FINALLY, a voice of truth! Thank you Newt!

    October 26, 2016,12:05 pm

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