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Who Was Right: Newt Gingrich Or Megyn Kelly?

by Bradley Matthews

Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly got heated over allegations against Donald Trump. See them debate HERE, and vote in our CBC reader poll to tell us who you think was right! Want to sound off in the comments? Become a CBC Insider HERE










Who was right: Megyn Kelly or Newt Gingrich?

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  1. Sally BATES

    DON’T you people have more to worry about these days? Global Warming, the Paris Accord, artical 5 ? Time to wake up & quit bitching!!! Do something positive for our Countries Sake!!!

    June 25, 2017,2:57 pm

  2. John Eidsmoe

    Carlos, Your comments are repulsive and pathetic, but Newt thoroughly trounced Megyn in that exchange.
    Megyn still believes the liberal nonsense she was taught in law school. She doesn’t interview, she argues; she wants to make news rather than report it; and her newscast is more about herself than about the news.
    Fox has a host of talent that far outshines Megyn: Greta Van Susteren, Monica Crowley, Dana Perino, or Harris Faulkner, to name only a few.

    November 28, 2016,5:23 pm

  3. Jeffrey

    Newt was right

    November 7, 2016,4:28 pm

  4. Chris

    Newt was right. I will NOT watch Megan Kelly any more. She has gotten too proud to be non partial. Newt is one of the smartest men around. I read everything he writes and watch every time I know he is on TV. Good Man!!!!

    November 6, 2016,9:07 pm

  5. Thomas Allen

    Megan Kelly should not be on Fox. I quit watching her show after the Gingrich blowup.

    October 30, 2016,9:21 pm

  6. SallyGonzalez@gmail.com

    Megan Kelly is brilliant! Donald Trump is an idiot!

    October 29, 2016,11:28 pm

  7. Carlos

    Megyn Kelly is in love with Donald Trump, everytime she talks Donald Trump always comes out of her mouth not only that she is fascinated with sex! she was on the Howard Stern radio talk show having fun talking about her husband’s penis size. I guess when she found out the size of Donald Trump’s dick it turn her on. look I know women well and when they get together with their girlfriends they talk about men just as us men talk about women, call it what you will, everyone has an opinion but I see a lot of hypocritical people who would never admit it but I can admit one thing! Megyn Kelly is in love with Donald Trump she can’t stop talking about him she’s always asking about him she’s obsessed with Trump that’s what it is? Megyn Kelly is in love with Donald Trump and she’s also obsessed with sex Donald Trump. As far as Newt Gingrich he was absolutely positively right about Megyn Kelly that’s why she told him maybe he should do something with his anger! Megyn Kelly is the one with the anger!! she’s in love with Donald Trump and she cannot deny it.

    October 29, 2016,2:05 pm

  8. Larry

    She’s a Liberal!

    October 29, 2016,1:38 pm

  9. William

    Much rather listen to Greta. Replace Megyn with Greta. Send Megyn to MSNBC or CNN. She’ll fit right in.

    October 29, 2016,10:46 am

  10. William

    Bye, Bye Megyn. I am done with you. Get some humility. Talk to Sean Hannity, he may be able to help you with that.

    October 29, 2016,10:41 am

  11. Jo

    Harsh, biased Harpie. She needs to be replaced.

    October 28, 2016,4:25 pm

  12. Donald E Bowling

    Uncalled for she definately needs to go. Used to admire her, but finally have had enough of her crap. Will not watch her again.

    October 28, 2016,4:05 pm

  13. Marge

    I used to like Megyn but she has become bias and nasty! She is becoming a Women’s Liber of today. I am from the 60s and we didn’t use the woman’s card for everything. If you want to be equal then quit whining when someone says something you don’t like. Woman are strong, not victims! women of today always cry victim. Get over it!

    October 28, 2016,1:31 pm

  14. Lee Provencher

    Megyn Kelly is a Princess Prima Donna, pseudo journalist who was so rude to Mr. Gingrich. She continuously interrupted him,talked over him, and then said he needed to work on his anger management. I’d suggest she limit her Hillary sucking up to only 90% of her program,and control her smart ass mouth. I haven’t watched her for a long time, just happened to catch this on You Tube. She’s even worse than I remember !! Hannity Rules Fox !!.

    October 28, 2016,11:12 am

  15. Annie

    Congratulations Newt. You were great. Thank You. Annie

    October 28, 2016,11:10 am

  16. Robert

    Kelly said to Newt “you don’t have a clue!” w/r/t whether Trump is a sex predator. So what was the point of asking him that question? Fascination with sex?

    October 28, 2016,10:10 am

  17. Bruce

    Fox should fire her. Her ratings I think have been dropping. I watch Fox business news and OAN when she is on.

    October 28, 2016,9:43 am

  18. kenneth atkinson

    Megan looked like a girl scout amongst a bunch of Navy Seals..

    October 28, 2016,2:20 am

  19. kenneth atkinson


    October 28, 2016,2:18 am

  20. Leona Olsen

    Megyn was once a personal favorite, but she allowed her ego to overtake common sense, and she is no longer a need to watch. Too bad for her, she had the World by the tail, and failed to hold on to the traits that made her popular with viewers – showing respect and being professional. Newt is older and much, much wiser, and she should have refrained from challenging him, Sad for her because she has lost the respect of many.

    October 28, 2016,12:41 am

  21. Jane

    Megyn Kelly is biased and unprofessional as a journalist. She talks over people. She asks the question and if the answer is not to her liking she will cut the person off or talk over them as she did with Newt. She was rude, obnoxious and wrong. Mr. Gingrich showed class listening to her rant. For the life of me I don’t understand why FOX doesnt can her boney ass and send her to MSNBC! SHE IS HORRIBLE………..

    October 28, 2016,12:17 am

  22. Elizabeth A McMullan

    I will never watch Megyn Kelly again. Her attack on Newt Gengrich was rude and totally uncalled for.
    If she wanted wanted answers to the allegations that have been made about Donald Trump then she should ask Mr. Trump. Any comment that Newt Gengrich could have made on that subject would have only been hearsay. Shame on you Megyn Kelly. As a lawyer you should know better.
    A decent human being would have known better as well.

    October 27, 2016,11:59 pm

  23. Eddie Booth

    Megan was a little too edgy!

    October 27, 2016,11:56 pm

  24. dee

    I really admired Kelly when I first started watching her, but anymore can’t tolerate her. Kick her off Fox and bring Gretchen back!!!!!

    October 27, 2016,11:31 pm

  25. Bonnie

    I kept a openmind I was reading a piece here and there about her I said ,ya she’s doesn’t really like Trump I just thought she w as like the other channels the left. She sealed it or me when she said things every day about Trump but the other night she accused him like he was doing it to Every Woman I don’t think that was appropriate or what she said and he denounced a all,except first one that he was wrong and apologizeabout that tape ,Kelly crucified him with no proof that’s wrong.

    October 27, 2016,11:01 pm

  26. Doris

    She should join the Democrats.

    October 27, 2016,10:55 pm

  27. Lois Adams


    October 27, 2016,10:48 pm

  28. Lloyd

    Megan Kelly discussed her husbands penis size with Howard Stern on the radio

    October 27, 2016,10:48 pm

  29. James

    Sometime I wish people would acually git accurate info on what the talk about, instead of blow smoke and believing their own mind set. #1 update yourself on recent abortion procedures at the later stages. It ll pray ably make you sick to your stomach. It’s all gross. And murder Glenn. I was a democrat,until the Clintons took office. Alot of bad deals there still haunt america. Republicans don’t start wars. Just clean up the mess .

    October 27, 2016,10:19 pm

  30. Rosalie

    Meghan has been after Trump since the very beginning. She editorializes on everything he says or does. I think she likes all the exposure it gives her when she denigrates him!

    October 27, 2016,9:46 pm

  31. Bettye Moore

    Megan Kelly does not need to be on Fox News, if they are going to be Fair and Balanced. She certainly was not fair, nor balanced, in her interview with Newt Gingrich. I will never watch Megan Kelly again, as she was so rude in the interview with Mr. Gingrich. She was a terrible representative of the media and Fox, as far as I am concerned.

    October 27, 2016,8:48 pm

  32. Roert Wynne

    Megan Kelly is Fox news worst news person ever. She gets all hot and bothered when she talks about sex. She should be replaced immediately. I don’t have to watch fox news at this hour. She needs to go now!!!!!

    October 27, 2016,8:40 pm

  33. Mary Locke

    Megan has changed so much from when she first started, I never missed her then now I can’t stand to watch her. She is a news person but holds a grudge like a little kid.

    October 27, 2016,8:30 pm

  34. Christy

    Megyn Kelly is so petty – not professional at all – no fair and balanced. She totally lost it after she mediated the presidential debate. Now she’s an angry woman with an agenda. It’s really sad.

    October 27, 2016,7:55 pm

  35. Laura G. Holmes

    All of you who are defending this democrat, Megyn Kelly are obviously democrats also. You are on the wrong website. Painman, you again. I am a diehard Trump supporter because I don’t want to lose my country. I am neither uneducated or stupid. I will take a Calculus test against you anytime pal. OMG! You are probably a beer-belly sports fanatic who sits on the couch all the time. I know just your type. As if we Trump supporters will take advice from an idiot like you and the rest of your Hillary minions here. LOL!!!!! Megyn Kelly would definitely be a better fit for CNN. Please go Megyn! Oh, and by the way, PAINMAN, be a man and use your real name, you coward!

    October 27, 2016,7:46 pm

  36. Jane

    Love Megyn…she’s brilliant. Love how she stands for conservatism and morality! Against Trump…. Newt (who cheated on his wife) is fixated on sex while Megyn speaks out against sexual abuse. Megyn Kelly is the best thing FOX’s got going!

    October 27, 2016,7:38 pm

  37. George

    Megyn Kelly is a JOKE…they wonder why they are falling in the ratings….I think she should be more worried about HRC actions to the women that her husband had affairs with in OUR WH….and she had the NERVE to destroy those women…and than she has the balls to say she’s for women…ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD BELIEVE EITHER OF THESE WOMEN!
    Good job Newt!

    October 27, 2016,7:23 pm

  38. Tammy

    All she ever did was 1 “Special” with that hippie bomber Bill Ayers. I stopped watching Fox when they gave her Hannitys spot and then you lost Greta too. Fox is losing a lot of viewers.Thank GOD for YouTube. I can watch all of my ol favorites there. Get Greta back at all cost and part ways with the OBNOXIOUS Kelly.

    October 27, 2016,7:23 pm

  39. Susan erikson

    Megyn was simply doing her job unlike the rest of the FOX male pattsies. No one but no one should speak to a woman (or man) in the demeaning manner Gingrich spoke to Megyn. If FOX wants to keep women viewers (and for that matter get back any of the conservative women they lost due to the Ailes scandal and now the pro Trump stand), they will support people like Megyn.

    October 27, 2016,7:03 pm

  40. Bruce

    Overrated and full of herself. Had it in for Trump since he called her out. After every debate she was there to badmouthing, had to wait to later to get a fair analysis. Newt took it to her and she deserved it.

    October 27, 2016,7:02 pm

  41. Omar Dingman

    A democrat started world war two, and Kennedy started Viet Nam war and Nixon
    ended that war. The democrat senate voted for Iraq war and told Bush they had
    weapons of mass destruction and Bush signed the bill!

    October 27, 2016,6:40 pm

  42. Joseph St.Clair

    It’s the correct moment for Fox executives to cut those ties and contracts too Megyn Kelly , since the first Fox debate that attacked Trump , I turned Fox News off , because she Kelly created a hostile inquesition type of and environment , out too destroy a loyal American , Trump , who wasn’t Washington beltway insider !!!
    Kelly thght she was cute arrogantly vulgar witch , it is Halloween season , Fox should use her broom and cancel her contract she isn’t worth ..20 cents moron , I don’t watch fox since then !!

    Totally out of control commentator , NEW’T did great for exposing the witch cone head !!!
    Out of sight out of mind , people regular people happy she was exposed !!!

    October 27, 2016,6:39 pm

  43. Lawrence Oxman

    Kelly calls Trump a sexual predator? Kelly wouldn’t dare call sex offender bill, a sexual predator. It is obvious that Kelly is biased and in the tank for Corrupt Communist Bitch Clinton. Hillary enabled Bill the darling of the Democratic Party, to be a sexual predator. Hillary looked the other way. Don’t be surprised if you see Kelly working over at the Clinton News Network.

    October 27, 2016,6:37 pm

  44. Nancy Haynes

    If you want a true look at Megyn Kelly, watch and listen to the interviews she did on The Howard Stern show. Yes, I said Howard Stern. Ms. Goodie Two Shoes ISN”T.
    When her ratings drop enough, Fox will fire her, but i’m sure she’ll tell it that she has decided to make a change. Better at CNN.
    I watched her show for the last time when she and Newt got into it.

    October 27, 2016,6:34 pm

  45. Douglas

    If we leave America to Megyn, we are on the liberal agenda for our fall.
    God bless America. 2 Chronic. 7:14

    October 27, 2016,6:33 pm

  46. Barbara Banks

    She is so unpleasant and combative. She is merely a conduit for the news. We really do not care what she thinks!

    October 27, 2016,6:17 pm

  47. Glenn

    We know that Donald Trump is a rapist, and he has a law suit coming up for raping a 13-Year-Old Girl having her perform oral sex on him. The comment he made on the bus, is as far as I am concerned, he is guilty of the groping women. Donald has made more than once, he would like to BANG IVANKA.

    October 27, 2016,6:12 pm

  48. Marilyn

    Newt was right and I used to like Megan but she has sort of sounded more like a liberal lately. I saw it on T.V. and I thought Newt was great !!!!!!

    October 27, 2016,6:10 pm

  49. Glenn

    Dwain, I agree totally with you. Trump has said that a woman can have the BABY RIPPED OUT ON THE DUE DATE. Sorry he doesn’t know SHIT about a woman’s body. I would like to see what his ass would say if that was any of his children. And on that subject, his first wife has said that he, was not around when it was feeding or dipper change. A father’s responsibility is the same as the mother. I am going to say that I, was around for dipper change and bathing time. Of course while they were still breast feeding I am not quipped to do that. But once they were not, I had known problem with the bottle and burping. If they were sick, I was up even if I had to work in the morning.

    October 27, 2016,6:09 pm

  50. Glenn

    I have been a Democratic since I have been voting. I have a few times, though about voting for a Republican but, I have not. The Republicans have always put the USA into war, and the Democrats have gotten us out. Now George Bush was the one who first said that he was going to pull the troops out of Iraq. Obama keep that agreement and took our military out. And there is proff that, Hillary Clinton was absolutely not responsible for Benghazi. Trey Gowdy lied under oath about Benghazi and and, proff shows that he did lie because he flat out wanted Trump as POTUS. He also has said that the Republican Party cut spending money for our military service. Again my opinion and not here to start WWlll with anyone.

    October 27, 2016,6:00 pm

  51. Dwain anderson

    Ignorant women who think they have right to choose and murder babies are pure trash who stick their tongues out at God Almighty Jesus and Holy Spirit You will soon find out that abortion is murder according to the only thing that counts–God In Person THE BIBLE‼️‼️‼️‼️

    October 27, 2016,6:00 pm

  52. Steven Sutton

    Megyn’s use of sexual predator when describing Mr Trump is cause enough for her dismissal from Fox. For the sake of being respectful – which Megyn seems to have either never learned how to or lost it along the way to fame (and a significant salary), would she like it if she was categorized & described with various names (I will leave them out – out of respect & not go so low as she did) associated with the many racy magazine spreads she did for Maxim Magazine and other publications where she was photographed with not so much clothes on & very revealing pictures bordering on nudity? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. She can be sure that this will come back to haunt!

    October 27, 2016,5:58 pm

  53. Patricia Grimm

    After 45 years I changed from Democrat to Republican. It took a while for my eyes to be opened. Newt G. made me so proud to be a Republican. I think it was way pass due that someone told Megyn Kelly their feelings instead of tiptoeing around. I like most of Fox, but for the last few months I’ve been turning her off after 20 minutes. We can not handle her attitude. One other thing I would like to say is how very disappointed our family has been with many of the Republican Party. (especially Cruz, Kasich, Jeb Bush and all those that have not endorsed the “peoples’ choice” for President. One of the above mentioned was my first choice, but NEVER will be again. They all stated that they would endorse the winner. They all lied. Shame on them. All of them have lost 9 future votes. Our family doesn’t forget when you take back your word.

    October 27, 2016,5:50 pm

  54. Glenn

    Newt Gingrich has been for YEARS consider a idiot. This was even when he was speaker of the house. Even many Republicans thought he was a little bit radical. I Have been voting since LBJ, and watched Newt and just my (opinion) like everyone else in here, I think he is as crazy and ignorant as Donald Trump. I’m waiting to see Trump’s wife, go out and campaign for Trump. I just hope that she, doesn’t make a fool of herself by plagiarism again because, I am not against anyone’s race, religious beliefs. I believe that a woman, has the right to her own body and not like Mike Pence decided in Indiana closing plan parenthood doors. I wonder what would happen if his own daughter got pregnant, and didn’t want her parents to know. And yes, I am a man who believes that a woman, has the right to decide on there own body. I have never told my wife that she has to this and that with her body. Remember, this is my own opinion and not here to start WWlll.

    October 27, 2016,5:49 pm

  55. Painman

    “Cary Ann Mahony
    Kelly is in love w/ Kelly.”

    Like Trump is in love with Trump, and only out for himself. You Trump poorly educated people are pathetic!!

    “Bennie Hall
    She’s so cheep looking like a slut.”

    LOL….And you must be a “man-lover!”

    October 27, 2016,5:48 pm

  56. Bennie Hall

    She’s so cheep looking like a slut.

    October 27, 2016,5:45 pm

  57. StillaBeliever

    Marlene, if you’re tired of how the “Trump Organization” does business, ask Patricia Smith, who lost a son in Benghazi, what she thinks of the way HRC does business!!

    October 27, 2016,5:44 pm

  58. StillaBeliever

    Another thing: Kelly’s use of the term “Sexual Predator” is way out of line. As per the legal definition, such a person has been convicted of committing a sexually violent offense. Now her definition of “violent” may be different from mine, but in a world where “micro-aggressions” such as smiling at someone in passing send the “aggrieved” into paroxysms (and the recorded cases of false accusations at Duke and the UVA are legend), Kelly should be more restrained about her words.

    October 27, 2016,5:40 pm

  59. gerri Dalakian

    Kelly,Kelly,Kelly you looked like a woman with your hair on fire and no water in sight!!!!!!! If anyone did not know where you stood THEY ALL KNOW NOW!!!!! tsh,tsh,tsh…..

    October 27, 2016,5:39 pm

  60. Marlene Miller

    I am tired of the nasty way the Trump organization and company do business. Am tired of listening to these people and the way they think.

    October 27, 2016,5:38 pm

  61. Cary Ann Mahony

    Kelly is in love w/ Kelly. She is under the impression she is in the same league as O’Rielly & Hannity. As Rich Little would say “she is a legend in her own mind!”

    October 27, 2016,5:33 pm

  62. Dwain anderson

    Bill oreilley is another egotist whom i cannot tolerate Mr Bloviator

    October 27, 2016,5:32 pm

  63. Dwain anderson

    She is an evil democrat who is very transparent

    October 27, 2016,5:31 pm

  64. StillaBeliever

    When someone in a discussion is reduced to recommending that their opponent seek psychiatric help (I.e. go work on your anger issues), they have obviously lost. Why is it that libs always believe that it is the other guy/gal that needs the mental help? She reminds me of my “Ex” — she’s free to say whatever incendiary thing but when the other person responds, it’s they that have the “anger issues”. Head for CNN or MSNBC, Kelly — you’ll fit better.

    October 27, 2016,5:25 pm

  65. Ken Nelson

    Before and after she got her own show, I had a great deal of admiration for Megyn Kelly and her honest and fair approach to interviewing people on the left and the right. However, right after her confrontation with Trump in the first GOP primary debate, she seemed to change, and to me, became an egotistical celebrity, rather than the fair interviewer I had always praised her for being. Something that annoys me about her nowadays are the snide remarks she frequently makes after and in between interviews. I can’t recall the exact wording of any of these remarks, but if you watch her show regularly, you will certainly hear some of them for yourself. She also makes uncalled for condescending facial expressions from time to time which were not part of her routine when she originally burst onto the scene at FOX News. Unlike some conservatives, I don’t have a problem when she grills conservatives just as hard as she does liberals. However, due to her snide remarks, I now find her hard to watch and pay attention to. I furthermore think she completely lost it in her recent interview with Newt Gingrich and deserved exactly what she got from Newt. As a matter of fact, my wife and I both clapped when Newt told her she was “obsessed” with sex. No truer words were ever spoken, especially in the context of this nasty election campaign. Megyn, return to the persona that made me an avid fan and abandon your ego driven attempt to become just another celebrity. If you can’t do that, then I see no reason to continue watching your show on a regular basis and would have no objection if FOX lets you walk when your current contract expires.

    October 27, 2016,5:23 pm

  66. Pat

    Another Fox show I won’t watch anymore. Megyn showed her true Democrat side. Just like Shepherd. Commentators should remain neutral on the air! Another thing is dress. Television comes into our living room. We don’t need to see Megyn dressed in evening clothes. To much skin for bringing the news. Fox is going down hill fast.

    October 27, 2016,5:19 pm

  67. Bryan

    I used to watch Kelly until I saw her at the first debate. She has completely turned me off. It is obvious now that she is in the tank for Killery, she should go to MSNBC and have a midnight to 1 am time slot. She got too big for her britches, her ego has swollen out of proportion, she thinks her P**p don’t stink.
    I hope Fox does kick her off the air…maybe she can work with some of the left wing kooks, she will fit right in.

    October 27, 2016,5:15 pm

  68. Carol Finck

    Megyn Kelly has never been a true conservative. Leans whichever way the wind blows and is truely an elitist. The only shows I watch on Fox now are Hannity and Judge Janine. They tell the truth !!!

    October 27, 2016,5:14 pm

  69. Luke Zandvliet

    Fox is completely in the tank for Hillary, except Hannity, and it shows in every one of their segments. Fox is the third largest contributor to HRC’s campaign , and for twenty years to the Clinton Foundation. Kelly , I understand, is in contract negotiations with CNN , that clearly shows her true colors , hence her attitude towards Newt . She was out of line and for that she should be fired.

    October 27, 2016,5:08 pm

  70. Ed Leon

    Calling Trump a sexual predator? There is no record of Trump as a defendant of any sexual case in court, not any of the ones that have come forward have proved nothing. A porno star? Give me frigging break! Now Bill Clinton, that’s what a sexual predator looks like, with multiple court cases of sexual misconduct and harassment, and money paid out in settlements. See the difference you dirt bag of “journalist”?

    October 27, 2016,5:06 pm

  71. Heather Winton

    Megan Wanted NEWT off the Air and that’s why she cut it short. >>> She KNEW NEWT Would Have RIPPED Her A NEW ONE.

    October 27, 2016,5:03 pm

  72. Tony

    We, she does look good.

    October 27, 2016,5:03 pm

  73. Claus G. Wagner Bartak

    Gingrich was too much of a gentleman. Kelly is obsessed by sex and the advances she allegedly gets.

    October 27, 2016,5:01 pm

  74. Sue

    Why such a dayef photo of the b***h? Megan was a liberal working her way up at Fox. As long as she was neutral, she was respected. She has turned out to be a money-grubbing attackagent for Hillary Clinton. I wonder how much Hillary paid for her services?

    October 27, 2016,4:59 pm

  75. penny

    Of course newt is right. He’s a very smart man. Kelly is all about Kelly we don’t even watch her anymore. I cam almost bet after the election she will go work for CNN or one of the other biased democratic news networks. No bill she is in the tank for hitlery.

    October 27, 2016,4:59 pm

  76. Betty

    Bill glad to see that you are voting for the hildabeast.
    Fox needs to clean house and get rid of Megyn, Shep, Geraldo and Juan, Make
    Fox great again.

    October 27, 2016,4:56 pm

  77. Bill Lynch

    I think her questions were completely fair game. She is one of the few Fox personalities who is not completely in the tank for Trump. I agree completely with Miriam Poe!!!!! same could be said of Rudy

    October 27, 2016,4:52 pm

  78. Miriam Poe

    Two adulterers sticking up for each other! Megyn Kelly was right!

    October 27, 2016,4:50 pm

  79. Willie

    Hoping she be replaced

    October 27, 2016,4:49 pm

  80. Dale Hansen

    She is smart, well read but her ego has her twisting in the wind. Getting real would help her

    October 27, 2016,4:49 pm

  81. V bennett

    Why such a “young” photo of the a…hole. Me thinks he doeth protest too much. Twerp. He is projecting his own sex ridden crap on Megan. She showed true professionalism throughout the rant. As a woman, I admire her 😊

    October 27, 2016,4:47 pm

  82. Barbara

    After her first question, in the first debate, with a glint in her eyes,
    I ended our relationship.

    October 27, 2016,4:47 pm

  83. Terry MacDonald

    Ms. Kelly has ratings and an ego to support with no worry or concern about walking on the integrity of a patriot and statesman.

    October 27, 2016,4:39 pm

  84. william

    Her favorite saying mirror mirror on the wall im the fairst of them
    Only in her dreams

    October 27, 2016,3:30 pm

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