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Krauthammer Weighs In On Clinton’s Emails

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox News, Charles Krauthammer weighed in on Hillary’s emails, saying “Remember for a year we had been saying the most important event for Hillary was the Comey primary. And she won the Comey primary, but what we didn’t know is that there was a recount. And she lost the recount.”

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  1. Ethel Jackson

    Hillary, Be sure, your sins will find you out. You get by but you don’t get away. Her time has come and everyone gets to see the great fall. The Bible says, “Pride comes before distribution, and a hearty spirit before a fall.”

    November 2, 2016,8:44 pm

  2. William Snover

    I think we can bet a pretty penny that President Barak Hussein Obama is doing all he can to threaten, intimidate, and humiliate the FBI and Comey. Obama is nothing but a socialist gangster in a suit and armed with a Harvard Law degree. But he is so elusive, an exact analysis is beyond anyone I know. I think he smells like poison. And so Obama would say, typical remark of a white racist. Problem is that the only political candidate I ever gave a penny to was black. But Obama does not care, make the accusation and it will do its work, true or not. And the sweeter, gentler, more noble, more sophisticated, more condescending you can be the better results you can have lying. Seems to me to be Obama’s modus operandi.

    November 1, 2016,9:43 pm

  3. Phil

    I could not access K’s article, but will take a gander by noting the yclept “recount” is itself suspect under the Hatch Act. So, that circumstance alone renders HRC’s yclept “loss” a fig newton of his imagination.
    aures lupi

    November 1, 2016,5:06 pm

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