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Is Clinton “Drowning”? See What Charles Krauthammer Said!

by Bradley Matthews

Commenting on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer said that “That, look, what’s happening here is she is now drowning in the cumulative effect of the Wikileaks and of the FBI deal. She can’t get her message out.¬†When you have to bring Alicia Machado back on stage three weeks later or is it now four weeks later, that shows you got nothing left in the tank. This is a desperation move. It’s her only move because nothing she says can escape the black hole of all this incoming ammunition.”

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  1. Charlie Clark


    September 26, 2017,12:45 pm

  2. Kristi

    Hillary needs to face the fact of why she didn’t win the election. It’s bc of ger lying & corruption!! She need not blame anyone but herself!!! She & Bill both think they’re untouchable but you cannot profit from ill got in gain forever.

    June 2, 2017,8:30 pm

  3. Terry

    There has been a lot of corruption in the White House and many crimes, but really! does anyone get convicted? No, so they must be above the law.

    March 17, 2017,7:56 pm

  4. Susan

    Throw her in prison
    She committed treason endangering all our lives including our soldiers

    December 14, 2016,5:08 pm

  5. Camille Gilliam

    She deserves all that she gets from the mess that she has caused. She thinks she is above the law, and I don’t trust her one bit. She is absolutely EVIL, and should spend the rest of her life in prison.

    November 6, 2016,12:50 am

  6. Peace and hope for all

    Every person on earth had better hope that she and her evil entourage is locked up for all eternity!!! If she manages to steal this election there will be a crisis that will cripple the U.S. for years to come!!! There are already multitudes of examples of frauds being carried out in this electoral process that far outreaches the last thirty years in which fraud has existed in American politics!!! Many people have continued the family decision or tradition over the past two centuries where the if it was good enough for mama it is good enough for me frame of mind has allowed them to not have to grasp any of the true facts by which to govern their decisions!!! This reality and lack of focus has opened the door to many sick angry and evil people to enter politics and assume the leadership of this once great country in which the rule of law established by your forefathers combined with the constitution penned by Thomas Jefferson and the bill of rights that stated all men are equal established America as the apple of every man’s eye for 200 years!!! Over the past fifty years evil people have stepped forward in an effort to destroy that which is truly the reflective heart of what has made America the greatest country in the world!!! On Tuesday November 8th the final nail will be pounded into the coffin that will be used to bury America forever!!! Hillary Clinton has identified who she has been for over the past forty years in which she has been supposedly serving the American people making every decision that reflects her desire to serve he interests of every citizen to the very best of her ability but instead of following that path as a representative of the people Hillary has chosen to use the power of her position to serve herself ensuring that she herself was the only person benefiting from the choices she has made!!! Hillary is now reaching for the very pinnacle of political power in the U.S.A. once again not to benefit the citizens across the land but rather to ensure that she adds to the great amounts of cash stolen or taken from all over the globe from poor countries like Haiti to enemies of the U.S.A. like Qatar and Saudi Arabia!!! While serving as Secretary of State or would it be better to describe her time in that office as serving herself as Secretary of the Clinton cartel because it was the cartel that received any benefit from her actions taken while she wrestled with the power available to her as the third highest member in the Obama administration!!! She has cheated 300 million Americans out of much od what has America great and with the help of her fellow compatriots The Bush family and John Brennan of the C.I.A. who all want to see the demise of the country in their lifetimes!!!

    November 5, 2016,2:02 pm

  7. John

    Come on Really, Hil-liar-y is for-gin-it if it gets her votes she says check the facts so let’s do just that she for marriage between a man and a woman, then she for gay marriage which every way the wind is blowing This is just one of over 100 fact checks that she has changed her beliefs in, So. I truly think you are fine actress and I love watching you work:(BUT) My question to is how do you what she believes. Her history shows time after time says she believes whatever is popular to believe. Please check the Facts after all that what she says to for all us to do as she speaks down to us.

    November 5, 2016,1:35 pm

  8. Richard

    The women has been a lying scofflaw for 30yrs now and the only reason she wants to be POTUS is to really cash in on her Pay-to-Play scam that she made over 100 Million dollars while Sec of State,which she was a dismal failure at. The country is in deep trouble and needs a man like Trump to clean house,rebuild our Military.create jobs,lower taxes,lower energy prices and fix our health care insurance.

    November 2, 2016,11:32 pm

  9. Joseph St.Clair

    Absolutely correct , she clinttom cannot recovery the liberal media starting to distance themselves , Chris Matthews , CNN and MSNBC , and will only get worse , and , Geo SORROS should be indicted , if his voting machines , are proven to be rigged , in certain republican precinents !!!!

    If found guilty jail time and his finances impounded and passport rebooked !!!
    Voter fraud is treasonable !!!

    November 2, 2016,8:07 pm

  10. Ethel Jackson

    Charles, you are spot on! She is literally grabbing for straws. She shows signs of desperation.

    November 2, 2016,6:34 pm

  11. Jim Forsythe

    I don’t always agree with Charles; but, he is absolutely correct in this assessment!

    November 2, 2016,5:46 pm

  12. Claus G. Wagner Bartak

    A political robot like H. Clinton has limited intelligence and memory.

    November 2, 2016,5:31 pm

  13. Phil

    That may well be true in this situation of “pick your poison”, but the alternative is chaos with a capital “C”. Once the GOP gets its act together, perhaps it can field a better field of POTUS candidates next time. Meanwhile, pray. That always works.
    aures lupi

    November 2, 2016,5:18 pm

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