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Will Hillary Be Indicted?

by Bradley Matthews

Will Hillary be indicted due to the email and Clinton Foundation scandals? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

For more on Hillary’s guilt and sins, check out Ed Klein’s Guilty As Sin HERE.









Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?

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  1. Eugene buckley

    True Americans and those that support the US Constitution will not subject this Nation to further criminal politicians by voting in Crooked Hillary.

    November 8, 2016,8:34 pm

  2. Robert Allen

    Love Trump for president

    November 8, 2016,6:01 pm

  3. Darlene bean

    If trump wins she will be

    November 7, 2016,8:35 pm

  4. Svetlana

    I hope she will but really doubt with all what’s going on around. That is our greatest loss – we don’t trust the system and don’t believe in justice any longer

    November 7, 2016,5:14 pm

  5. JOAN Workman

    She will NOT be indicated IF THE DOJ, FBI OR ADMINISTRATION IS INVOLVED. They let her ride for everything else including the Sex Slave Island, called Orgy Island. and other corruptions.

    November 7, 2016,4:43 pm

  6. Vincent J

    The disturbing question is….how is this even a question?

    November 6, 2016,10:03 am

  7. David Grissinger

    All depends on who is doing the indicting. If there is a totally impartial and non-partisan judge, then it can likely happen. Unfortunately it won’t occur before the election.

    November 6, 2016,9:30 am

  8. Camille Gilliam

    The sooner the better!

    November 6, 2016,12:50 am

  9. Christine J Vermeulen Hanchey

    She better be indicted or all hell will break loose!

    November 5, 2016,8:41 pm

  10. Lois

    Hillary should be indicted but we all know it will never happen just because her last name is Clinton.

    November 5, 2016,6:24 pm

  11. Jackie

    She is a criminal and so is Bill

    November 5, 2016,6:04 pm

  12. Donna Wiest

    With your mouth and G-D’s they will lock her up and throw the key away

    November 5, 2016,4:14 pm

  13. Aurora

    She should not be the one running for President because her case of lying and corruption is too much

    November 5, 2016,3:33 pm

  14. Dorris

    She will be , BUT i think there are plans in the making when she is, they have already made plans for her escape. WATCH close BE prepared for this. I Know Obama has plans like the BUSH’S CHENEY’S.KERRY’S LIKE a Lot of our Government ILLUMINATI MEMBERS in our Government KNOW GAMES UP. THEY ALL HAVE BEEN SERVED WARRANTS FOR MURDER.Obama said (such an ignorant fool)He would leave the country if Trump wins. HE LEAVES HE IS MURDERED BY MOST COUNTRIES HE WOULD ESCAPE TO.HE IS HATED BY MANY. ONLY THE IGNORANT that can’t read would believe ANY THING that comes out of his mouth.THAT is his FAN BASE.
    They have built Tunnels to ESCAPE When they will be tried for TREASON. BUT WE know where ,WHAT, AND WHEN. THEY WILL be cut off.

    November 5, 2016,2:18 pm

  15. beverly

    will be pardoned a President per constitution can pardon someone before the are even charged…he will do that just before he leaves office. that will stop everything they have tried to say she has done….or she can pardon herself. also a president cant be im peaches for anythinh

    November 5, 2016,1:56 pm

  16. Carlos

    People are sick and tired of this cat and mouse sick games! come on Mr. Comey!! grow a pair of balls get your Goddamn warrant and put her in jail. The American people are not stupid we know that there’s more to those emails then you think the American people no you have overwhelming evidence right in front of your eyes you have gods blessing to do the right thing do you understand God’s blessings do your job and now go and arrest her for money laundering for murder associated with rape endangering the whole country not only that she has broken man’s law and broken God’s law FBI do your job and go arrest her in the name of God and the American people!!

    November 5, 2016,1:52 pm

  17. Daniel J Colgan

    If the voters are denied by a stolen election and she is elected she’ll never be
    brought to justice on this earth. It’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out what
    the above will bring about.

    November 5, 2016,1:28 pm

  18. rfernandez

    Forgot lorreta lynch, yo mama.

    November 5, 2016,12:14 am

  19. rfernandez

    Obama yo mama, Michelle yo mama, Hillary yo mama, bill clinton yo mama, chelsea clinton yo mama, john podesta yo mama, uma abedin yo mama, anthony weiner yo mama,cheril mills yo mama,peter kadzik yo mama, and anybody else in this group of creeps, yo mama.drain the swamp.

    November 5, 2016,12:09 am

  20. rfernandez

    Its time to drain the swamp, no more Bush crime family , no more Clinton slimy corruption , no more pauper Obamas, this nation deserves better, lets make wise leadership choices, lets breack the cycle of corruption, its time for real change, Trump/Pence.

    November 4, 2016,11:57 pm

  21. rfernandez

    The whole Obama administration , including the doj, or the department of injustice, warrants looking into for criminal collusion at the very least and Hillary Clinton, if there is any decency left in this government should be brought to trial and turn the page once and for all on this ugly chapter of Clinton corruption.

    November 4, 2016,11:47 pm

  22. G scott

    Let’s pray that she is finally put behind bars and made to hand over millions to the children in this country she claims to support

    November 4, 2016,11:03 pm

  23. Lemuel Brinkley


    November 4, 2016,10:53 pm

  24. C. G. Van Meter

    40 years overdue; however, corrupt Washington DC protects its own.

    November 4, 2016,5:48 pm

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