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Does Trump’s Wall Need A Celeb Exit Door?

by Bradley Matthews

Does Trump’s wall need a celebrity exit door? See the cartoon!

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  1. Louise Adams

    Hillary Clinton is corrupt and evil she is the most corrupt person
    to ever run for president! Donald Trump is trying to save America
    she is trying to destroy it! I can’t comprehend why she is not in
    jail or why anyone is supporting her makes no sense to me! Hillary
    is greedy and as Laura Holmes said very disgusting and a disgrace
    to humanity! Peace and hope for all is right on! The Clintons are
    everything exactly like he said! I am so glad that enough Americans
    woke up in time to keep,them out but they are still promoting their
    evil out there with the likes of the devil himself George Soros!

    November 19, 2016,3:00 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    I say to all the celebrities who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected, DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE REAR ON THE WAY OUT!!!! The American people are not buying anything you are selling. You are irrelevant. Now, V Bennett, How can you possibly call Donald Trump greedy when he just stated that he would not accept the presidential salary of $400,000 per year? He also just spent 100 million of his own dollars to win the presidency to save America. On the other hand, you have the Clintons, who are proven greedy, disgusting human beings. They steal from their own so-called charitable foundation to pay for their lifestyle. I will never understand what is wrong with some Americans who just are not capable of thinking rationally or from an intellectual perspective. It sickens me! Did you not ever have anyone in your life that taught you right from wrong? There is also the matter of the journalists to address. Most of the media are now just a proven arm of the democratic party, a disgrace to humanity. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite, an honest to a fault newsman. To call these people now journalists is a far cry from reality! They are more like cartoon characters, in my opinion.

    November 18, 2016,3:36 pm

  3. walt


    November 18, 2016,1:21 pm

  4. Gregory

    Thanks, to; Peace and hope for all, whoever you are. You’re spot on.

    November 18, 2016,12:31 am

  5. Peace and hope for all

    I for one am totally unimpressed with the actions being carried out by the members of left leaning groups funded by traitors like George Sorros Hillary and others, for the purpose of disrupting a democratic process that most certainly goes against their interests!!! The left is not interested in living in a nation where the rights and views of every individual is taken into consideration!!! How many of these people understand that the Globalist Psychopaths are looking at destroying everything this country was founded on!!! The democratic party added to that left leaning republicans who are still looking for ways to dismantle everything that is truly good about the United States Of America must stop throwing temper tantrums now!!! Their efforts over the past thirty plus years under the Bush Family and their so called family connection the Clinton’s who George W has often called Bill his brother and Hillary his sister in law has created havoc and caused immense levels of suffering for many American families of all colors!!! Their efforts have focused on turning the average citizen into slaves who are completely under the control of this element of Psychotic criminals who seek to ensure that everyone who helped them rise to total control.of every corner of the planet would benefit while everyone else lives a lifestyle equal to that of the lowest class in China!!! If Hillary had won this election by hook or by crook every American would have paid a price that would have been far more than they are able to understand today!!! Hillary’s threat was far greater than we as average American’s can wrap out minds around because even writers penning movies do not have the imaginations of this shared cabal !!! The plans were in the works to rip the guns from the hands of every American making you unable to defend your family from the Radical Islamic Jihad they sought to turn loose on this land!!! They had the total decline of America’s financial base mapped out ready to be enacted immediately upon the completion of their Dictators installation!!! George H.W. Bush has planned this complete dismantling of America turning it into a third world banana Republic as a way of punishing the country who had stepped in and destroyed the last effort to form a single planetary ruling class under Hitler and His father Preston Bush who carried out much of the funding of the Nazi parties war efforts!!! They have held a grudge for seventy years after America stepped ion to halt their efforts!!! This plan was to subvert the U.S.taking down the strongest nation and then watch as the rest of them fell like domino’s under the crushing efforts of their two pronged attacks primarily the Radical Islamic army that came on board when they were promised that they would have the position as the sponsored religion of the New World Order!!! Once Countries fell under that weight the armies under their control would steamroll over any nation that chose not to willingly join this criminal satanic force!!! The old rule to the victors go the spoils have enticed many to join in the wickedness being exhibited by these animals!!! There is so much more that must eventually be revealed so that all people can understand the full extent of this attacking force and the desire they shared to rip humanity to pieces!!! Hillary’s hope in all of this was her personal plan to take the children away from any family that did not meet her standards!!! How many mothers would be willing to vote for a witch who wanted to rob you of your children? Thank GOD that plan came out before this election or there would have been many hurting parents within a few years as this part of the plan is rolled out and the children are placed in Government schools were all are trained to develop into the beasts that the New World Order could best use for their own needs whether that be servicing pedophiles or acting as their forces to keep their slaves in a submissive state!!! Praise GOD that we have held off this enemy yet again, and thank Him for the freedoms we as American’s are still able to enjoy!!! It was the actions of Patriots working behind the scenes that prevented the stealing of this election!!! This will also be revealed in the future!!! The war is far from over folks we must keep our eyes peeled and remain vigilant for this is only the very first step to changing everything that must be reestablished as the foundation of truth if we are going to avoid this attack on our homes our Families our Children and our Countries from happening again in the future!!! All those who attempted this takeover by committing treasonous acts against every American family and the country as a whole must be brought to justice and dealt wth to the fullest extent of the law!!! Please Do not forget about the hundreds of people who have been murdered here in this Country for taking a stand against this criminal cabal of the Bush-Clinton- C.I.A. Group of thugs!!!

    November 17, 2016,5:41 pm

  6. Joseph Salvadore

    V, why are you even on this site? From your comments you condemn yourself as a tolerant leftist, are you reading here to learn how to grow up? Perhaps you might want to go divide your own like minded liberal s and let the adults fix the mess created by comrade barak, god rest his soul

    November 17, 2016,5:32 pm

  7. V bennett

    Everything about Trump is Wrong, including his greedy family. His daughter has already illegally advestised her 10k bracelet.He is Satan incarnate surrounded by evil men. Conway is a witch. If you look like one, you are one. Journalists, get busy and unravel all his holdings and illegal practices. Impeach him. May his health will fail. He already has dementia and his mouth looks like an a..hole.

    November 17, 2016,4:55 pm

  8. Louise Adams

    Looks good to me maybe Miley Cyrus can be first!

    November 17, 2016,4:01 pm

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