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Can The GOP Deliver On Its Promises? See What Cruz Said!

by Bradley Matthews

In a TV interview, Ted Cruz said that “I think if Republicans go to Washington and we don’t deliver on what we promised, I think we’ll be looking at pitch forks and torches in the street and quite rightly and that can’t happen.”

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  1. Danny Kasinger

    It is very simple if you want to stay in power You BUILD THE WALL, Start to send ILLEGALS BACK to their countries they came from, Fix the horrible trade deals, Repeal OBAMACARE, and start getting AMERICANS back to work It is VERY EASY

    November 18, 2016,8:08 pm

  2. Joseph St.Clair

    Cruz is a fine , refined lawyer and intellectual litergater , I don’t like what he did too try and unseat Trump , !!!

    However he is a conservative republican , unquestionably , and at the end he came out for Trump !!!

    The Supreme Court is a great place for him , and , it’s a life time appointment , better then the senate , where he may have some loyality issues , also it would open up the doors for another republican U S senator to be elected in Texas , I hope it would be Rick Perry !!!

    Also Texas politics aren’t into back stabbing politicians and cruz may not be elected too the senate next time , as Rick Perry , said Texans aren’t disloyal too the R nominee , for Cruz , Donald could throw him the Hail Mary way out (for Cruz ,) while saving face for him and his family , and , get too republican’s , for the price of one !!!

    November 18, 2016,7:09 pm

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