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Here’s Why The NYT Is “All The Bias That’s Fit To Print”

by Bradley Matthews

The New York Times is legendarily biased towards liberals. What lies are they spreading about Trump now? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Lea Meyers

    Since sometime in the 19th century, the NY Times’s slogan was “All the News that’s Fit to Print.” But along about 1964, some typesetter got it wrong, and since then the slogan has been “All the News that’s PRINT to FIT.” To fit the Times’s preconceived notion of right and wrong, preconceived ideas about the world . And they’ve been WRONG on almost every major issue since.

    November 19, 2016,3:23 pm

  2. Peace and hope for all

    The New York Times is an amazing rag that writes fairy tales on the level of the comic books we used to read back in the 1960’s!!! I compare their articles to be equal to such nonsense meant to entertain children because the Editor of this toilet paper has proven that reality has no place on their pages!!! They are certainly doing an injustice to fellow New Yorkers by presenting a continual flow of crap meant to confuse the reader by ensuring that facts do not get in the way !!! I must admit that if they stood on the street corner giving this away to intelligent people they would end up throwing every last copy into the trash heap!!! Thank their psychotic queen Hillary that there are still enough people living on the extreme left that are willing to believe anything these people willingly follow directions of individuals like George Sorros Hillary and the rest of the leftist fanatics who refuse to grab onto reality and do what is truly best for the country!!! These writer of such poison pen exposes aught to truly be ashamed of themselves!!! Once the U.S. finds it’s footing in reality once agai papers like this disgusting rag will disappear and these writers will find themselves hoping that Donald Trumps policies work so that these fools are able to grasp onto a new career above that which their articles show they are qualified for like jobs serving up burgers in places no other American would be willing to surrender their pride to submit to this degrading level , you know the very same jobs that illegals take when America’s borders and immigration system actually worked to protect the best interests of every real American citizen!!! Anyone who truly wants to be news reporters in a newly revived America should start to demonstrate their ability to report real news now while they still have a chance to revive the career they personally believe they are skilled at!!! When we see television stations and Newspapers faltering losing ground in an environment where truth is once again assuming it’s rightful place at the head of an industry that has found a new home on the world wide web!!! Let every American begin seeking truth in all they digest, read, and watch as they regain their hope for the future and put away the childish wonders of these tall tales being presented on a daily basis by sick psychotic child abusing rapists and accepted as gospel by their slaves who have willingly sold their souls for a paycheck!!! America has a real future again and the more people who awaken to the truth the more will realize how their senses have been violated with such a flood of absolute nonsense!!! May every American realize the blessings that a truthful President willing to reveal facts to the people from coast to coast will be the greatest addition to their lives!!! GOD bless the Future of this once great nation that can once again be made great under President Donald J.Trump!!!

    November 18, 2016,6:31 pm

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    The New York Times and Washington Post are made up of disgusting animals, who lie, deceive and try to keep the truth from the American people. I hope they lose every last customer and are forced to go out of business. Maybe then, these so-called journalists (and I use the term loosely), will have to live like every other American.

    November 18, 2016,3:39 pm

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