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Mike Pence Speaks Out About “Hamilton”

by Bradley Matthews

Mike Pence was booed and lectured when he attended a performance of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” this past week. Mike Pence said on TV after the fact that “When we arrived, we heard — we heard a few boos, we heard some cheers. And I nudged my kids and reminded them that’s what freedom sounds like…. I did hear what was said from the stage, and I can tell you, I wasn’t offended by what was said.”

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  1. Eronides DaSilva

    No he shouldn’t, as this matter is too much trushy!

    November 22, 2016,12:57 am

  2. Joseph St.Clair

    Vice President elect Pence a total and sincere Gentleman , however , the actors associated with HAMILTON , acted more like the Arron Burrs of its times ,

    During the revolutionary war , only two men , had a spiritual enlightened walk in experience
    ( when your light body or OverSoul walks into you )
    Geo Washington and Alexander Hamilton both were there fore knew one another immediately !!!

    Hamilton was truly a handsome person , beige skin tones , mixed racial parents , and growing up on/ in the island of St Kitts , outdoors living , fresh air , swimming , eating fresh foods etc !!!
    He came to the colonies educated in Columbia ,,,,
    Business / banking was his intellectual genius !!!
    The actors participating in Hamilton can not grasp the greatness of this Great Man , they are peasants of IGNORENCE or as JFK would say of LBJ ( ignoramus )

    They just never understood or do they understand , it’s the respect too man Pence , and the office he is about too take on !!!

    The whole Hamilton cast are despectable and those who produced that show , are looking for a federal tax break also , THEY ARE JUST BIG FINANCIAL GREEDY PIGS / PIGLETS , as the other white meat , when Christ cast the legions of demons into the herd of pigs !!!

    Hamilton deserves too have some better actors who aren’t so racially Ignorant !!!
    And they the cast , All should apologize too Mike Pence !!!

    November 21, 2016,7:25 pm

  3. Richard

    The cast not only acted in a most ignorant fashion , showing no respect whatsoever. It was a cleverly designed bunch of bullshit to hide their anger because the retrobate Clintons didn’t gain the White House again. Inclusive.. There never has been a president less inclusive than our African American ,Muslim in Chief!!
    These people are talented and ignorant of the true state of this once great country. As Lora Ingram entitled her book about entertainers using their stage to espouse what is usually more ing orant crap
    “SHUT UP and SING”

    November 21, 2016,4:44 pm

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