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VIDEO: Trump’s Plans For The “First 100 Days”!

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump has released his plans for day-one policies for his administration. See his video below!

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  1. Joseph St.Clair

    This is what happens “Men Out of Work ” good book
    WHEN individuals Who are elected to the Great Office of the United States Presidency , have a globalist hidden dream objective associated with the doctrines of NWvodor Oder , as the last 4 presidents ,
    h w bush , clinton / wife , w bush and the current sitting one !!!!

    They each tried to ruin America’s financial manufacturing well being , and essentially they gave US left US , with the 20 T debt burden !!!

    However , Pres elect Donald Joseph Trump , will Trump their evil undermining agenda , and , buy back America’s financial freedom , from the n w odor orders e u , and Germany’s 4th reisch Deutcher mark of the beasts agenda too undermine our great national economy , thru the evil acts of the previous presidents as mentioned !!!

    WE are the future empire every other nation is ancient history or as the great president Reagan said , on ash heap of history , communism , progressive socialisam , fascism all the Same mix in different bags of depressed , repressed ugly ( look at East German birthing belief system Merkal , politically ugly ugly ugly along with Soros / Mrs Clinton and hubby , like a used hub cap with out rims to run on !!!
    Happy American Thanksgiving
    God Bless All America 4 the next 2000 years !!!

    November 23, 2016,10:33 am

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