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Is Tom Price Right For HHS? Krauthammer Weighs In!

by Bradley Matthews

Trump Krauthammer

In a TV appearance, Charles Krauthammer commented on Trump picking Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services, saying “Trump wants to get stuff done. He doesn’t care if he creates an argument for Democrats to say, ‘You’re hypocritical about Wall Street.’ He cares about results, and you see that in the Tom Price pick.”

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  1. Mike

    Charles is turning more and more into a RINO these days!

    December 4, 2016,9:49 am

  2. PTTA

    The Democrats and RINOS have had eight years. What a disaster. I am a Independent voter who use to be a Democrat, but we do not have any Democrats any more. Just liars and Globalists. Republicans have the House, Senate, and he Oval office. i expect, demand a turn around. I also want McConnell gone and Ryan. hat are both RINO Traitors. And the Democrats, I really could give a hoot what they want.. They have in eight years of their corruption, almost destroyed the United States.

    December 3, 2016,6:11 pm

  3. brenda crawford

    knowing that you are a very smart man and know how to get business done, i trust your thoughts on who to get for whatever positions knowing that with the help and input of your advisors, you will pick all the right people to do what needs to be done for our country and it’s people….praying for all of you always….

    December 3, 2016,2:33 pm

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