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Here’s How Trump Will Restore Common Sense On National Security

by Bradley Matthews

In a TV appearance, national security expert and author Sebastian Gorka said “Of the people who have been convicted of terrorism in America in 15 years, more than half of them were immigrants of people who are not born in the United States. This is why Donald Trump won the election, in part. Because he’s reapplying common sense to national security. If you can’t secure your border, you will have threat to the citizenry of the U.S. And January 20th will be when common sense reenters the United States government.”

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  1. Shelba Herring

    The above quote about terrorist is the reason I advocate when someone who is foreign born commits a terrorist act round the whole family up and deport them, if they have been granted citizenship revoke it because the person had to be taught hatred of America and customs and where better can they learn except in the family

    December 2, 2016,3:48 am

  2. Peace and hope for all

    Doctor Sebastian Gorka speaks the truth with the above Quote!!! When the American people elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States Of America they spoke out against the absolute insanity that has ruled this land for the past fifty plus years while insane and corrupt politicians have bankrupted America by refusing to represent the interests of the average American family!!! President elect Trump is a man with a vision and a real understanding of the needs of the American people who have seen this country flushed down the toilet because of the self serving greed that has turned Washington into a cesspool of hatred!!! By electing Trump the American people have stood up against the crisis of corruption that has established a foot hold coming so very close to the total destruction of the middle class!!! Hope has returned as the heart of America begins to grow once again!!! We as Americans stood up against the tide of evil that attempted to destroy everything our forefathers had fought for over the past two hundred and forty years each generation envisioning a better life for their children than they experienced personally!!! It is the heart of every American and the desire to continue seeing this beautiful country take on a new and expanding glow of hope for the future even though the establishment attempted to steal the future from my children and yours in order to line their pockets with riches while everyone else, those who have become the unwilling and unwitting victims of this terrible group of thugs who have seized the country for the purpose of personal gain!!! It is time to take the tiger by the tail and lay charges against every single politician who has chosen to use their position to do everything except that which they were actually called upon to do for the people who have been hoodwinked by their lies!!! America is a Christian nation as can be proven by the constitution and bill of rights but we came very close to losing it all !!! Today is a brand new day and a new future for Americans with a vision that will include the best possible future for every family across this great country!!! We are still a nation of laws and with this fact in mind we must ensure that the law applies to everyone especially those who have attempted to destroy the very foundation of America based on a legal system in which every citizen is protected from the harm inflicted by the illegal acts of criminals who have considered themselves above the average everyday American!!! Together we will claim our victory returning this country to it’s past greatness rebuilding it brick by brick as we reach out to achieve our future glory with the guidance of what may turn out to be the best four year in the history of this nation under Donald J. Trump the 45th President of this once great land that will soon be great again!!! GOD save America!!! GOD bless America and every true American who holds a love for this country deep within their heart!!! GOD help us to reverse the damage done by the evil minions/followers of satan who placed themselves first before and above the hopes and dreams of every American Amen!!!

    December 1, 2016,6:15 pm

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