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Where’s The Outrage For Aleppo?

by Bradley Matthews

While the media goes hysterical over Russian hacking, Russian bombs are still ravaging the Syrian city of Aleppo. Where’s the outrage for them? See the cartoon…

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  1. Leslie Bryant

    Why would the White House be concerned about Allepo! Syria is Obama’s biggest failure and he has a legacy to uphold. Who can forget chemical attacks being the red line and no action by Obama. There’s no way to spin Obama’s miracles in Syria.

    December 20, 2016,4:53 pm

  2. Virginia Watkins

    Obama really screwed up by drawing his red line in the sand. It was almost as bad as announcing to the public, strategy on war with Afganistan and Iraq.Hopefully, Tillerson (SoS nominee) can speak with Putin on a cease-fire and just apprehend the resistant opposition/rebels and then help the civilians with rebuilding.
    We really shouldn’t get caught up in other countries’ civil wars. Especially when the use tactics like hiding among civilians.It is not Our business to police the world and convert them to Our Constitution. The rest of the world should not expect Us to bail them out, especially not for free.

    December 18, 2016,9:25 am

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