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Does Jeff Sessions Support The Muslim Ban?

by Bradley Matthews

Does Senator and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions support the proposed ban on Muslim entry into America? At his confirmation hearings, Sessions said “But I have no belief and do not support the idea that Muslims as a religious group should be denied admission to the United States.”

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  1. keith lynch

    Ban them on January 20

    January 14, 2017,2:04 pm

  2. Donald

    There again, it is good to see a lot of you do know some of Islams failings, but if you want to get the total low down on it go to voiceofresistance.org and view the first episode of What would Mohamad Do, or Islamic terrorism explained. It will be worth your time and you will be better informed.

    January 12, 2017,6:08 pm

  3. Steve Dolyniuk

    What Sessions said is scary. Vetted or not, these people were raised to abide by the Koran.

    January 12, 2017,12:17 am

  4. Edward F. Flores

    Islam is not a religion but a political, military, social, economic, legal, educational, and philosophical system. The fact that they have borrowed the ideas of the Jewish Old Testament or Torah as well as the Jewish patriarchs of the OT seems to legitimize their monotheism; however, on closer examination of Islamic history, the Koran, its doctrine, and its outrageous exclusivity, one can only conclude that it is not a religion but a cult of hate, bigotry, indifference, overweening pride, and belligerent attitudes; by and large Muslims refuse to conform or assimilate to the laws and customs of the country they immigrate to. A recent Pew poll found that 62% of Muslims living in America would prefer to live under the Islamic Sharia law. A T chart comparing our Constitution with Islamic Sharia Law can be found on Google or call American Center for Law and Justice which has a pamphlet on Sharia Law. In Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim population is above 250,000. They use the city public address system to play their call to pray five times a day with no regard for the non Muslim population.
    Muslims are taught early on, that their religion is the only perfect religion, that people who are not Muslims are infidels or pagan, that Mohammed is the last prophet which is true only for their religion; and Muslims from infancy pray five times a day and in those prayers they curse Christians and Jews. (Note: Obama did nothing to recognize or stop the genocide of Syrian Christians while at allowing Syrian refugees which were 98% Muslims and only 2% Christians in to America. None were properly vetted. Moderate, liberal, and orthodox Muslims say that Islam is a peaceful religion, yet, in the Koran 34 verses extol and advocate violence and jihad. In the time I lived in Dallas, TX, a Muslim father killed his two teen daughters because they were dating non-Muslim boys. They call that “mercy killing.” Last year, the director of the Council on Islamic American Relations in Texas has said that a true practicing Muslim is above the law. He and three Islamic lawyers tried to illegally set up a Sharia Court in Irving, TX. Fortunately, the mayor of Irving stopped them in their tracks by clearly explaining that in America Islamic Sharia law is not legal because we have a Constitution. The three Islamic lawyers had no license to practice in Texas since they had not even taken the TX Bar Exam. Islam, has one goal since its inception by Mohammed its creator, and it is world domination and all peoples to bow to Islam’s Allah.

    January 11, 2017,8:05 pm

  5. StillaBeliever

    The whole premise of immigration now seems to be what “Peace and Hope for All” states, i.e. “Every person who truly wants to follow the laws and become a beneficial addition to their chosen country should be welcomed with open arms”. This thinking that implies that the USA can hold every person in the world of good will and willingness to relocate isn’t right logically or morally. The world’s billions of hungry and impoverished, no matter how much they would like to immigrate, have no such constitutional right. The libs and open-borders types don’t have any limiting principle, either in numbers or beliefs. I see no reason why it’s wrong to disallow entry to a group (or, yes, members of a religion) whose avowed purpose is the destruction of the country. This is NOT a religious test, it’s a sanity test.

    January 11, 2017,7:30 pm

  6. Donald

    I agree with you Don. The trouble is our constitution and bill of rights provide a perfect hiding place for someone to call themselves of a religion. I invite you and others on this blog to check out the website voiceofresistance.org view the first episode of the series and then come back and see what you think.

    January 11, 2017,6:27 pm

  7. Don

    IF they come here they should leave their old laws in their former country. This IS our HOME, don’t screw it up! Act and dress like an American, speak English, obey our laws and our Constitution, or go back where you came from.

    January 11, 2017,6:20 pm

  8. Peace and hope for all

    Everyone no matter the Religion they choose to follow should be accepted as long as they obey the immigration laws that every other immigrant into any free nation must follow!!! The reason nations have laws by which those entering the country no matter what country it may be is to protect all those who call the country home whether by inherent right or by choosing to accept the principles on which the country was established!!! No one group no matter who they may be has a right to move into a nation without first accepting the lifestyle as one they are willing to cooperate with by respecting the rights, hopes and dreams of those who call as in this case America home!!! When a person has an inherent right to dwell in the land due to birthright that right must be protected above the rights of people who enter the country illegally with the intention of disrupting the lifestyles of those who were there before them!!! How many of you whether on the right or left are willing to have the life you live disrupted because someone who is here illegally tries to impose their lifestyle on you or who takes a job that would be available for a fellow citizen who is here by birth right or as a legal immigrant that proves to be a positive asset to the country and their neighbors!!! The thought that people who have serious health issues that have been wiped out in this country such as the plague etc and are reintroducing such life threatening diseases to the country the question of what the government is seeking to achieve by making such moves!!! When a Radical Islamic Terrorist, a member of I.S.I.S. or other radical group that seeks to harm a citizen who has been accepted into the country following the existing immigration laws they become a threat to those who either by birthright or legal acceptance following existing laws and therefore cannot be considered as a welcome member of our social order!!! When we look at the many nations around the globe we see each national entity has their own ways that are very different from the next !!! Those who emigrate from their birth country leaving one lifestyle behind they must be willing to change their entity enough so that they are able to meld with those who will are a part of the existing populace!!! Every person who truly wants to follow the laws and become a beneficial addition to their chosen country should be welcomed with open arms and aided in their efforts to fit in with their new community, and the people they will have to relate to on a daily basis!!! When you choose to emigrate to any other country around the globe do you not expect to have to make changes to gain a better understanding of the way of life in the new country and to follow the laws that have been established by past generations who were born in the country and have a greater understanding what makes an American, a Canadian , an Australian, different from one another!!! To simplify things let us realize that every change we make in life whether it be moving from one city to another, taking on a new job, etc does require changes to some degree!! Changes can range from small to extreme!!!If you move on to work in a different company even if it is doing the same work since the atmosphere and the attitudes of the workers are different you must be willing to make the necessary changes!!! When working for a boss the one will have different ways to accomplish tasks that te next because they feel more comfortable with how they operate their business!!! If you put a group of people together and expect them to be efficient you expect them to do the task together the same way to ensure the best possible results!!! Even the directions given must be followed in order to retain your position !!!If you choose not to follow the rules in something as simple as a career or pay the consequences!!! The greatest decision that we make is to move from one country to the next and the best way to address that change is to move somewhere where the required changes are the least disruptive on the learned lifestyle!!! This is why immigration standards are required to ensure the immigrants excepted into the country are people who can most easily be asymilated into the country!!! Those who are willing to live in peace, hope, joy, love, and peace, and are willing to allow those who already call the country to live by these sought after qualities are best suited to bocome new members of this society!!! We can see by the number of Islamic attacks in which American citizens have died at the hand of radicals who choose not toaccept the life that is being offered should not be considered as welcomed into this country!!! Every American has a right to expect to live free from the threat that is posed by foreign entities who choose not to value th e lifestyle our fellow citizens and therefore should be aware that their way of life centered on violence will be rejected by the authorities whose job it is to ensure all Americans are able to live as free independent happy citizens without the fear of harm and conflict brought about by those who refuse to live by the standards established in the American way of life!!! Our troops throughout our history have been sent abroad to nations around the globe to defend the rights of others to live in freedom and yet by allowing the wrong people based on their lifestyle to enter the country we end up importing the problems we have defended other nations from!!! Immigration laws may not seem important to some today but i ask those people if one of the people who choose to not fit in with our way of life inflicts harm on a family member or friend you care about what will your reaction be!!! Does tragedy have to happen to you before you realize that not all people can or are willing to fit in to the life style that you grew up in!!! Stand in defense of all who belong but not all do fit in in every given situation or environment social, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual!!! GOD bless America!!! GOD save America!!! GOD protect every legal member of the great American family!!!

    January 11, 2017,6:18 pm

  9. Donald

    If you want Islamic Terrorism explained, go to this website voiceofresistance.org
    you can watch the first episode of a four disk DVD series for free and it uses the Hadith, the Sunna, and the Quran in their own words. Not the words of the news media but their own words.

    January 11, 2017,5:54 pm

  10. Willie Makeit

    Muslim/Arab neighboring nations need to step up and take care of the wars, the combatants, and the refugees that they cause.

    January 11, 2017,5:51 pm

  11. DAV

    Islam is a cult- NOT a religion. If you are not a Muslim, then they believe they have a right to make you dead.

    January 11, 2017,5:38 pm

  12. Carol L. Morrisey

    I am not opposed to ALL muslims coming here. Perhaps Syrian refugee women and children could come here to safety. But those who might be radicals must be vetted very carefully. Ideally, refugees should be resettled in a safe place in the Middle East, where they would not have to learn an entirely new language and culture, and where they would be able to return home should it become safe. Muslims who are not refugees don’t need to come here, at least not permanently.

    January 11, 2017,4:35 pm

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