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“Conservative Black Chick” Crystal Wright Calls Out John Lewis!

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox News, “Conservative Black Chick” Crystal Wright said “And, you know, what I want to know is what has John Lewis done since he marched on Selma? Really. He’s riding on the coattails of something that happened over 50 years ago. And it’s just, to me, his position in Congress is illegitimate.”

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  1. Peace and hope for all

    The reality is exactly as stated!!! What must be understood is that poor old John Lewis has shown his abilities through his current actions!!! First he is a magnificent liar as he stated he has never boycotted an inauguration before!!! That is false, he did exactly the same thing during the Bush inauguration where he started out by saying George W. was not legitimate which in that case i might have agreed with him especially after watching the Bush family story on U-Tube!!! He also refused to go to every Republican Presidents inauguration since entering politics!!! Lewis’s actions have proven that he is little more than a political hack for the globalists who are attempting to destroy this nation!!! The greatest lie john speaks every time he takes the oath of office is to respect the Constitution and the nation for which it stands!!! The truth is also that every politician who becomes a political hack defending a political agenda rather than the nation usually demonstrates their true hatred for the people, the citizens of this nation who expect those they send to Government houses across this nation to work together to achieve that which offers the best possible life for their constituents!!! When i look at any district i can soon tell whether the representative of that district is in office because he actually cares about those he represents like he or she is supposed to or they are sticks in the mud who take up space seeking personal gain and undeserved respect of those around them!!! By what i see in Senator Lewis’s district tells me that the second applies in his case as he is a partisan puppy dog of the left who have done absolutely nothing for the black families in his district and across this nation!!! If Lewis wants to hold on to a fifty year old record for his efforts against social injustices that were occuring fifty years ago then would it not be fair for him to continue earning that honor by ensuring the best interests of this nation and the black men women and children across America are provided with every opportunity to enjoy the best life possible!!! John is black which of course set him up fifty years ago as a hero simply because his head was cracked open by a sick group of pathetic animals who refuse to accept GOD’S word that all men are created equal!!! The actions of those men at that time in history do not allow john to treat others with disrespect now!!! His actions are encouraging people filled with rage because they have not seen any improvements in their lifestyle even though there is nothing more that any man wants than the ability to be self sufficient and free no matter their color or creed!!! We are all equal and in that case deserve the best representation possible without being blinded by the constant stream of lies that flow from the lips of the political class with personal and combined objectives to enforce!!! The problem the mainline right members like Paul Ryan and the left wing nuts like Watters, Sharpton, Lewis and the others who lack the understanding about how their actions are negatively effecting the citizenry of this country!!! The United States of America was birthed 244 years ago by those who had divine guidance which is revealed by the Constitution which has protected the nation despite the anarchy that has risen from the hearts of evil greedy men who seek to destroy all that is truly good/great about America!!!By examining every claim being made against Donald Trump and then examining the history of that claim held against the Democrats will reveal that all have been accomplished one after another by the accusers not the object of their attention and fear!!! The Democrats are currently trying to burn President elect Trump before he gets into office simply because their party has been built on one lie after another and they fear that a President that accomplishes things they have been unable to will draw their support away from them!!! President Trump has already begun working for the betterment of all people across America!!! The Democrats know that life will be better if President Trump is allowed to proceed with his promised agenda their supporters will awaken to the truth and will see that the vast majority of those politicians they have counted on to improved their living standards for years and decades have done nothing to ease the suffering that the people of what they call the greatest country in the world only to make Americans grateful for what they currently have limiting their desire for more!!! Throughout the years politicians have done nothing to the level possible for the people they swear to serve!!! There are many good people who have come forward wanting to serve to the best of their ability but they are soon shut down and forced to follow the party line or back away from their desire to do what they know they have been called by GOD to accomplish on behalf of the people who live within this Christian nation!!! I watched a video about the three generations of traitors the Bush family, who starting with Prescott Bush who started as a tire salesman and managed to marry a girl from a rich family!!! Prescott became the PRESIDENT OF THE UNION BANK, set up by his father in law and then moved into managing four businesses for the Nazi’s in the U.S.!!! He was a major source of funding for the Nazi war Machine and a Ugenisist who believed in Communism as the way to control population growth!!! The Businesses were seized by the U.S.government in 1942 but Bush was never arrested for his treasonous acts!!! The fascist teachings have been handed down through the generations with each member of the family finding their own personal ways to betray this great nation!!! George H.W.Bush became the head of the C,I,A. and has carried out clandestine attacks against the country ever since funding the take over of both parties by using the illegal drug trade and C.I.A. to raise the necessary funds to buy political hacks and elections for thirty five plus years!!! George H.W. was arrested shortly after J.F.K.’S murder and questioned by F.B.I agents for some time before V.P.Johnson called and ordered his release as he was a C.I.A. agent!!! He quickly climbed the ladder from that point on!!! He was responsible for paving the way for William Jefferson Clinton to take Arkansas and then the Presidency!!! Over the years the Bush’s and Clinton’s had grown so close that George junior calls Bill his brother on national television!!! Even President Obama who is a C.I.A. plant and third generation C.I.A. operative is owned by the Bush-Clinton-C.I.A.(John Brennan) criminal cabal who are bent on insuring that America dies!! The goal of this Fascist group is to control the world under a single globalist government that dictates all policy from their seat of Government in Jerusalem!!! Hillary was the one chosen to deliver the final blow to America by continuing to weaken the armed services be conquered es, plunder the economy ensuring that more companies flee America leaving the people hungry and weak and easily able to conquered!!! There has been an agenda to disarm the people for thirty five years and during that time many false flags have been carried out including the most severe attack in New York 9/11!!! Ask yourself why so many news sources are dedicated to the complete destruction of America and why so many news hacks were willing to sell out the country by dedicating their negative attention toward the man who truly loves America? Ask why Paul Ryan and so many other Republican Politicians are not supporting Donald Trump their leader and what are they receiving for their refusal to cooperate fully with the man who wants to restore America!!! There is a shadow Government buried behind the scene in Washington who are working in every possible way to cripple and finally bring total destruction to all that has made America great for 200 of it’s 240 year history!!! It is time to finally bring this garbage to an end and imprison all those involved ending this Fascist demonic attack against America from the inside Today so every American can live a life free from this garbage forever!!! GOD bless America!!! GOD save America!!! God Protect America!!! Long live freedom and this glorious nation that is truly blessed by our one true GOD(Father,Son,and Holy Spirit)!!!

    January 17, 2017,6:46 pm

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