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See What Krauthammer Said About Trump’s Travel Ban!

by Bradley Matthews

OnĀ The O’Reilly Factor, Charles Krauthammer said “It is not only that they rushed it, they did it in a terrible way. In theory, of course, you want to have a strengthened vetting process, a new administration should have a chance to review procedures. But you don’t announce that you are going to all of a sudden have a new process and stop everybody who is already flying already in the air with a valid visa and stop them when they land.”

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  1. Cleva Dubar

    Krauthammer has been against Presudent from the very beginning. I’ve often wandered why he has never run for President since he is always voicing his opinion of how President Trump should do his job. He always finds fault. I just want to say yo him who died and made you boss over everyone. He’s a newspaper man. News media, go figure!!!

    February 1, 2017,2:48 pm

  2. Andre

    The ban is long overdue, the President worned us that he would take action against terrorists infiltrating the US. He did just that that is nothing compared to putting Japanese/Americans into camps which happened during WWII.
    We need to stop Muslim terrorists from entering our country, we already have too many undesirables who should be kicked out. We don’t want the USA to be turned into a Muslim state like what is now happening in Europe, where leaders have capitulated and sold out their country to these invaders whose only aim is to overthrow Western way of life and enslave the women and children, while cutting the throats of the men.
    Liberals get with it, our President is absolutely right and we should support his aim of protecting all American citizens.

    January 31, 2017,5:19 pm

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