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See The Real Reason The Media Hates Trump!

by Bradley Matthews

Why does the dishonest liberal media truly despise President Trump? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Catherine Piscitelli

    Where were all these violent anarchris and protesters screaming in the streets when Obama signed an executive order for 6-month immigration his order was cited against the same countries that are included in president Trump’s ban. The liberal-left and their intolerant ideology is away to bully and silence those who disagree. They are a party of hate. We must stand firm and fight the good fight for liberty and justice

    February 2, 2017,12:18 pm

  2. Catherine Piscitelli

    I was a Democrat but voted for President Trump because my eyes have been open wide to the intolerance and viciousness of the liver left. This is not the Democratic party that I remember this is a party of hate and opposition. I will no longer support the Democratic Party

    February 2, 2017,12:11 pm

  3. StillaBeliever

    And a BIG Bronx Cheer to my “never-Trumper, 3rd-party voting” friends who claimed that is would never happen when I used the SCOTUS argument as a reason to vote Trump.

    February 1, 2017,5:36 pm

  4. Michael Skaggs

    He is?? I’M SHOCKED!!

    January 31, 2017,6:05 pm

  5. Don

    The media and the Demo-Commies have LIED to the people so often and for so long, it’s hard for SOME of them to decipher the truth. The un-informed or Gullible people are very vulnerable. That is what the Left wants.

    January 31, 2017,5:12 pm

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