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Cruz: Neil Gorsuch Is A “Home Run”

by Bradley Matthews

In an interview with CNN, Sen. Ted Cruz said “I think Judge Gorsuch is a home run. He has a decade of proven experience on the court of appeals of being faithful to the Constitution, following the law, protecting the Bill of Rights and our fundamental liberties, and I think that record will yield a swift confirmation in the United States Senate.



  1. Laura G. Holmes


    You are the gullible one. The Republicans will nuke the democrats and push this justice through. This is why they were elected. The behavior of the left right now is so animalistic and primal. It disgusts me. With every riot or burned-down building, they are sending 10 voters to TRUMP!

    February 3, 2017,12:47 pm

  2. StillaBeliever

    Oh, Ted, your naiveté is showing. The Dims are fully-prepared to “Bork” anyone and everyone nominated by Trump, or any other conservative, for that matter. To maintain SCOTUS as their own little mischief-making enterprise, they’ll only accept someone in the “wise Latina” mode.

    February 1, 2017,5:32 pm

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