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Berkeley Proves The Left Is Hateful And Violent

by Bradley Matthews

Who are the truly intolerant peopleĀ — Trump supporters or rioting “professional anarchists”? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Jared Dike

    Only about 1 in 750,000 Muslims want to kill us Carl Shitro

    March 22, 2017,10:20 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    As much as I completely detest the behavior of the left-wing lunatics, I am equally sickened by the behavior of the extreme right-wing lunatics. For example, Deborah (beneath) feels somehow compelled to disparage the LGBT community. My son is a part of that community. He is the most loving, non-violent, compassionate, decent, taxpaying, contributing member of society. For anyone to clump this community in with a bunch of violent, paid, and despicable thugs is disgraceful. A lot of these right-wingers are the same Holier-than-thou Never Trumpers who think that they are somehow better than other human beings. I have news for you. GOD will judge you by the same standard as everyone else. You are not given a right to disparage a group of human beings because you can. Your behavior is equally disgusting! The problem is that you have probably felt this way your whole life and somehow you think you are justified. If the republicans try to harm my son or his law-abiding community, I will fight viciously against them. I am a true conservative, Christian woman. I have lived my life according to GOD’s laws, but I am an actual human being with a heart as well. Any of you who think somehow that you have the right to disparage other human beings, you need to read the bible. You have no right to JUDGE other human beings. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    February 8, 2017,9:26 am

  3. Carl Schiro

    The United States could bring the Iranians back down to Earth. Bomb them 24/7 Airforce and Navy aircraft. Once there Air Force is Destroyed what do they have left. A few Boston Whaler’s as Navy ships. The World will never know peace as Long as they breathe the same Air as we do.

    February 5, 2017,3:58 am

  4. Carl Schiro

    The Liberals don’t understand! The Muslims want to kill us. The Muslims have been fighting 1200 years before Jesus Christ walked the Earth. They won’t stop until they kill us. The Liberals don’t understand that. Here is what I would tell every Liberal do you honestly think that if they could they would dropped a Nuclear Bomb on us in a heart beat. The insecure Iranians hate everyone even their fellow Muslims. What they don’t understand if they were to development a Nuclear Bomb and target Israel the Iranians would become a big Sand parking lot. They don’t understand that somewhere in Waters around Iran we have a Nuclear Submarine. That Submarine has enough Nuclear Bombs on Board they could Destroy the World. Here is something for all you Liberals to ponder! Every time you see a Veteran that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and he or she has a missing Limb. You can blame Iran they are the ones that made the IUD’S. Roadside Bombs. We owe them one.

    February 5, 2017,3:49 am

  5. Lovette Bennett

    I recall when I lived in Los Angeles years ago, that the Berkeley campus experienced a “sit in” in the president’s office, during which then Governor Ronald Reagan visited and told the campus agitators that there were thousands of other campuses in the country to which they might want to relocate if they were not at Berkeley to get an education. He told them to get back to class or go home. They broke up. I was proud of Reagan, and later voted for him for president. He was a good governor, good man, and good president. Trump reminds me of him. No nonsense. Getting busy and doing the job he was elected to do. I say, pull the funding from U.C. Berkeley, and see how long they survive!

    February 3, 2017,11:16 pm

  6. Deborah

    Berkeley has always been violent. Remember them from the ’60’s riots. What else to be expected of queer, leftist, fags, junkie, criminal/illegal loving, calif?!? Don’t live here? Stay out!!! Trump is doing the right thing!

    February 3, 2017,7:58 pm

  7. Aloma Cronberg

    Absolutely appalled at all of the violence! Are these people being paid to do this or are they doing it on their own? Time to get tough with these common thugs!
    I too have liberal members in my family and while I don’t agree with them they are not out destroying property and burning our flag!! I have a nephew who is a policeman and he says they are ordered to just stand there and let these idiots do whatever they are doing!! Uncuff our police officers and law enforcement hands and let them do what they were hired to do! Enforce the Law!!!

    February 3, 2017,6:59 pm

  8. Rose

    I have a bona fide liberal daughter and the violence and vituperousness is all too true. All the kids went to college and we are all conservative but for the libtard. And we have no clue why.

    February 3, 2017,6:24 pm

  9. Rafael Cepeda

    These Soros supported anarchists don’t even know why they’re rioting, they’re a bunch of blind followers of the liberal losers.. don’t they realize that they’re destroying their own country and acting like spoiled little cry babies?

    February 3, 2017,5:27 pm

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