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Who Would Win A Nuclear Football Game: America or Iran?

by Bradley Matthews

Who would win a game of nuclear football: America or Iran? See the cartoon to find out!

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Vote in our reader poll HERE!


  1. David

    I guess I’m missing something here. Aren’t cartoons suppose to be funny? Anyway, iran doesn’t even have any nukes. So how is this even worthy of our time?

    February 7, 2017,12:28 pm

  2. Mike Hadden

    there would be NO WINNER, or maybe whomever got the first strike in…

    February 7, 2017,11:44 am

  3. Rafael Cepeda

    Iran got awfully brave while Obama their inside connection was President, now they must deal with a real President, a real leader who won’t sit back and make idle threats.. it’s time to gain back our respect.. TRUMP is in charge now mullahs, no more getting your asses kissed…

    February 3, 2017,5:49 pm

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