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Are Terrorist Attacks Going Unreported By The LYING Media?

by Bradley Matthews

In a speech at McDill Airforce Base, President Trump said “Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland as they did on 9/11, as they did from Boston to Orlando to San Bernardino, and all across Europe. You’ve seen what happened in Paris and Nice. All over Europe it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it.”

For more on jihad, check out Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka’s book Defeating Jihad HERE.


  1. Peace and hope for all

    If there were attacks going on today i do believe brietbart news info wars cool new etc would be informing people even if the dead news media that is controlled by Globalist with an agenda to destroy America!!! There is so much garbage going on through mainline news sources that i have refused to watch a news cast other than the information i get directly from honest sites online!!! I would sooner trust people like Stew Webb and Tom Henneghan available through truthwarriors.com and others!!! Try rightsidebroadcasting.com if you are tired of receiving the constant flood of lies being fed us by the B.S.media spouting the George Sorros rhetoric!!! These left wingnut loons are more interested in raping and killing children that they are protecting the American people!!! There must be a day soon where this crap is rolled up and taken for a ride to the end of a dark road where careers of the liars on media and those crazed doped up Actresses and actors are left behind to wallow in the misery they are creating for themselves as they are rejected for their inability to keep their mouths shut!!! The American people are under attack but most still have not awoken to this fact!!! Reality must become a part of life again as people begin to realize that the food supply, is under attack with G.M.O. foods, water supplies being chemically weaponised, and our air being flooded with gasses released from planes flying above us in the form of chemical trails!!! This is not a fight as in the past where politicians were concerned about doing the best job they could for the people they represent!!! We have reached a point where an enemy of both citizens and foreign entities are working together to destroy nation states by removing the Constitution and Bill of Rights that protect you individuals rights away turning America into a third world country where you and those you love no longer live in a country under a democracy but rather find yourselves imprisoned as slaves to the Davos man as they call themselves where the 1% at the very top, the so called elites get everything and the 99% are forced to scrape to provide their children one meal a day!!! The self proclaimed Davos man is one who has no borders to stop them from going where ever they please while humanity is permitted to live in 200 square foot spaces for an entire family that is rented because the 99% will not be allowed to possess property!!! the enemies have introduced uber as they see a time soon when owning a car will be unheard of for the average poor person!!! The liberals leading this charge against humanity see a time in the not too distant future where through a nuclear war or other means they are able to shrink the population from it’s current 7.3 billion down to 500 million!!! Who is going to decide who lives and who dies!!! I will tell you that decision has already been made as the death toll climbs from vaccines, poisons, and other ways!!! Folks we are not only fighting for the survival of the United States of America but the survival of Humanity as a whole!!! We who believe in the opportunity to live a life that is free, where we are able to do what is best for our families, where life still retains value, and where natural cures for diseases like cancer that are currently available yet hidden from access by the general public while our loved ones die!!! Over the past few years 60 doctors who have developed and cured diseases were first raided by the F.D.A. having their research confiscated and then very shortly there after found dead by mysterious circumstances!!! We are living in crazy times friends!!! We must join together and defeat this evil before it defeats us!!! There is so much more to cover like how taking the most qualified out of third world countries is keeping those countries poor, and how by adding to our labor force by importing refugees or other effects the poor here at home who are losing their jobs to the refugee and thereby forced to give up on their dream of a solid future!!! The story about how our socirty is being dismantled by the global elite while they bet on who lives ot dies is getting crazier by the day!!! We have a President who is standing up to say enough is enough!!! Get behind this man and help in any way you can before we lose any opportunity to save the future of this once great nation that is slowly sinking out of sight!!! GOD save America!!! GOD bless America!!! in the final statement here i just received information that thirty politicians most in the Demonocratic party will soon be arrested for pedophilia as soon as Sessions is sworn in, the warrants are waiting for his signature before further actions are taken any wonder why chucky Shumer iand Nancy pelosi are slow walking this nominee!!!

    February 7, 2017,8:32 pm

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