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Should Pres. Trump Promote Ivanka’s Brand?

by Bradley Matthews

Is it appropriate for President Trump to promote Ivanka Trump’s products? Did Nordstrom go too far? See the cartoon and tell us what you think!

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  1. Marty

    Not appropriate.

    February 25, 2017,9:40 pm

  2. Joseph A Vanchieri Jr

    No he shouldn’t. Yet since this stupid liberal bashing of everything Trump it couldn’t hurt. I would completely ignore anything the left says or writes. They’re vultures so feed them their own by giving them all their losers to eat.

    February 15, 2017,4:28 am

  3. Rob Couper

    Alex Baldwin on Saturday Night Live is a BIG BULLY who rejoices in MOCKING & RIDICULING others. I remember hearing the toxic phone conversation when Baldwin ranted and cursed his young defenseless daughter. I think the man is mentally ill.

    February 15, 2017,4:02 am

  4. Rob Couper

    The Donald need to keep a low profile and stop tweeting for awhile.

    February 15, 2017,3:48 am

  5. Carol Alexander/Hansen

    This breaks my heart. What happened to free speech. It’s good for everyone except our president. If somebody treated one of my children the way The presidents daughter is treated, I would have to defend them. Yes he has the right.

    February 14, 2017,12:00 am

  6. Johnnie McHan

    The conduct of the left liberals are disgusting! They show exactly what scumbags they are. President Trump just likes to give ’em hell and I agree whole heartedly!

    February 13, 2017,11:28 pm

  7. Lea

    No, a president and all his/her “employees” are not permitted to promote for profit to family/friends any product while in office. Same rules have been in effect for every administration.

    February 13, 2017,6:11 pm

  8. Faye Kjellander

    After all the liberal hate towards his daughter, he had no choice. The democrats have acted immature since they lost the election and have not treated his family well.

    February 13, 2017,5:24 pm

  9. neal scott

    Should Obama be allowed to INVOKE himself into Trumps presidency or America’s presidency?

    February 13, 2017,4:36 pm

  10. Frank Manzi

    he should not have gotten involved in a commercial decision

    February 13, 2017,4:06 pm

  11. Tom Kubiak

    Grow up

    February 13, 2017,4:02 pm

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