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The NSA Is A Leaky Bucket!

by Bradley Matthews

How is the NSA and the rest of the intelligence Establishment a leaky bucket? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Dale W

    Sweeney . . . you lie !
    The 2008 collapse was caused by the Klinton 1993 Community Reinvestment Act, Trillions in worthless mortgages collapsed the global economy . . . and after 2007 Dhimmicraps were in charge of Congress & Bawney Fwank was in charge of F&F . . .

    Oby did just a great job . . . 10 trillion became 20 TRILLION in US Debt . . .
    Lowest home ownership in 51 years . . .
    Lowest job participation rate since the 70s . . .
    Almost 50 million on Food Stamps . . .
    Average Family Income dropped $8,000 . . .
    Turned the Middle East into a colossal mess. and with ole Hillary’s help created ISIS . . .

    February 17, 2017,8:03 pm

  2. Ambassador James Sweeney

    Trump DID NOT inherit a mess. President Obama inherited a BIG MESS that President Bush left when he left office. Trump is an EGO maniac and a pathetic LIAR, that is totally unprepared to be the President of our country. He has surrounded himself with VERY rich people that don’t have the knowledge or experience to run a complicated Federal Agency, and therefore they will not succeed. His LOVE for Russian Prime Minister Putin is probably due to his financial or whatever interests, that are I’m sure TOP SECRET. GOD BLESS America, because we are in for a HORRIBLE 4 years.

    February 17, 2017,4:58 pm

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