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O’Reilly Slams Democrat Denial On Illegal Immigration!

by Bradley Matthews

On his show, Bill O’Reilly said “Every time, and I mean every time the subject of criminal illegal aliens arises, the Democratic Party will not engage. Instead, they fall back on the ruse that the illegal immigration crackdown is aimed at chambermaids and house painters.”

For more on the immigration problem, check out Ann Coulter’s Adios, America!


  1. Peace and hope for all

    I must admit I was bothered by this young man’s reversal in stance!!! Milo’s choice to surrender under fire was a mistake because he has now surrendered his support mechanism to the bullies on the left!!! Milo is a bit too over the top for my taste but when you realize the lifestyle he now leads was imposed on him as a young boy by an overbearing priest who instead of teaching Milo about the love and understanding Christians must possess for one another this so called pervert of GOD raped a young boy sending him adrift in a sea of shame and deception!!! Any person who uses a position of authority should by put to death without hope of forgiveness and salvation!!! Milo has been a victim who rose up like a phoenix out of a hellish past of sexual abuse and the feeling that somehow we deserve what they do to us as children for their sick and perverted enjoyment!!! I used to carry great shame after this happened to me over a five years period and hated myself for allowing an adult to take advantage beginning at the age of five!!! From the age of 5 until 12 years I was the target of a person who had an authority position within my families circle of friends!!! Because of the closeness of the relationship no one would listen and the abuses grew in intensity and number until by the age of 12 I sought ways to kill myself!!! Thank GOD I failed!!! Milo I believe that you have much more to give!!! I know that the first thing we think of when under attack even after escaping and being able to mature enough to put the bullying and hatred behind us is to escape to a place where we can wait in out alone!!! Milo that didn’t work for us as Children and it won’t work now!!! Know this, whether you are with Breitbart or not the attack of this vicious enemy will not end until we all take a stand together to defeat this foe by staring them down and beating them at every turn!!! Everyone on the right must rise up to defend this young man who has already faced more than most will ever face in this lifetime!!! Please know this young man, I appreciate you for who you are and I understand what you have faced in life!!! Please don’t allow the guilt they left with you from the events of your childhood ruin your future as well !!!! There is nothing we can do about the past we have escaped from but there is certainly something we can do about the future and that is stand together, have each others back and defeat this sick perverted twisted devil worshiping bunch of satanic filth at every turn!!! It is time to pick up arms folks and put this evil that see’s you children as nothing more than play toys for the elite Globalist pigs!!! Together Milo we will defeat this enemy and then we can address the skeletons that remain in the closet of our memories waiting to defeat us at every turn!!! Stiff upper lip old chap while we send this trash to hell where it belongs!!! I pray that you be given strength little brother in the family of our GOD as you realize that you have already been forgiven for anything you may have done wrong in the past in the glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen!!! Victory in Jesus Always for Milo!!!

    February 21, 2017,6:22 pm

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