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Can We Trust The Not-So-Intelligence Community On Trump?

by Bradley Matthews

The intelligence community is *totally* right about Trump and leaks… if you ignore their history! From Pearl Harbor to 9/11, can we really trust the not-so-intelligence community? See the cartoon to learn more!

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  1. William

    Dale and Roger


    March 24, 2017,5:13 am

  2. Derrick

    Russia and the Uranium question…


    March 24, 2017,5:02 am

  3. Tess

    it sounds like many of you get all your information from FOXNews . Do you realize they give you “selective” facts? They also have a conservative agenda , so they are as guilty as MSNBC for slanted news.

    March 24, 2017,1:07 am

  4. Derrick

    I have studied fascism at length, Trump is demonstrating beginnings of a fascist regime. Discredit then Silence the media is a first step. I encourage my party the GOP to have eyes wide open. Trumps and his staff make many false clams, and alternative facts, just scary. We voted in the wrong person in primaries.

    Read links from fact check sites as posted by Sue, don’t rely on just Fox News. Let’s stay principled. Country over party.

    March 8, 2017,12:26 am

  5. Tamara

    The links provided by Sue Are accurate information. I encourage the GOP to follow facts only. Trump is giving us a bad name with all his false unsupported claims. His administration is imploding, it is an embarrassment.

    March 6, 2017,3:32 pm

  6. Roger

    I usually don’t bother responding to people who list wrong beliefs because it is pointless. Simple googles to each wrong point listed is easily proved wrong. Not a conservative site. Open googling. Simple googling, getting over 10 stories proving your thoughts are wrong is being mean? Please, how else do you help people learn the actual truth? And by the answer, shows absolutely NO effort to do due diligence and CHECK, is sticking your head in the sand. Covering your ears so you can’t be influenced by actual facts is mean? You have no problem believing the false stories. Try, with an open mind VERIFYING your beliefs by simple googles that take you to non political sites. Each result showing truth is not mean, it is called due diligence. Especially Hillary, as secretary of state, signing off on the sale of uranium to Russia IS AN ACTUAL GOVERNMENT RECORD when she was secretary of state! Fact. Not mean response. Fact. So this will be my last effort trying to enlighten brainwashed sheep to the facts. Choosing to believe lies over truth because you like the lies better is utterly ridiculous. Truth sometimes hurts. Believing the liars because their lies soothe you is the way of cults. Teaching the brainwashed to believe, not verify facts. Just believe. That is the way of Jim Jones, Waco, and all other cults. That is the only way they get followers. What would actually work to get you to google, read actual facts, find out you are wrong, and due MORE research? Every google would prove every fact you listed to be wrong. I feel sorry for those so lost. So Marty, there has been absolutely NO effort to seek the truth. Proof was in the answer. Go back and GOOGLE. It proves you have been deceived, or it proves you would rather believe the lies over actual truth. Not mean. Please due some google research. Multiple results to enlighten you and prove the Collusion News Network hides truth because it proves them liars. Sorry you don’t really want to know the truth. You could easily do so.

    February 26, 2017,5:54 pm

  7. Marty

    The country might heal quicker with more people like Sue.

    Thanks for staying civil even though you were not treated that way. And you don’t seem to be a conservative so I admire you seeking all sides and proof is you being on this site. Yes we all need to put all our leaders under a microscope and we deserve the best from them. Keep seeking the truth.

    February 25, 2017,9:48 pm

  8. Sue F

    Hi Roger,

    I hope you are having a good day thanks for the reply.

    I wonder why people are mean to each other online. I think we should stop doing that and then possibly we could find common ground and work together. Online it seems Democrats are rude to Republicans and Republicans are rude to Dems it is so disappointing because we can all be better than this. Not meaning to lecture so please don’t be offended but I would love to see us all do a better job.

    I traditionally listen to FOX, MSNBC, CNN which ALL have a selective report leaving out the full truth or not covering a story or piece of the story. And each have a biased agenda. I also read/look at public radio and a world view- NPR , The Economist etc. I use fact check to research most all that is “spewed from the above”. So when you say I did get an F, keep in mind I am looking past the conserv and liberal click bait links like Breightbart or Politico etc.

    I posted the link below your post from Fact check on the uranium, because liberal sites and conservative sites just seem to support their agenda. Here are two fact checks link.

    http://www.factcheck.org/2015/04/no-veto-power-for-clinton-on-uranium-deal/ and http://www.factcheck.org/2016/10/a-false-corruption-claim/.

    BUT, even after reading it and along with all the other donations I feel she crossed the line and should have kept a more clear boundary. As for the watered down drugs, no I had not heard that and will research that as well. So thanks for sharing. I am less concerned about Hillary and more concerned about keeping Trump honest. So I will likely spend my time researching him and the cabinet of billionaires with no political experience. Which is why the ban was a roll out disaster. I am concerned at Trumps lack of professionalism, experience and alternative facts. And him saying the media is the enemy of the people is fascist and dangerous imho. He needs to separate his children from the White house, it’s fascist and inappropriate too.

    As for presidents vacations, here is the fact check on that, Obama spent about 12 M a year and Trump has already spent that a month. Also Obama traveled less than his predecessors. Tax payers ALWAYS pay for the presidents trans, lodging and security due to safety, they pay for the food. I don’t know what the 1.4 billion number you are referring to is about I can’t find a NON biased site who speaks of it. But from these articles you can see Obama traveled far less than Bush over 8 years.

    Flynn was not a US employee of the military when he spoke with Russia, Crime. Just because we received the info via another crime does not negate it or restore trust after he lied to Pence. And yes, Donna Brazil, big time ethical breech.

    I find that if someone likes a candidate they look for and read the sources that support them. Rarely is someone willing to look at “their candidate” under a microscope and we all need to be doing it. Everyone is invested in their narrative. The truth is all of these people including Trump have negative and unethical things that have occurred or are occurring just to varying degrees. I think Jimmy Carter might have been the only fairly squeaky clean president.

    Have a great day.

    February 25, 2017,2:07 pm

  9. Roger

    Hey Sue take two seconds-google us sells 25% uranium to russia. Lo and behold! No less than 6 stories verifying the sale come up. Whatever you watch and whatever you search gets an F! Six sources? All biased, liberal garbage. Then take another two seconds-google Clinton foundation keeps 85% of funds claimed for expenses, and lo and behold! 10 different verified stories are there for you to read the actual truth. Then google (easy to do) obama costs per year? Try 1.4 BILLION! per year. He cost America over 100 MILLION just on his lavish vacations, 14 of them, during his term. England’s royal family is 60 million. I could go on and debunk the rest of your supposed ‘facts’, but you get the message. They are ALL CRAP! Stop watching fake, biased, liberal agitators with an agenda, hiding ACTUAL facts because they prove their false narratives to be the lies they are. Then google Clinton foundation gives WATERED down AIDS drugs to the point of worthless, then rethink that fake foundation was for them to travel anywhere free under the guise of charity. Hint! They are lining their pockets! How else do you explain they’re dead broke after the white house to 200 million with no job, no company, no business, only a supposed charity! Wake up and smell the SCAM! Then Flynn. It is a Federal CRIME to expose the names Americans caught up in a wire tap. The requirement is to stop taping and block the name of the American caught up in the wire tap. A fact you either don’t know, or don’t get how many laws are being broken going after Trump. Then there was the collusion between the Clinton news network(Donna Brazil) leaking debate questions.

    February 25, 2017,12:07 am

  10. Sue F

    Also Flynn was not an active employed general when he spoke to Russia. And yes I do think Hillary’s foundation and donors are beyond fishy! But I resolve it a bit by knowing it is for charity and not lining her pockets. Her charity actually does a great deal of good, from what I can find. No politician should use the office for personal gain and I feel they all have to varying degrees including Trump. He has already spent 11.3 million on travel, Obama spent 12.2 million annually. Concerning.
    And if he has nothing to hide he will release his taxes . He has a long way to go to get my approval and respect . I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

    February 24, 2017,8:19 pm

  11. Sue F

    Also Dale there is zero evidence Hillary gave uranium to Russia. Zero- I have scoured the internet news many times. This came from Trump and I feel is untrue along with many things he says. He said unemployment numbers or false on the campaign trail and said they were more like 20 or 30% unemployment which is ridiculous because that is how it was during the great depression . Unemployment was 4.8% when he took office just two weeks ago Sean Spicer took credit for that unemployment rate saying it was the lowest in many many years . Listen closely to everything Trump says and research all the facts , he says many untruths . Again I am an independent . For example Hillary gives 87% of her foundation to charity not 6% you can find those facts in many places. if I listen to something on MSNBC I research it thoroughly the same for FOX.

    Also we need to come together, The right the left and the middle and start treating each other better. It’s OK for us to have differing views .

    February 24, 2017,7:21 pm

  12. Sue F

    Dale, I follow 6 different news sources. And I do thorough research on everything I hear. Fox News is as biased as MSNBC. I am an independent mostly. Also there is no need to personally attack people with differing views.

    February 24, 2017,6:08 pm

  13. Dale W

    Grab a brain Sue . . . .
    Only one that committed “Treason” was Hillary . . .
    Flynn talked to over 3 dozen foreign governments . . . that was his JOB !
    Hillary took their money and promised to do Favors for them . . .
    like sell them 20% of USA Uranium . . . Why are leftists so friggin dense ?

    February 23, 2017,12:59 pm

  14. Sue F

    The intelligent community cartoon is not okay. They have likely prevented hundreds of events from occurring. And any of their failures do not discredit the fact that Flynn committed treason. He deserves prison.

    February 22, 2017,6:09 pm

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