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Which Movie Should Have Won: “La La Land” Or “Moonlight”?

by Bradley Matthews

At last night’s Oscars, it was announced that “La La Land” had won Best Picture — before it was revealed that the wrong envelope had been used, and that “Moonlight” was the actual winner. Which film do you think should have won? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Which movie should have won the Oscar for Best Picture?

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  1. Joan Ferrante

    There were so many more that could have won! If only if it wasn’t so damn political!!!

    March 2, 2017,9:05 am

  2. Robyn Van Herik

    Actually, I think Hacksaw Ridge deserved Best Picture, but Hollywood would never recognize a film that wasn’t PC or Progressive. Sad.

    February 28, 2017,5:40 pm

  3. Carol L. Morrisey

    Neither! Hidden Figures, Hacksaw Ridge, or even Lion would have been far better choices, for both quality and subject matter. I am disappointed that Hollywood doesn’t appreciate stories with redemptive value and opts for political correctness instead.

    February 28, 2017,2:53 pm

  4. Sheryl

    In the big picture of everything going on today. I really don’t care who got the awards, or who was wearing what designer dresses. We have much more serious issues to talk about in this country.

    February 28, 2017,12:41 pm

  5. Karen urban

    Clinton Cash or 13 hours- better than the others nominated

    February 28, 2017,10:36 am

  6. Matthew

    13 hours

    February 28, 2017,8:57 am

  7. Patricia Medley

    It was a ‘fixed job’.

    February 28, 2017,2:00 am

  8. Patricia

    Why would you even ask this question? Oh, never mind, I see where you’re coming from. Sad

    February 28, 2017,12:34 am

  9. Debora Hallford

    I am boycotting all of Hollywood (no movies, DVDs, magazines, etc.) until the Elites in HollyLibTard land learn to keep their political opinions to themselves! I don’t care what they think, and my list of actors that I will no longer support by seeing and buying their movies just keeps getting longer! Meryl, Ashley… Keep your stupid mouths shut!!

    February 27, 2017,10:04 pm

  10. Paula

    Best movie got passed over to appease. La la Land.

    February 27, 2017,8:02 pm

  11. Sharon Allen

    La la land was the best film ever!!!

    February 27, 2017,6:43 pm

  12. Joan Ferrante

    Who cares the whole damn bunch are are nasty !!!!!

    February 27, 2017,6:22 pm

  13. Michael Skaggs

    Arrival or Hacksaw Ridge.

    February 27, 2017,6:10 pm

  14. Jim Delaney

    DIdn’t watch the Hollywood freak out, but since you asked, La La Land would have been most appropriate, but neither La La Land or Moonlight was the “best”. I vote for either 13 Hours or Hacksaw Ridge.

    February 27, 2017,5:51 pm

  15. mary ann

    I couldnt care who won the oscar. Didnt watch it.

    February 27, 2017,4:47 pm

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