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Are Julian Assange and Wikileaks Criminals?

by Bradley Matthews

Are Julian Assange and Wikileaks heroic leakers — or a bunch of criminals? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

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Is Wikileaks a criminal organization?

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  1. Terrie

    nothing wrong with showing the world how crooked these people really are

    March 12, 2017,3:53 am

  2. Janet canary

    I think wikileaks is nuetrul.they try to keep governments honest.

    March 12, 2017,12:39 am

  3. barbara

    no matter how much we are happy for the information they provided what they did was against the law.They hacked our govts. security depts. That cannot be allowed and we don’t know who else they gave our info to ,or what kind of info.

    March 11, 2017,6:53 pm

  4. Allbert R. Pryor

    If our Government is so careless with classified information,we the People should know what is being done.Thanks Wikileaks!..

    March 11, 2017,1:15 pm

  5. Bob Uda

    If it weren’t for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, we would never know that we have a hidden corrupt people in the government that are trying to destroy America and take over as totalitarians. Snowden and Assange are national heroes and should be awarded the Medal of Freedom. People call for their heads, but the heads that should roll are those who are leaking classified information to the press. Snowden and Assange released their classified information in the open. We know who they are. However, those disgusting leakers who are doing their dastardly deed in secret are the worst of the worst. They should be hanged when found out. If they are the true patriots, they should be manly enough to show their faces and claim credit for their leaks. They won’t because they are sniveling cowards who do their evil anonymously. They should be caught soon and punished to the full extent of the law.

    March 10, 2017,8:10 pm

  6. Rich Demaio

    If not for WikiLeaks the American people would not have found out just how evil and horrible the Clintons were! They have also showed us that our President Donald J. Trump is being hacked! How are the bad ones?! You know why because the Liberals and Democrats lost because all there evil was exposed! WikiLeaks helped America see the truth! They showed us how our own media CNN, MSN, etc. have been lying to the American people not reporting the truth! Reporting only what they want us to believe and here. they edit the truth and they are FAKE news. I am so grateful for/to WikiLeaks! They/Assange has the balls to stand up risk his life to show us how our deep secrets are being given t others countries as well as how our own American Media stations are Lying to us reporting FAKE news! They exposed Obama for the evil monster it is! It is Chucky little pee wee sick Pedophile Schumer, Killery and Bill Clinton, Daughter Chelsea Shrek Clinton and their pay for play, as well as arming the terrorist that are be0heading us Americans and our soldiers! Attacks on our soil! Benghazi and American Ambassador as well as other Americans killed screaming for help months and month before as well as on the day and we had a Navy ship very close that could have save all the Americans as well as the Ambassador! Evil Obama that gave terrorist Iran that is know capable of hitting USA with Nuclear missiles tanks, ammunition, billions of dollars and more billions of dollars paying ransom which America does not pay ransom for that exact reason that they will hold other hostage for ransom! Paid them billion in cash why our countries and Americans can’t feed their families and are brake! That is not American Obama is not an American not an American President! Hates this country as you can tell! Look at Obama care! For the dumb people that can’t see everything else look at it failing people are dying in masses as it was designed! The Liberal/Democrats want us to believe WikiLeaks are bad! They did nothing wrong! They did not hack us! Thy did even release how to hack so other would know! They simply released the TRUTH! GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER EVIL! THE TRUTH SHALL SET THE FREE! WIKILEAKS SAVED AMERICA FOR SURE/CERTAIN DEATH! If not for WikiLeaks America/America would be dead! It would be taken over by stinky radical mooslim terrorist!

    March 10, 2017,5:26 pm

  7. Patricia

    Wikileaks is not American. It’s the leaker (presumably American) who is criminal. As the news always says, they and Wikileaks just print what is leaked.

    March 10, 2017,4:20 pm

  8. Allbert R. Pryor

    The truth will out:

    March 10, 2017,4:04 pm

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