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Neil Gorsuch vs. Democrat Clowns

by Bradley Matthews

Neil Gorsuch isn’t facing sober statesmen in his confirmation hearings — he’s facing Democrat clowns! See the cartoon for more!

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  1. Jerry

    Thomas I was glad to hear that the Dem FB pages required respectfulness toward Republicans. I wish this site would do the same. How do we unite a country with name calling? You don’t.

    March 29, 2017,4:20 am

  2. Tess

    Ha ha if god elected Trump than he also elected Obama. That is some messed up thinking.

    I think if God was to select a president the approval rating would be higher than 36%!!!

    God wants us to make good choices and live with the consequences. Then he wants us to learn and be better human beings.

    God would never elect a man like trump he is not honorable. At age 60, not a teenage boy in a locker room , he brags about violating women. Yay MY god does not approve of this money hungry disgusting man.
    I also now think there are ties to Russia. I used think it was grabbing at straws but now Jared has met with a KGB spy Kislyak. Now we have 6 People on trumps team meeting with Russians. Trump told Russia to go find hillary’s emails. Since when is it ok to tell an enemy to take action against a fellow American? Trump is uncouth, has a 3rd grade vocabulary, has twitter tantrums and asks us to pray for the apprentice tv ratings (which God does not care about) , he fights like a child with anyone who disagrees with him. He lacks the temperment, poise, professionalism and discernment needed for this role.

    March 29, 2017,4:07 am

  3. Brian

    Exactly William. Let’s take care of our water and air. Trump reversed bills to protect our environment putting making money as the priority. Have you seen the air in China or water in Brazil? Once it’s ruined it’s impossible to make it clean again. Climate change is real, unless you don’t believe in science. Let’s not put short term money making goals over caring for the gift god gave us, Mother Earth.

    Oddly I know several high level protester organizers and they confirmed no one was paid. Some protests were organized which explains millions all over the world protesting Trump on the same day. Many were local and organic.
    The rioting was nasty and those people should go to jail. But the women’s march had zero arrests and no property damage.

    Freedom to protest must be defended even if you don’t agree with the cause , when we don’t defend those rights we OUR right to protest and then become like Russia who only allows government approved protests.

    March 29, 2017,3:46 am

  4. William

    God has better things to do than determine football games or elections. God puts these things into our hands to learn and grow as humans.
    We are going to regret electing Trump. And I agree his kids have Zero place leading the country and having offices in the west wing. We’d protest Hillary to death on FOX news if she gave that leverage to Chelsey.

    God cares about the well being of humans such as starving refugees and Mother Earth, he created it! He does not care about coal mining, or Americans getting rich or making more money. He also does not care about the super bowl.

    March 29, 2017,3:32 am

  5. Tamara

    I find it highly unlikely that god would select or Jesus would approve of our P grabbing choice. I also think Jesus would not approve of a trump turning away people in need such as refugees. Many many people have come here as refugees. I don’t think Jesus or god approves of Trump no longer protecting Mother Earth and putting profit above all else.

    Pleas provide evidence that protesters were paid. I don’t think they were babies I think they are disgusted by Trump and his rhetoric, as am I. We need better candidates!!!!! And get your kids out of the WH, nepotism!!!!!!! Not okay!

    March 29, 2017,3:22 am

  6. Barbara

    I think to spare you all that this will be my first and last time of inserting comments here. All I know is that I am so relieved that Mr. Obama is no longer in the White House, and frankly, there will never, ever be a perfect President or perfect legislator, we are all imperfect people. Only Jesus was perfect and His return is very imminent, so be prepared. Adios.

    March 29, 2017,2:36 am

  7. Barbara

    Sorry Thomas but even the liberals admit that many, but not necessarily all the protesters, were very obviously paid. Believe what you want but you need to keep your head out of the sand if you want to, another GOP Candidate is not who God wanted as President. How else do you think the statistics and the liberal media were so wrong in all their assessments? President Trump was not my first choice, but I came to realize he was going to be the only choice in order to keep Hillary and Bill out of the White House for a second time. Thankfully we are now on the right track to overcome the debacle of the past 8 years under a President who did not care very much for the United States, and especially not for Christians. I am glad I am following the only leader this would should ever follow, and that is Jesus Christ. Be prepared, it is going to get worse in the days to come.

    March 29, 2017,2:31 am

  8. Barbara

    To me, they seem more like children who are not getting their way and they are throwing temper tantrums, like the one Sen. Schumer threw recently when he found out someone he knew had voted for President Trump. Just more of the same, when are they going to grow up and realize that the right man has been not only chosen for President but the right man has been nominated for SCOTUS, and God will have the final say on this issue. Why do you think Donald Trump is now our President? Only one answer that is correct, the Creator of the heavens and the earth made the final decision for us, otherwise we would have had Hillary as our President.

    March 29, 2017,2:25 am

  9. William

    Thomas, agree. At some point we need to start being mature and respectful.

    Both sides are inappropriate, but that doesn’t make it okay to foster the behavior. I getting really sick of conservative talk show perpetuating this. For example, protestors were not paid, I know several high up organizers. But conservative talk shows want you to think they were paid. They also were not protesting losing, they are protesting one specific man. Trump. Let’s face it he is not the epitome of honorable. Most of us were forced to vote for him to stick with party lines. I often wonder how f there was some election rigging because the popular vote was so off. I also no longer think he is innocent regarding Russian ties. Noe 6 on his team have been linked including Jared . And I did not vote to put his Kids in the WH, can you say nepotism! He needs to release 25 years of taxes. Something smells fishy. There several moments menus when I wonder if we would have been better off with a different GOP candidate.

    March 29, 2017,1:11 am

  10. Thomas

    Dear Cons Book club, I belong to both republican and democrate websites/FB pages. The do my best to seek truth and facts as well as varying views on the same topic. I must tell you that those controlling the democratic FB pages outright said they will NOT publish your post if it is disrespectful to anyone ( including republicans). I think conservative sites need to take this approach too. Why would someone work with you if you are name calling etc. How do we come together if we treat each other disrespectfully at every turn. We aren’t enemies we just have opposing views. We are ALL American. Stop calling dems names, please.

    March 29, 2017,1:00 am

  11. Troy

    Tess my wife and daughter feel the same way you do.

    March 29, 2017,12:26 am

  12. Tess

    Dorthy, you nailed it. All the republican women I know are disgusted by him and voted for him in spite of what he has said and done. He is disgusting and you can tell his wife thinks so too. And get your kids out of the white house! Nepotism! So not okay.

    And yes lets treat Dems with dignity and not call them clowns Cons Book Club, if you insult the people you need to work with you to fix this country you less likely to get cooperation. I can’t stand it when Dems call us racist , bigots or any other name. Are there some in our party, yes but they do not define us! Were Republicans clowns when they stood in the way of Obama’s pick? They as we are just abiding by our party and beliefs. We need to rise above. Let’s stop the name calling on both sides.

    March 29, 2017,12:20 am

  13. Dorthy

    I will never understand a party that elects someone who breaks promises, “I will release my taxes if elected” ( and not just 1 good year when Melania files for citizenship), brags about P grabbing and assault on women, commits tax evasion ( he admited he used every loophole possible and avoided 50MM in taxes) Someone who “loves” our vets would realize they are gipping them from financial support. He has too many Russian ties and asked Russia to go get Hillary’s emails, WTF, who turns on their own country with an enemy for self gain? Even his son in law has met with a former KGB spy. WTF? That makes 6 of his team in contact now. I could go on and on but in short he is a disgusting man with a 36% approval rating which I can’t believe is that high. If you have a mother, wife or daughter how can you approve what this man said at age 60 about grabbing women? Turns my stomach. We need better candidates. I felt cornered to vote for him. Gag.

    March 29, 2017,12:02 am


    This is just plain disgusting. These Clowns that call themselves the “people’s party” or a least that what they use to be, have totally departed from help for the middle America or the retired America! I say dump these jerks and lets get an honest party to run against the GOP. I will never understand a political party that supports a liar and a thief for a political candidate!!

    March 28, 2017,6:39 pm

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