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Can There Be Peace Between Israel and Palestine? (Author Interview: David Brog)

by Bradley Matthews

Ever wonder how things got so crazy in the Middle East in the first place? Then check out David Brog‘s new book, “Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace.” Brog is the founding executive director of Christians United for Israel, and has craftily put together a smart and readable history of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Listen to our exclusive author interview to learn about its history, the current state of Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and how President Trump could potentially restore good US-Israel relations.



  1. Jane

    There is no “Palestinian territory” in Israel. These Arabs are just lucky to get to squat on any part of Israel. Study Isaiah 38 and 39 to see how God will annihilate all the Arab nations that want to drive Israel into the sea. What a glorious day that will be! God gave Israel to the Jews in His Covenant with Abraham/Isaac/Jacob and it is an unconditional Eternal Covenant! Glory to God!

    March 31, 2017,6:19 pm

  2. JebTurner

    Sadly probably not.

    I don’t understand why Jared is in charge. 1. Not qualified 2. Nepotism.
    Am I the only Republican bothered by the Ivanka and Jared nepotism? It’s an ethics issue

    March 30, 2017,10:31 pm

  3. Jerry

    Trump popped off before understanding how Israel was violating treaties, trump pops off often before understanding the details. He’s too impulsive and does little to unite the country. So far I am not impressed

    March 29, 2017,4:15 am

  4. Derrick

    Sorry for all the typos!

    March 29, 2017,2:28 am

  5. Derrick

    Tracy great teaching. All to often we refuse to see the opposing side objectively. Isreal is our ally and we need to foster that relationship. But when they violate treaties by building in Palestinian territory it takes strength in a relationship to ask them to stop. John Kerry disapproved and so,did Tillerson once he understood the violation. When Trump laimed he’d be better to Isreal he was unaware of the details. He has since backed odd th rhetoric. It’s a complex volatile conflict and it should not be handled by Jared Kushner. For one what experience does he have and second it’s flat out nepotism! His kids have NO business in the White House. We’d be outraged if a democrate did that. Imagine if Hillary one and then proceeded to give Chelsey an office and responsibilities. This administration will,be our biggest gaff ever. I can’t believe his rating are even 36%.

    I think this author interview will be interesting but not sure it will be objective.

    March 29, 2017,2:26 am

  6. Tracy

    I taught the Arab Israeli conflict and would start the Unit with a court case. It had all the facts mimicking the conflict but it was disguised as territory in the US that belonged to the Native Americans AND the cowboys. The two were inconflict over the land. As I presented the fact she of the case I told the students that they had to pick a side and defend it in a mock court of law. Every time the class would be equally divided. And those that sided with the cowboys ( Arabs) were in shock. What’s the lesson to be learned here?

    March 29, 2017,2:14 am

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