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Should the US destroy ISIS or remove Assad from power first?

by Christopher N. Malagisi

Should the US destroy ISIS or remove Assad from power first?

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  1. Roxanne

    Destroy the terrorists but no wider war in Syria. This is what the “Deep State” is after. The Financial Oligarchs, that comprise the “Deep State”, know full and well that there is a mutual pact between Iran and Syria, that if either one are attacked, one will support the other, in War. The Deep State covets war, as the globalist, mantra is, “Out of Order, Chaos”! War is one of the many ways they have been enriching themselves, throughout our history. How many times are we going to allow ourselves to fall prey to their infamous “false flags”? This is what these “elites” derive so much pleasure from, laughing at how stupid they perceive the American people to be. Or, as these elites have taken to referring to us as, “useless eaters”. The other reason they wish for war with Syria is because Assad has been denying them access through Syria, with their coveted “Oil” pipeline. There is so much money to be made I would not know how to put a dollar value on it. Time after time, throughout our history, we have allowed ourselves to be directed into war. They use our innate Patriotism and courage against us, over and over again. The absolute last thing we need to do, is to allow for a wider war in the Middle East. I believe that President Trump is cognizant of this as General Flynn filled him in before he even made the decision to run for President. Putin is also well aware of the globalists evil agenda, as it took two terms for him to successfully kick the globalists out of Russia. Hence, their endless desire and ambition to bring Russia into this agenda and into war. They are incensed that first, many of us now see what they are up to and secondly, we are not as stupid as they believe us to be!

    April 11, 2017,1:20 am

  2. Leslie Romero

    Trump attacked without seeking Congressional approval. Obama sought approval and a republican Congress did not approve, but now they do?



    April 11, 2017,1:17 am

  3. mary ann

    I didnt answer the question because both have to go. Evil & evil.

    April 10, 2017,6:07 pm

  4. Robert (Bob) Stewart

    ISIS is our sworn enemy, they have declared that they want to destroy our way of life and demonstrated it in Europe. Assad is a two bit dictator and I am not convinced he should be removed. We have seen what can happen when these dictators are removed. Can we really say that Iraq is better off w/o Saddam or Libya w/o Omar? I do not think we can. So leave Assad alone and destroy ISIS if we can. In that regard tone down out comments in re: ISIS and listen to others such as Russia.

    April 10, 2017,5:59 pm

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