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Will You Boycott United Airlines?

by Bradley Matthews

Will you boycott United after disturbing video of a passenger being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight emerged? Give us your choice in our CBC reader poll!

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Will you boycott United?

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  1. Jerry

    He got what he demanded.
    No pity here.

    April 13, 2017,5:16 pm

  2. Ronald

    I am not sure what this person did to get dragged off the plane. I wasn’t there so I cannot comment. I am sure the liberal democrats are behind this.

    April 13, 2017,7:01 am

  3. Leslie Bryant

    United showed it is out of touch with the flying public! I already avoid them if at all possible. I find local international airlines like THY, Olympia, Central American Airlines friendly and more professional. One of the best airlines today is KLM Airways!!

    April 13, 2017,3:51 am

  4. Gary James

    When you buy an over booked ticket ( which is cheaper) which is what this guy bought you have got to expect to be bumped by some one who has a paid full price ticket, United did not come on the plane and just picked this guy out, he had an over book ticket or some times call standby ticket you get a cheaper ticket but you are taking a chance of being bumped by some one with a full paid ticket. He bought the ticket so sorry you are bumped

    April 12, 2017,9:18 pm

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    It is despicable to me that a corporation can sell a ticket in good faith to a paying customer and then not provide the service for which that customer paid. It is disgraceful to think that the airlines are legally allowed to get away with this garbage. There are people who must return to work the following day or have very ill relatives that they are trying to visit. This is inexcusable and United should be ashamed of themselves. It is another vicious corporate raider wrong. The CEO of this company needs to be canned. His half-hearted apology was an affront. He sent an e-mail to his employees congratulating them on how they handled the situation. They kicked these people off of their flights so they could shuttle their crew to the next destination. The violent way in which this man was removed was disgusting and anyone giving United a pass on this is a disgrace to humanity. He was severely injured. It does not matter who he is or how the press will try to destroy his character, the airline acted like boorish animals. It will be a cold day in hell before I use this airline again.

    April 12, 2017,12:09 pm

  6. Sandra

    It is a Federal offence to enter interfere with the duties of the crew with Penalties including jail time. You don’t have to like the Law jbut you do have to obey the law, This spoiled selfish man, has waisted our collective time and money due to his immature behavior. More than likey bloodied himself fighting and resisting the attempts by Law Inforcement to
    remove him. You could see him thrashing and screaming resisting the officers. Way to go passengers the time and money lost with flight delays downline for thousands of passengers trying to make their connections, were lost over a this one jerk. The delays alone probably cost the Airline and passengers hundreds of thousands of dollas as cudtomers missed meetings, personal commitments. You go ahead and give United a really hard time. You won’t mind paying for higher fares in the future or the inconvenience of route to travel if United has to drop routes to keep in budget next year.. Cut off your nose to spite your face Bleeding Hearts.
    Better yet keep championing the
    Guy who breaks the Law and blaming Law Enforcement for doing their Job. Sheep will follow each other right off the cliff.

    April 12, 2017,12:00 pm

  7. Margaret Galligan


    April 12, 2017,9:56 am

  8. Johnnie McHan

    Well, I am 74 years old grandma. Flew 3 times in my life, all below the age of 35, all out of sheer necessity! Was physically sick I was so afraid of flying. So after my employment no longer entailed travel, I have never flown since. But it is the law to do as instructed by crew, so I would have gotten off peacefully and then asked for my money back and rented a car and drove! 😂

    April 12, 2017,2:00 am

  9. Hal Hoffman

    It was the Police who over reacted. And it is a Federal crime to refuse to follow the orders of the flight crew on an aircraft! This guy is no angel either! He lost his Medical License for “DEALING DRUGS” THAT ONE COP IS AN IDIOT! But he should have left the plane!

    April 11, 2017,10:04 pm

  10. BO Thomas

    For the 39% that said “NO” I hope they jerk your Ass of a United Flight and see how you feel!! We still have Laws in this Country to Protect people from things like this and I can not wait to see the out come!! I was a Member of UNITED AIRLINES Flyer Miles!! Not NO more!!

    April 11, 2017,9:36 pm

  11. Otis

    These negative comments about UA or any other airlines about their policies are probably the same lack of common sense liberals!!!

    April 11, 2017,9:23 pm

  12. Margaret Galligan

    I just booked a European vacation on American Airlines – not United – because of this. There is no reason for a paying customer to be physically injured for objecting to being forced to give up his seat. The CEO of United is apologizing now, so there is no question that the airline knows it is in the wrong. This is not about mainstream media vs. conservative media. It is simply about not assaulting customers.

    April 11, 2017,8:32 pm

  13. Lynda Meyers

    No, I will NOT boycott United Airlines. I didn’t see the other side of the story, because of course the mainstream media decided the United crew were wrong to begin with and never SHOWED us any other angle. I believe in “innocent until PROVEN guilty,” and NOBODY HAS PROVED UNITED GUILTY YET.

    April 11, 2017,7:57 pm

  14. Ann Corrado

    I’m so sick of People getting offended of everything they disagree with. They seem to get a Thrill out of Boycotting or Smearing One’s reputation out of Pure Hate.

    April 11, 2017,6:54 pm

  15. Lanier Gable

    Get the FULL story before you vote yes, or before you say you will boycott United! There is more to the story than just the picture or the short video the media is showing. I am not a United employee, just a person who wants the full story.

    April 11, 2017,5:45 pm

  16. skip

    I hope they are sued into bankruptcy the police involved should go to jail for assault

    April 11, 2017,5:40 pm

  17. spencer

    Fly United YES. This seems to be a very minor issue – do we not have some higher level things to discuss? I certainly hope so.

    April 11, 2017,5:37 pm

  18. Janice Dixon

    United won’t have a weight problem on their flights in the near future because other companies will be chosen as a flight co. Over them. Totally dissatisfied with what I saw on the video of the male flyer being dragged off the plane. Unacceptable display of Customer Service.

    April 11, 2017,5:35 pm

  19. James

    Based on a Wall Street Journal new article earlier detailing about flight compensation that if you arrive 1-2 hours later than planned you will receive 200% of your one-way fair and hotel acommodation, and if you are more than 2 hours late on a domestic flight you will get 400% of original ticket price plus accomodation; they (the airlines) have every right to kick you off your plane given that they could potentially pay you for 2 round trips.

    April 11, 2017,5:19 pm

  20. Zeber2

    Those employees were no doubt need as crew out of Louisville!! If they didn’t get there United’s flights would not be able to takeoff with a full flight crew!!

    April 11, 2017,5:18 pm

  21. Zeber2

    Absolutely will fly United!!!

    April 11, 2017,5:15 pm

  22. Larry Naselli

    Hold onto your knees fellow-Conservatives, can’t you smell it when we’re being stampeded? Wait for more information, pictures often DO lie.

    April 11, 2017,5:06 pm

  23. Margaret Wimmer

    Since when do paying customers take second place over free riding employees? So now, the fact that we, as passengers, are treated like cattle on your planes, you choose to abuse a man who had every right to his seat. You’ve really stepped in it this time. Good luck in your future!! I’ll never ride you planes again.

    April 11, 2017,4:57 pm

  24. hanna

    The passenger acted childish.

    April 11, 2017,4:48 pm

  25. Carlene

    United should be a shamed Of themselves. This is suppose to be America and not a communist country. Why didn’t those employees drive a vehicle instead of throwing paying passengers off the plane or better yet, why didn’t they make reservations? Disgraceful how Inited Acted!😡😡😡😡

    April 11, 2017,4:48 pm

  26. Molly

    I am equally revolted by the passengers uncivilized behaviour.

    April 11, 2017,4:43 pm

  27. Fran Gunning

    Get rid of ISIS NOW! Then make all Muslims live with the same laws as Americans. They appear to be taking over America with Sharia Law, getting all kind of help from the Government and they want to kill Christians?!! What happened America???

    April 11, 2017,1:11 pm

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