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Should Sean Spicer Be Fired For His Holocaust Gaffe?

by Bradley Matthews

At a press conference, WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer royally screwed up when he said “Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” in reference to Assad. See the cartoon to understand why Spicer is very, very wrong.

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  1. COL Joseph A. Masterson

    Here we go again, taking the bait of the Uber-Left. In the context of what Spicer said, he is CORRECT. Hitler did NOT use chemical WARFARE on the battlefield. Yes, he DID use Xyjlon-B to gas concentration prisoners, both Jews and Christians, in the same manner WE use chemicals to administer the death penalty in our prisons. The use Hitler made of it WHILE DISPICABLE AS HELL, it was not a WEAPON per se. The Mainstream Media (MSM) more correctly, the Infernal News Network (INN) commbined with the Communist News Network (CNN) are so apoplectic about Trump they cannot (WILL NOT?) see straight. A female comentator (forgive me as I do not remember her name, but DO remember what she said) “The Left takes Trump literally, but not seriously. The Right takes Trump seriously, but not literally!” So I am surprised that this website, the CONSERVATIVE Book Club treated this with their commentary, should be the one who “apologizes”!!! JMHO

    April 13, 2017,7:32 am

  2. William Drumm Sr.

    He said he was sorry, and it won’t happen again. I am leaning to forgiveness​.

    April 13, 2017,5:18 am

  3. Leslie Bryant

    No, Sean misspoke! This is another MSM non news story. Wish they could be as concerned about what Democratic Stooges Chuckie Schumer and Piglosi said!! I vote for canning Schumer, Piglosi, Schiff, Cummings, Jackson Lee and all those Black Caucus idiots who talk BS!

    April 13, 2017,3:39 am

  4. JD

    Mr. Spicer made an error, as we humans tend to do. What we’re witnessing is a portion of our society that has no tolerance for conservatives that make an error; however nothing but excuses for lawbreaking and acting out on their side. He said it, he owned it, he apologized for saying it. Liberals should take a lesson!

    April 12, 2017,9:41 pm

  5. Fergus O'Reilly

    Sean meant well, but expressed himself inelegantly. With all the criminal and immoral activity committed by the Barack Osama, er, I mean, Obama and Hillary Clinton regime, Sean Spicer is a gnat on the huge elephantine back of history. At least he has not committed any illegal or immoral activity. Expressing oneself inelegantly is embarrassing, but not criminal.

    April 12, 2017,6:24 pm

  6. mary ann

    No, I think he’s great. On the other hand all the idiots at CNN & msnbc should be fired. And where is their apology to President Trump???

    April 12, 2017,6:18 pm

  7. Cookie

    Spicer made a mistake, and he apologized. What about “you can keep your doctor” and ALL the lies Obama told and “it was a video that caused the death of the 4 men in Benghazi” Susan Rice told and “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky” and ” I didn’t know my emails were not protected ” and ALL the lies the Clinton’s told !! LIES, LIES, LIES !! The left media did not complain then. I’m sick of the bias left !! The democrates are the REAL LIARS, that’s why the American people voted for our President and over 100 seats in congress, senate, governors, etc, etc, etc !!!! I think the bias left should be fired, not Sean Spicer !!!!

    April 12, 2017,6:05 pm

  8. Joan Ferrante

    Eunice, You took the very words out of my mouth!! Nothing was ever said about Obama & the rest of the weirdo that are bent on destroying our great country!!!!!Spicer gets my vote!!!!!!

    April 12, 2017,5:50 pm

  9. Eunice Puglia

    No. Give the guy a break. Obama and his crooks have done much worse.

    April 12, 2017,5:05 pm

  10. JaspersPet

    He made a mistake, we all make a mistake.
    To be fair though, he was referring to Hitler’s use of gas on the battlefield, not in the camps!
    If Bashar al-Assad could get people to line up and be transported to camps, where he would then gas them, he would certainly sign up for that too!!
    This is being blown out of proportion, but then much of what Spicer says is blown out of proportion, as the left and especially the left-wing media hate him with a passion that largely matched Assad’s hatred of those he kills on a daily basis!!

    April 12, 2017,4:55 pm

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