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You Won’t Believe How Dems Have Flipped On Russia

by Bradley Matthews

For months, Dems have been calling Trump a Russian puppet. Now that he’s taking on Assad, the Dems are singing a different tune. The cartoon reveals their blatant hypocrisy!

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  1. Ada Barrantes

    I think you can’t think straight or take decisions when you’re drunk, so you can make a lot of mistakes that cost you even your own safety.

    April 17, 2017,3:03 pm

  2. Joan Ferrante

    Correction ** T

    April 13, 2017,7:11 pm

  3. Joan Ferrante

    This cartoon fits the Dumborats to a Time!!!!! I love it!

    April 13, 2017,7:09 pm

  4. nancy

    I think our POTUS knows what he is doing and the Demorats and their lying news feeds should shut the hell up and let the man do his job! GEEZE LOUISE! ENOUGH ALL READY FOLKS!!!!

    April 13, 2017,4:50 pm

  5. Cookie

    The Democrats fabricated the story that Trump is Putin’s puppet, so that they can cover all the illegal things that the Obama administration has done, like Benghazi, tapping Trump tower for a year and the list goes on and on. The information we got from WikiLeaks proves how crooked the Democrats really are. This is all smoke and mirrors to cover all the illegal things the Democrats of been doing to America all these years, especially Obama, Soros and Hillary !! They tried to turn this country into a socialist communist country. Trying to destroy the United States with open borders and illegal immigration and flooding our country with Muslims that hate us.

    April 13, 2017,4:43 pm

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