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Does Trump Go To Florida Too Much? This GOP Senator Has Had Enough

by Bradley Matthews

At a town hall, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst said “I do wish he would spend more time in Washington, D.C., that’s what we have the White House for… I have not spoken to him about the Florida issue, yet. But I think that is something that has been bothering not just me but some other members of our caucus.”

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  1. Edward Stinson

    How tiresome! These establishment, e.g. liberal, Republicans are just like Democrats, (All liberals are alike really whether Republican or Democrat or Independent) in that all they do is try to destroy other people. They accomplish nothing on their own. Sen. Ernst’s interests do not coincide with those of the American people. She is an anchor on the American people.

    April 23, 2017,1:34 pm

  2. Bob Uda

    I hope Iowans get rid of this useless hog castrate expert. She has proven her worthlessness. All she knows how to do is to castrate hogs. She does not know how to repeal and replace Obamacare. She has become the typical Repugnant Establishment fool. Woman, stop insulting the greatest POTUS in U.S. history–Donald J. Trump. Get off your lazy duff and get something positive, constructive done in the Washington, DC, cesspool. We need to drain the cesspool of all of you worthless Congress critters.

    April 22, 2017,3:39 pm

  3. Bob Uda

    Senator Joni Ernst, I do wish you would spend more time in Washington, DC, and get those important bills passed. You and the evil Freedom Caucus are nothing but “the enemy within.” With you folks screwing up President Trump’s first 100 days, we don’t need your idiotic talk. You idiots think you have a bone to pick with the POTUS, well, I have a bone to pick with all of you worthless Congress critters who cannot get anything done in 100 days. I wish you would just shut your big mouth and get to work. You fools are all talk but no action–typical incompetent politicians. I hope you lose the next time you run for your useless office. Why don’t you wise up like Jason Chaffetz and resign your position so someone more productive will take your place?

    April 22, 2017,3:26 pm

  4. Dave Day

    Joni, I voted for you, don’t like your comments about Trumps going to Fl. Why don’t you Senators stay in Washington and get something done.

    April 22, 2017,1:54 pm

  5. HARRY

    When Congress is in Washington, their only concern is re-election. In fact, wherever they are, that’s their interest. Maybe we should ship them to Florida for 10 months a year!

    April 21, 2017,12:37 am

  6. WILL

    you seem to be anti-American like all the rest of your ilk.
    Give the rest of your cohorts a swift kick to help our president get things done. Otherwise, just keep your mouth shut.

    April 20, 2017,11:34 pm


    Trump works 24 hrs/day. He gets more done than all of you. So, JONI, don’t you worry about his going to Florida since all you Congress type folks are mostly out of town coming back once in a while to make it legal. Stop disrespecting him and help him pass some healthcare, after repealing Obama care. and secure our borders. Did you voice concern when Obama and Moochelle were off traveling on our dime leaving our country in the hands of Valerie Jarrett? I thought not. We The People put Trump in the White House. If he wishes to go to Florida, it’s fine with us. He’s done more work that the “do nothing” Congress. Get your Senator friends and get to work helping him, not disrespecting him and ambushing him. We the People are tired of it.

    April 20, 2017,9:37 pm

  8. Rose

    Well, Obama was never in Washington. Was always on vacation and traveled with a hugh entourage including his mother-in-law and lots of invited guests. Booked the best rooms in the best hotels At least President Trump is working and I wonder how many of the people complaining put in the hours he does on government business and he gets things done when he goes to FL which is more than I can say about some of the constituents.who are in Washington.

    April 20, 2017,6:17 pm

  9. Tina Pinho

    Who cares what you think. Trump can go to any house he chooses and he is doing a fabulous job. What’s bugging you?

    April 20, 2017,6:10 pm

  10. Laura G. Holmes

    The do-nothing Congress actually have the tenacity to criticize Trump for going to Florida. He actually works while he is in Florida 24/7 unlike you lazy, feckless, and useless senators/congressmen/women. I say TERM LIMITS! Term limits would send a message to you that you work for us. The Republicans are spineless and don’t support Trump in anything he does. We need to get rid of each of you and actually get candidates in the government that will stand up to the psycho left and media.

    April 20, 2017,12:56 pm

  11. Leslie Bryant

    Memo to Senator Ernst: As an Independent and Trump Supporter, I’d just like to see our Congress members working a 40 hour week; as well as, staying in session to actually get the work done versus all the vacation time. It would be rich if all of you stayed in Washington DC as you want Trump to do. If he did stay in town; what idiots swamp rats would you want him to meet with–none of you Republicans really support him so that would be a real waste of time. Your a smart Senator until you had to say something negative about Trump that we hear everyday from people who aren’t doing their jobs! Concentrate on Iowa politics if you aren’t going to embrace Trump and do your job!! Just another swamp creature!

    April 19, 2017,10:46 pm

  12. Dorothea

    What a disrespectful thing to say about our President. Where were you when Obozo went golfing after every crisis, like when James Foley was beheaded? He was unfortunately in office for 8 YEARS AND DID NOTHING! President Trump has DONE MORE in 90 days than that guy did. Like Mary Ann says, you guys in Congress have also done NOTHING so stop slinging hog shit and go back to castrating them!

    April 19, 2017,8:12 pm

  13. Cheryl C.

    The POTUS works 24/7, unlike you and the other legislators that have done nothing over the past 8 years. Get to work to repeal and replace ObamaCare, build the wall, and get the tax code updated once and for all. Don’t be a part of the Swamp. Make America Great Again!

    April 19, 2017,7:20 pm

  14. mary ann

    Why don’t you shut up Sen. Ernst and stop complaining about my President. He has done more in 3 months than all you sentators in all the years you have been there. He amazes me, he should amaze you!!!!

    April 19, 2017,5:52 pm

  15. Linda Glandorf

    Thank you Senator Ernst for your courage and integrity in holding Trump accountable? Why do we continue to accept behaviors and words from him that we would condemn or question in anyone else from either party? Continue to speak the truth and I will continue to vote for you as I have in the past!

    April 19, 2017,5:38 pm

  16. Bob Uda

    Senator Joni Ernst,
    I used to think you were a great U.S. Senator. But not, oh, shut up! I do wish you Congress critters would spend more time and pass the Obamacare replacement, the new tax code, and the building of the Wall. You incompetent politicians are “all talk but no action.” Get off your duffs and stay off of President Trump’s back! Get to work instead of only working an average of three days a week. I am disgusted with all of your idiotic Repugnants. Stay out of my life! Jerks!
    Bob Uda

    April 19, 2017,5:17 pm

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