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Was Bill O’Reilly The Victim Of Liberal Smears? You Need To Read What Rush Limbaugh Said

by Bradley Matthews

On his program, Rush Limbaugh said “Why do The New York Times break the story? Out of the blue they want to do a story on O’Reilly and Fox… Where’d this come from? Nothing just comes out of the ether. The Times is not just appearing out of nothing… How long did it take before you started hearing about massive advertiser defections, massive — just a day, right? You think that was natural? This was a campaign, folks. “


  1. Lynn Libbrecht

    I’ve read and it’s always true
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    August 4, 2017,4:38 am

  2. KAREN

    I don’t know anything about the accusations heaped on Bill O’Reilly. But I do know that he is exceptionally good at his job and Fox cut their nose off to spite their face. In the past few months liberals have rioted, beat people, burned down businesses, and put America is a bad light. Then we reward their sordid behavior by firing the few conservatives on TV who will speak the truth. SHAME ON YOU FOX NEWS.

    June 9, 2017,4:54 pm

  3. wells

    Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts I think they must put some sort of a hate-the-Right elixir in the water. It’s just pandemic. They worshiped O and Shillary and many are convinced that some sort of Right wing conspiracy led to their demise.

    April 28, 2017,8:58 am

  4. Lucille J

    Bill O’Reily will be back……… The truth will prevail…… The left will do anything to ruin and shut up any one on the right

    April 26, 2017,10:20 pm

  5. Rose

    Bill O”Reilly was a victim of the left who wanted to shut him up and shut him out because of his incredible audience and his views which tended to lean right. I heard George Soros had a hand in this and that would not surprise me. When will we quit listending to the extreme left?

    April 25, 2017,5:21 pm

  6. Diane Kelly

    As always Rush knows best!!!!!

    April 25, 2017,4:19 pm

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